Ps4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC – Easy Fix | 2021 Updated!

PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the company’s most rated console, due to its ability to offer a unique gameplay experience. Many people, though, want to bring the “Controller gameplay” feeling to their PCs, but they’ve discovered that the PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc. As a result, we’ve put together this guide to assist you in fully resolving this issue.

We’ve assembled a list of solutions in this article to assist you in resolving the issue where your PlayStation 4 Controller keeps disconnecting from your PC via Bluetooth or wired connection. To avoid more escalation of the issue, be sure to follow the measures exactly and read through the explanations.

Why Does My Ps4 Controller Keep Disconnecting From PC?

Your controller may keep disconnecting from the PC for a variety of reasons.

  • Bluetooth Drivers: It may be due to signal distortion or outdated Bluetooth drivers. As a result, we suggest that you either upgrade the drivers as described below or fully uninstall and reinstall them.
  • A defective USB port, controller service problems, or issues with the operating system, etc.
  • Missing Software: PS4 controllers aren’t built to be attached to and used on computers, so they’ll need some tinkering to operate properly. As a result, we suggest that you download and install the DS4 program as described in the solution below on your Windows device.
  • Faulty Controller: A faulty controller may also hinder a user from connecting properly to their Windows PC or PS4 for that matter. If everything else fails, it might be time to investigate whether the controller is flawed and disconnecting from the device as a result.

No matter what version of Windows you have or what controller you use, by the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll have figured out how to resolve the problem and resume playing your favorite games without interruption.

PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc.
PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc.

PS4 Controller Disconnecting From PC (DS4windows)

  1. To resolve this issue, you must update ds4 Windows with the most recent driver update.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the software by clicking here.
  3. Check if the PS4 controller keeps disconnecting problem is resolved by connecting the controllers to this software.

PS4 Controller Disconnecting From PC (Bluetooth)

People who use a Bluetooth controller often have connectivity issues. First, we’ll go through the solution that succeeds in the majority of cases; if it doesn’t, keep reading because we’ve already analyzed different approaches on this issue.


Even if you successfully link your controller to your PC, your computer will fail to install Bluetooth drivers, so make sure your PC has Bluetooth services installed before attaching the controller.

  1. If you’re using Windows 10, go to the control panel and search for “Devices and Printers.” If your controller is attached to your PC, locate it in “Device and Printers,” right-click it, and pick “Remove Device.”
  2. If your controller isn’t already attached to your computer, go to Bluetooth settings and select “Add Bluetooth Device,” then press the “PlayStation” and “Share” buttons on the controller at the same time to enable Bluetooth pairing mode. The controller will begin flashing light after you click both buttons for a few seconds, and your PC will sense your controller. (Do not click on the Next button.)
  3. Once your PC has detected your joystick, right-click it and select “Properties.” A dialog box will pop up; select the checkbox “Drivers for keyboard, mice, and other devices,” then click “Apply” and “Ok.”
  4. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the device tray after downloading the drivers. To finish the operation, click “Allow a device to connect” and follow the on-screen instructions. Hopefully, if you’re paired, it won’t break again when you’re gaming.

Note that this is not a one-time fix; you can need to replicate the procedure each time your controller is connected.

If this process fails, consider upgrading the Bluetooth drivers or downloading Bluetooth adapter drivers from the manufacturer’s website rather than the ones supplied by Windows, and then repeat the steps above.

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When playing on Steam, my PS4 controller keeps disconnecting.

If you’re one of the people who only have the controller connection issue on Steam, you can take the steps below to easily resolve the issue.

  1. Go to Steam’s settings and select controller, then general controller settings.
  2. Now review the controller model you have; pick PlayStation setup support for the PS4 controller.
  3. Pick “Never” for controller shutdown time; it must be set to 15 minutes by default.

If the above procedure fails, disable the HiD-compliant game controller in the device manager’s Human Interface Devices section.

PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc.

PS4 Controller Disconnecting From PC (Restart)

  1. Press the power button on your PS4 console for a few seconds. Release it when you hear the second beep from the console.
  2. After that, unplug the PS4 power source and detach the faulty controllers from the console.
  3. Wait four to five minutes before plugging in the power supply and reconnecting the controllers to the console.
  4. Finally, switch on the PS4 and check to see if the controls are working fine.

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC (Factory Settings)

  1. Select “Initialization” from the PS4’s “Settings” menu.
  2. Then select “Restore Default Settings” from the menu and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Reset the PS4 to factory settings
  4. Make sure your console is not unplugged, since this will permanently destroy the processor, and the ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc Bluetooth windows 10 problem will most likely be resolved.

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC (Reset Connections)

  1. First and foremost, ensure that your PS4 is turned on and working properly.
  2. After that, unpair your controls from Bluetooth and simultaneously press and hold the “PS + Share” keys for a few seconds.
  3. Keeping the PS and Share Buttons pressed simultaneously.
  4. After a few seconds, release the keys, and it will begin looking for new connections.
  5. Reconnect the controllers via Bluetooth to see whether the ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc Bluetooth windows 10 problem still exists.

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC (Clear Cache)

  1. Go to the “Quick Menu” option by pressing the PS4 button.
  2. After that, pick “Turn off Playstation4” and wait for the console’s light to stop blinking.
  3. Then unplug the game console’s power supply, wait nearly three or four minutes, then reconnect the power source, controllers, and switch “ON” the PS4.

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PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC (USB Cable Or Port)

The first move in addressing compatibility problems with a wired Dualshock 4 controller is to find out what’s triggering the problem.

  • Connect your controller as usual, but don’t touch it; simply leave it on your desk and wait. If the problem persists, it may be a defective wire, a loose USB port, or the controller’s port. Change the cord, or simply plug the controller into a different USB port. If your display and keyboard have passthrough slots, consider connecting the controller to the CPU’s USB port.
  • Download the new update of the DS4 Windows program from Github if you’re using it. Make sure your DS4 Windows’ old folder is deleted.
  • Switch off the DS4 of the controller and simply use it as a regular hardwired controller.
  • If you have connected your controller after starting the game, quit the game, reconnect the controller, and then restart the game. This problem can also be caused by changing or connecting the controller in the middle of a game.

Conclusion: If none of the above solutions succeeded for you, there might be a problem with the controls. Try using the controllers on someone else’s PS4 to see if they’re defective.

If the controllers operate there, your PS4 is either defective or disabled, or your controllers are destroyed. This is the only solution to the ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from the pc steam bug. Get them fixed or replace them with a new one.

Hopefully, the above corrections would absolutely correct the mistake, but if it does not, you can Email Us here.

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