PS4 Turns On By Itself – Easy Fix | 2021 Updated!

PS4 Turns on by Itself

After several software upgrades in 2014, the PS4 Turns On By Itself for reasons unknown. For certain people, it is still an issue, and there are a variety of explanations why this occurs. The PS4 powers up and ejects the disk, and in some cases, it powers up and enters safe mode or rest mode. The PS4 can even start controlling itself even when the PS4 controller is turned off.

This guide will teach you how to troubleshoot your PlayStation 4 to resolve the problem of sudden shutdown. These repairs include testing the power supply, hard disk, and booting into safe mode, as Sony recommends.

Why does the PS4 Turns On By Itself?

There are a variety of reasons for this, as mentioned in the introduction. It could be a program error or the rubber foot underneath the eject button could start changing the functions. It can also happen if you leave the PS4 in rest mode when the automatic updates are turned on in the settings.

How to Resolve the Issue

Often a simple search for and installation of the latest update is all that is needed to resolve the problem. Rebuilding the database is another well-known solution, but if you have a lot of data, it might take hours. All of the solutions are mentioned below. Keep in mind that you might need to try a few different solutions to solve the problem.

1.Disable auto-updates

If auto-updates are turned on, the PS4 can turn on in the middle of the night to download and install the updates. Follow these measures to switch off auto-updates:

  • Select the Settings icon from the home screen.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and select System.
  • Select Automatic Downloads from the drop-down menu.
  • select System Software Update Files and uncheck the box.

This will prevent your PS4 from installing system software updates; unchecking Application Update Files is not necessary since they only update when the PS4 is turned on.

2.Check for Firmware Updates on the PS4

Make sure you’re linked to the internet before checking for updates. Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection allows you to check the status of your internet connection. Take these measures to search for firmware updates:

  • Select the Settings icon from the home screen.
  • Using the X command, choose System Software Update.
  • It will show you if an update is available. A message will appear if the most recent version is already installed.

3. Examining the Hard Disk

Since this procedure entails disassembling the unit, you should proceed with caution.

  • Press the power button for at least 7 seconds to fully turn off the PS4 completely; two beeps show that it has been switched off.
  • Remove the power cord from the socket as well as the cable. Disconnect all other cables from the console.
  • To remove the Hard Disk Drive bay cover (the shiny part), slide it out and away from the machine.
  • Check to see if the hard drive is correctly seated and secured to the computer. Remove the screw and replace the hard disk with a new one if you want to replace it. Keep in mind that you’ll have to install new device software on the new hard drive.

4. Examining the Power Supply

  • Press the power button for at least 7 seconds to fully switch off the PS4 completely; it will beep twice to signal that it has been switched off.
  • Disconnect the console’s power cable from the electrical socket.
  • Check the power words and all other cords attached to see if something is out of the ordinary. If you have spare cables, you should swap them out and see if the issue is caused by the power link. You should inspect the different ports to see if they’re clogged with something.

5.Reset the PS4 by power cycling it.

Unplug the power cable from the back of the PS4 and the main power outlet when the console is turned off.

  • Press the PS4’s power button 2-3 times to ensure there is no charge left.
  • After 5 minutes, reconnect the power cable.
  • Press and hold the power button on the PS4 until you hear the second beep.
  • Use a USB cable to link the DS4 controller to the PS4.
  • Pick “Initialize PS4” with the X button.

Note: Choosing “Initialize PS4” will delete all of your saved data; we suggest backing up your PS4 Saves first. You can choose “Restart PS4” instead of “Initialize PS4” if you don’t want to lose your files.

6.Reconstruct the database

One of the easiest ways to repair almost all kinds of minor device bugs is to rebuild the PS4 database. It does not erase your saved data, but restoring the database will take anything from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the amount of data on the drive.

Make sure your PS4 is fully turned off before going into safe mode to restore the database.

Steps to take:

  • From the function screen, select Power, then Turn Off PS4.
  • Press and hold the PS4’s power button until the second beep sounds (This will put your PS4 in safe mode).
  • Use a USB cable to connect your DS4 controller to your PS4.
  • Using the X button on your controller, press the PlayStation button and pick “Rebuild Database.”
  • The PS4 will automatically turn on after the procedure is completed.

This should resolve the problem with the PS4 automatically turning on. Remember that restoring data can result in the loss of some of your purchased games. If this happens to you, go to Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses > Restore button and restore them.

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What Do You Do If Nothing Else Works?

Even if none of the above solutions worked, the problem can still be resolved. As mentioned at the outset, there are a variety of factors that can cause this type of issue. There are a few more explanations why this could happen, as well as some solutions.

Check Buttons

Check your controller’s and PS4’s buttons. We’ve never seen a situation where the controller’s or console’s buttons cause this issue, but it’s possible. If any of the buttons are continuously pressed for any excuse, it can cause your PS4 to turn on; also, make sure no gooey dirt is stuck around any of the buttons.

Take away the rubber foot

You can check whether there is a rubber foot under the PS4’s eject button to see whether it is messing with the button. When the rubber foot absorbs heat, it expands and begins hitting the eject button. This can be fixed by extracting or cutting down the rubber foot.

Switch the PS4 off properly.

Always switch off your PS4 properly and don’t leave it in standby mode. A glitch in rest mode will cause the PS4 to turn on even if you don’t press any buttons. We’ve noticed that when we leave our Windows computers in sleep mode, they turn on automatically even though there is no wake timer.

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