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Here is a list of the best free premium link generator that anyone can use without having to go through the process of creating an account (sign up) or logging into the Platform before being able to download links from premium websites.

We will keep updating this article based on any recent changes that come from their respective official sites in order to provide you with the best lists and free premium link generator. So any changes to these tools that occurred over the course of a day, week, or month would be updated on Techbmc, specifically on this post.

About Premium Link Generator

Premium link generators are simply websites or tools that enable users to directly access and download premium files from premium file-hosting sites on the internet. These files are available for free download at a high speed. Rapidgator, uploaded, turbobit, and other premium hosting websites are examples.

To clarify what I meant above, this premium link generator site allows you to get a premium file link without having to pay or create a premium account, which is required before you can access all of the benefits and features available to fully registered users. This benefit is available for free to users of Android or Windows PC devices.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Link Generator

  • The number of file-hosting sites supported by the premium link generator is something you’ll want to know. Also, they should cover the most common file-hosting sites you’ll use. Rapidgator and Uploaded are supported by the majority of premium link generators. Rapidgator and Uploaded are supported by all of the premium link generators on our list. Some of the sites on our list support up to 80 file-hosting sites. As a result, this is the most crucial detail to keep an eye on. Because if the premium link generator doesn’t support the premium file hosting site you want, it’s useless.
  • Security – make sure that the premium link generator process is completely secure. That is, no personal information or sensitive data is compromised during the generation and download of the links.
  • Download Speed – One of the main reasons people use premium file-hosting sites is to ensure that the file downloads quickly. If you’re going to use a premium link generator, make sure it has a fast download speed. The premium link generators on our list were all chosen and listed for their excellent, super-fast speed, as well as other outstanding qualities.
  • File size limitation – There are premium link generators that allow you to download any file size you want. However, the majority of them have drawbacks. When choosing a premium link generator to use, you should decide on a file size limit that is comfortable for you and meets your needs. The file size limit for all of the premium link generators on our list is clearly stated, making decision-making a breeze.

List of Best Free Premium Link Generator

In 2021, here is a list of tested and best working Free Premium Link Generators that you can use on your mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers. This article will be updated as new or updated Premium Link Generators become available. So stay tuned and keep this page bookmarked for regular feature updates.

1. CocoLeech – Free Premium Link Generator

This premium link generator is well-known all over the world and is extremely simple to use. It’s well-known for being used to create Rapidgator and Uploaded Premium account links. However, it is well-known as the best Rapidgator premium link generator.

It does not require users to register in order to use it. Cocoleech has a plethora of features that make it simple to use. It also supports a variety of file-hosting sites, allowing users to download up to 10 files at a time for free. CocoLeech is unquestionably high quality when it comes to debrid service.

In addition to the site’s ease of use, users can view the last 100 files created by other site users in the “Last 100 Files” section.

Despite the fact that this Premium Link generator is free, users have frequently reported error messages while using it. They do, however, offer premium membership plans that are guaranteed to work without fail. The premium plan also includes 24/7 customer support, access to over 20 file-hosting sites, unlimited bandwidth, no advertisements or pop-ups, and fast download speeds. The premium plan that a user selects determines how many loyalty points they earn.

How to use CocoLeech Link Generator to Download files

  • First and foremost, go to the Cocoleech website.
  • Fill in the blanks with your link.
  • Now click the GENERATE button.
  • The Cocoleech free premium link generator will then begin downloading your link automatically.

Note: In order to get to the final Download link, you must bypass or skip shorteners. Because it is a free service, this is to be expected. Cocoleech is up and running, so take advantage of the free premium link generator.

2. Deepbrid Premium Link Generator 

Deepbrid is the best free premium link generator available today on the internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing). The reason for this is that the company allows you to download up to 5 files with a maximum size of 1.2GB each without having to register as a member. Deepbrid provides users with immediate and accurate download links for free.

Deepbrid’s Free Link Generator: How to Use It

  • First and foremost, go to Deepbrid.
  • To gain access to the free premium downloads, locate and click the downloader button.
  • The next step is to copy and paste the link to the premium file hosting website you want to download into the available box (Note: most files don’t require a password when using Deepbrid, but if it does, just ignore it).
  • Now click the GENERATE icon.
  • After that, wait a few seconds for the file to be generated.

As a premium user, nothing prevents you from downloading the files. Go ahead and download the file at the fastest possible speed for your internet and device.

Update on the Deepbrid Premium Link Generator:

  • Refreshed 15 In Germany, new servers were fully introduced and added, as well as a link generation system upgrade.
  • Using the Deepbrid technology tool, users can now download files from Hotlink, Takefile, link, and Uploadgig.
  • Deepbrid’s downloading system has also been updated, allowing you to generate faster downloads thanks to their new cache algorithm technology.
  • They ensured that the daily limits for many file hosts, such as esybytez, rapidgator, filefactory, uploaded, and others, were increased. Check out the list of Supported Hosters for more information and to see what’s new.
  • In the Netherlands, the update added about ten new download servers (Making the dedicated servers more than 60 in total number)
  • The free users’ limits have been increased as a result of the new deepbrid update.

