Best Way To Fix Location Unavailable Error in Android Device Manager

Location Unavailable

Android users sometimes complain about the location unavailable error in their device manager.

The Android operating system is well-known among smartphone users. New errors are introduced with each new version of Google’s Android operating system.

The steps in this article will assist you in resolving the location unavailable error in Android Device Manager. When a user needs to use the system manager to monitor the location of his or her Android device, this issue often arises. Android Device Manager is a fantastic tool for safeguarding your Android device.

With this, you can easily locate your missing Android device, monitor its location if it has been stolen, and even delete the data stored on it. It does, however, sometimes show “error.”

In this post, I’ll discuss the Android Device Manager tool and how to resolve the problem.

What is the Android Device Manager, and how does it work?

The Android Device Manager is a useful tool for keeping your smartphone safe and stable. You can quickly find missing devices, make them ring, and even delete data using the Android device manager at any time and from anywhere. So, if your phone is stolen, the least you can do is delete the data to prevent anyone from looking at your personal files using apps like ES File Explorer.

Location Tracking, Ring, Lock, and Erase are the four primary functions of Android Device Manager. These features are simple to use. You’ll need an Android device, a Google account, and a computer with a web browser to get fix location unavailable.

  • Play Sound on Android Device: If your phone is in silent or vibration mode, you can ring it for 5 minutes to locate it.
  • Lock your Android Device: If you haven’t set a password, you can lock your phone even if it’s lost or stolen. This function can also be used to unlock your device.
  • Erase data: If you use this option, all data on your Android device will be erased, even if you don’t have your device with you at the time. Remember that if you choose the “Erase” option and your phone’s Factory Settings are restored, you will lose all of your phone’s connections forever. You will never be able to track your phone after that.

So, if there are no other options for finding your phone, then you can consider using the tool.

This app protects your Android phone or tablet.

It is possible that you would leave your device somewhere else.

However, for some reason, you forget it. You must have saved a lot of important information on that device. So if you can’t get it, you’ll be in a tense situation.

You can use this method to locate the spot. If you can’t find it, you can at least delete the data that was saved on the device.

Users, on the other hand, sometimes complain about “Location Unavailable Error.” Some people believe this is due to a flaw in their equipment. However, given the volume of complaints, it is clear that this is not a device problem.

Please see the instructions below on how to properly use this tool. The incorrect form of use is often the cause of the mistake.

What causes the Location Unavailable Error and how do you fix it?

When anyone uses Android Device Manager on their smartphones, it can often function perfectly. However, by using a web browser to access it, an error message appears. It also does not function well on an Android phone. There are a few potential explanations.

  1. When you turn off your mobile data, it can not work properly. It is unable to keep track of its position. It’s possible that it’ll say “location unavailable.” As a result, you can double-check that.
  2. If you have multiple Google accounts on your phone and another user with the same regular Google account is turned on, this error will appear. The new Google account should be disabled.
  3. You can also keep your phone’s settings in mind. It will also display an error if “Find My Computer” is not turned on. Go to Settings —> Security —> Device Administrator —> Find My Device —> Activate to allow this function.
  4. When GPS Location is activated, it often works better. To do so, go to Settings —> Location and switch on the Location option.
  5. If the battery on your missing or stolen Android phone is dead or turned off, it will show the “Location Unavailable” error.
  6. This issue is often caused by an outdated version of the Google Play Service. You must upgrade this program in order for it to function properly.

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How to Resolve the Location Unavailable Error in Android Device Manager

To begin, ensure that your Android device is connected to the internet through WiFi or mobile data. If you have the opportunity to use WiFi, take advantage of it and your phone can run faster.

Even if you are using Mobile Data, the phone you are actually using must have WiFi switched on and location set to “High Accuracy Mode.” Go to Settings > Locations > Mode > High Accuracy to do so (select it)

Find Google Play Services in Settings > Applications > All Apps. Make sure you have the most recent version enabled, but first clear the cache memory by clicking on it. If you don’t have the most recent edition, you should try updating it. This may be the solution to your problem. If that doesn’t work, consider one of the other options.

After you’ve updated Google Play Services, restart your phone and go to Settings > Apps to look for Google Play Services. Clear Data and Cache by clicking on it. Restart Device Manager and give it another shot. The problem must be resolved.

Also, go to Settings > Developer Options and use the “Mock Locations” function.

If the problem persists, your computer might have a hardware issue, in which case you can request a repair or professional service.

That’s it on how to resolve the location unavailable error on Android phones

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