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The US Senate has sanctioned sites such like Craigslist and the former Doublelist in order to combat trafficking. Craigslist is a prominent adult-oriented website where users can send and receive personal messages as well as video photos. People were looking for the best craigslist solution after the initial craigslist was banned. We’ve compiled a list of the best free personal sites similar to Craigslist.


  • DoubleList
  • Gumtree


Craigslist was accused of selling adult content on the internet on September 4, 2010. Adult services, such as prostitution and other coercive services, were believed to be available via this advertising.

Craigslist was officially banned worldwide later in 2018. In the same year, US senators passed the “FOSTA” bill.

This bill was presented in order to combat human trafficking. Craigslist and Craigslist Personals were permanently shut down as a result of this bill.

However, there are several other websites, such as Craigslist personal, where you can post non-event ads and talk with strangers.

Here’s a list of places that are similar to Craigslist Personals but are free to access.


DoubleList is most likely the best Craigslist substitute. This is a clone of the original Craigslist website.

The original concept behind Doublelist.Com was to provide a quick response that allowed people to have fun and participate in a safe environment, filling the gap left by most other websites in this area.

And, unexpectedly, in its early days, Doublelist.Com was able to attract much more traffic than expected.

To top it off, FOSTA arrived and smashed one of the largest gatherings of adult-related connections, causing doublelist.Com to explode.

While litigation over the role of bots in the group does arise from time to time, doublelist.Com has implemented a variety of techniques to combat fake users both proactively and retrospectively.

Doublelist.Com, on the other hand, is a good replacement for craigslist personals. However, the website is still struggling to stay afloat.

New registrations on Doublelist are currently limited at the time of writing this post. However, this limitation is not universal, and the website could be up and running and accepting registrations in certain areas.

Meanwhile, Doublelist’s instant popularity has increased demand for websites like Doublelist personal and others.

Following Doublelist, the internet was inundated with websites similar to craigslist personals.

These websites looked a lot like the original Doublelist and Craigslist. Any of the honorable mentions are discussed in greater depth.


Here’s why Oodle.Com is such a great alternative to Craigslist personals. There are photographs. And by photographs, I mean legitimate photos for anyone who has submitted a personals order.

This means that you can gain access to your potential courting partner’s physical assets before even sending a message.

And there are many such requests in almost every city in the United States. Although seeing Craigslist personals left a hole and brought tears to some people’s eyes, choices have emerged from the marketplace of people left hanging. Perhaps you’ve found a good craigslist substitute.

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3. is another Craigslist competitor that allows users to post classified ads. The website is similar to Craigslist, but it does not allow adult classifieds to be posted.

Bookoo, on the other hand, has a large classified ads section where you can post almost any form of ad, from furniture to event tickets.

This alternative to Craigslist is accessible in every state in the United States. Unfortunately, the website is primarily a classified ad site and is not suitable for hookups.


Classifiedads.Com has been around for a long time, maybe longer than any of the Craigslist alternatives on this list.

The Classifiedads.Com has rescued the personals market, and it’s still going strong every day.

In comparison to Craigslist, the website tends to be the next best choice for those seeking personal site services.

In comparison to the other craigslist alternative personal sites on the list, Classifiedads had the most credibility and a large fan base.

The website was the number one option for users who were concerned about craigslist’s demise.

5. Gumtree

Gumtree is a website devoted to military personnel in the United Kingdom. The website is well-known for its rental and classified ad listings.

Gumtree allows you to post classified ads for work, rent, cars, bikes, and almost every other household or personal thing.

Although this website does not allow hookups or adult content, if you live in the United Kingdom, it is the best alternative to Craigslist.

What is Craigslist, exactly?

Craigslist began as an email delivery service focusing on local events and happenings.

Craigslist is a free classified ad website that specializes in Jobs, Sales, Resumes, and Gigs, among other things. The service began in 1995 and has since grown in popularity in the United States.

It was later extended into other classified services and categories in the year 2000. Craigslist was extended in March 2008 to include non-English countries, as well as Spanish, French, Italian, and other foreign languages.

Following the website’s growth and popularity, Craigslist’s backers wanted to extend the company’s services into other areas, resulting in the creation of Craigslist Personal.

Categories on Craigslist

Craigslist operates a number of classified websites and resources around the world; a list of all international online classifieds pages can be found below.

  • Craigslist- SF
  • Oklahoma city craigslist
  • Craigslist Miami
  • CL
  • Greensboro Craigslist
  • Craigslist Grand Rapids

Personals on Craigslist

Craigslist creator Craig Newmark observed in an earlier year that people were using the portal for non-event purposes as well.

The website’s versatility and word-of-mouth advertising made it very successful, and Craigslist was gaining subscribers at a rapid rate.

The non-event email posting, as well as requests from Craigslist subscribers for more work parts, were in high demand.

The founder decided to create a new Craigslist platform for adults in response to the demand for more categories on the website. Craigslist Personal was the name given to this adult Craigslist later on.

As a result of all of this, the creator chooses to create a similar website for non-event and personal email distribution. was registered as a new domain in 1996.

Craigslist personal has a user base of over 2 billion people. Craigslist is ranked 11th in the world by Alexa, a popular website that ranks websites on the internet (2016).

Craigslist-like Personals Sites-Final Words:

This was a compilation of the best Craigslist-like personal pages. Craigslist is well-known for its classified and other ad services. Craigslist personals, on the other hand, have been deactivated indefinitely. However, you can use other alternatives from the list, such as Craigslist.


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