[2023 Solution] No Supported App for This NFC Tag

No Supported App for This NFC Tag

On devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, and S9, the annoying “No supported app for this NFC tag” pop-up is very common. Users of the Pixel 3a and S10 have also reported this issue after updating to Android 10. If you’re having the same problem and have to dismiss the pop-up every time you interact with your phone, read on to learn how to fix it. Continue reading.

Pop-up Meaning “No Supported App for This NFC Tag”

The Android system (or more specifically, the NFC system service) displays the message “No Supported App for This NFC Tag” before and instead of dispatching the tag to your app. As a result, the NFC system service filters MIFARE Classic tags and never informs any app about them.

No Supported App for This NFC Tag

Also, if you keep getting this pop-up, you must be using a wallet case on your phone and keeping your cards in it. This problem can be caused by cards with an NFC tag, such as gift cards, public transportation, library cards, or flyers points, as well as unregistered debit or credit cards.

How to Solve No Supported App for This NFC Tag

Turning off the NFC and payment features is the quickest way to stop the annoying pop-up from appearing, but NFC is a frequently used feature for some people, so we’ve included other solutions as well.

1. Activating or Deactivating NFC on my phone

Turn off NFC functionality. Follow these easy instructions.

  • Starting at the top edge of your phone, slide two fingers down the display.
  • Toggle the function ON or OFF by tapping NFC.
  • To return to the Home Screen, press the Home Key.

Alternatively: Open the Settings app on your phone. The NFC option can be found in the system tray menu at the top of the screen on some Android phones. Select Connected devices from the drop-down menu. Toggle the NFC toggle switch off.

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2. Use RFID Blocking Technology with a Wallet

You can buy an RFID wallet case that makes your cards electromagnetically opaque if you want to hold all of your cards but don’t want to see the pop-up again, preventing the NFC reader from detecting them until you remove them from the wallet. (You don’t need to disable NFC, and this also protects against  RFID Skimming.)

3. Sign Up for Your Cards on Samsung Pay

Unregistered cards can also cause this, as previously stated. If you only have your bank cards, you can register them with Samsung Pay to see if that solves the problem.

Note: If you keep public transportation or other cards with an NFC tag, this will not work. Payment apps like Samsung Pay can only accept debit and credit cards, which is why the “No supported app for this NFC tag” message frequently appears.

no supported application for this nfc tag

4. Between the Phone and the Cards, Place a Piece Sheet

You can use a sheet between the phone and the cards if you don’t want to buy a new wallet cover. Using an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1.2mm should solve the pop-up problem. If you can’t find a sheet that thick, you can use aluminum foil to wrap your cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Near Field Communication (NFC) & how does it really work?

Near Field Communication, or NFC is a technology that allows devices to exchange data by simply placing them next to each other. Smartphones use Near Field Communication (NFC) to transfer photos, contacts, and other data between NFC-enabled handsets.

 NFC tags, how long do they last?

The memory specification for most NFC tags, such as the NTAG series, is 10 years. In fact, it’ll probably be a lot more, but that’s the spec. If you require a memory lifespan of more than 10 years, consider the ICODE SLIX, which has a memory lifespan of 50 years.

What is RFID blocking?

RFID blocking works by stopping the tag from being detected by the reader. To prevent unauthorized scans and the “No supported app for this NFC tag” pop-up on your smartphone, you can purchase an RFID blocking wallet.

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