Free users can download files from Depositfiles, uploaded, filefactory, share-online, depfile, extmatrix, Mediafire, uptobox, 1fichier, rapidgator, tusfiles, alfafile, filesflash, mega, icerbox, and files using the Deepbrid site.

3. – Free Premium Link Generator

This is a fantastic premium link generator with a lot of useful features. Users must register on the site in order to use it, whether as a free user or on a premium plan.

This premium link generator provides its users with three major features: safety, high quality, and a virtual private network. It also gives you access to over 80 different file-hosting sites.

A free version of this Premium Link generator is available to users. Nonetheless, they provide premium membership options. Unlimited host, unlimited file size, streaming support, high data security, 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited link generation, and high-speed download are all included in the premium plan.

The procedure for using is as follows:

  • Visit the official website.
  • To create an account, go through the registration process.
  • Sign in and confirm your email address.
  • Activate the Downloader by clicking on it.
  • Copy the link and paste it into the box.
  • GENERATE should be selected. And you’ll be able to create your own Premium Link with ease.

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4. NeoDebrid Premium Link Generator – Free

Neodebrid Latest Premium Link Generator is another useful tool for online users. You can use their premium service as a free user and get exactly what you need. They have put forth their best efforts to ensure that their service provides the most beneficial service to everyone who comes into contact with them.

I hope you don’t just rely on one premium link generator that works. If you do, you may want to add to the list by attempting to use Neodebrid as well. The company provides excellent features as well as excellent free user support. Premium users will be able to take advantage of excellent download privileges.

How to Make the Most of NeoDebrid’s Free Link

  • Visit the NeoDebrid website.
  • Copy the link and paste it into the download box that appears.
  • The download link will be generated at this point.
  • The next step is to start downloading with Internet Download Manager (IDM) or any other download manager you have installed.

Visit the NeoDebrid Server and File Host Services official website for more information.

5. Leechall – Free Premium Link Generator

Leechall is a website that generates links. This is yet another excellent free Premium link Generator service that allows users to download up to three files for free without having to register. Users have about 10GB of file size per link on this site and remember that as an unregistered user or member, you have about three slots for free download. As a result, every free user has approximately 30GB to download for free.

This site is also beneficial because it provides access to more than 50 file-hosting sites, including Rapidgator and Uploaded. Users can download three files at a time without registering. You also have a 10GB file size limit per link. As a result, if you can download three files as a user, you will have a file size limit of 30GB. It’s also entirely free.

How to Use Leechall in Simple Steps

  • Visit Leechall’s official website.
  • Copy the link and paste it into the box.
  • GENERATE should be selected. And you’ll be able to create your own Premium Link with ease.

6. Uploadedpremiumlink

Uploaded Premium Link Leech Download is another good and working option on our list. This is a free premium link generator with features such as statistics, server usage, used traffic, server host, and server limit. The server limit’s purpose is to alert users when one of the premium file hosts is down, allowing them to easily switch to another premium file host. As a result, there’s a lot more to learn about this type of free premium file generator.

Users can use more than the 6GB server limit, and the best premium file hosts you can download from Uploadedpremiumlink include Uptobox, MEGA,, ifichier, file factory, and others. One of my favorite aspects of this website is that it provides detailed information about the file you are about to download. Also, there is always a disadvantage to everything that has an advantage. And the main thing I dislike about this premium leech site is how much advertising (ads) and link shorteners one has to go through before getting to the main file and starting to download freely.

The most recent update for UploadedPremiumLink added new features and designs with the sole purpose of allowing users to navigate the site more easily and effectively. The following are some of the updates or upgrades that have occurred in this site’s service and system:

The site layout has been improved, as has the graphics design. Menus to make navigation easier
Premium link-generating services have been updated.
Fast and speed upon avoiding ads and other distractions, the downloading process begins.

How to Use the Website Uploadedpremiumlink

  • Go to the Uploadedpremiumlink website.
  • When you arrive on the page, look for the server stats and then note the premium file hoster that is available for use.
  • Now copy and paste the link to the premium file hoster that you received.
  • The next step is to press the GENERATE button. (Don’t fill in the password box because most files don’t have one.)
  • IDM will now begin using the premium link generators that have been uploaded.

Note: About 5 of the link shorteners will automatically redirect you to the direct download.

11. 10-download Premium link Generator

This is yet another premium link generator with one of the most amazing user interfaces, thanks to its user-friendly layout. The 10 download premium link generator is designed to point directly to the service that users are looking for; it is free of distractions except for a few advertisements. All users have to do is go to the official website, paste the link they want to download from, and they will be given a direct file download link.

The 10-download site supports two major hosts for direct file download: and 1fichier, both of which have file limits of 810MB and 2048MB, respectively.

We recently discovered that the 10-download site is now showing 404-not found. Meaning their website is down, but we’re hoping they’ll update their host soon so it can go live.

More free premium link generators will be added soon…

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