how to track someone location with phone number

How To Track Someone Location With Phone Number – 2021 Updated!

Locating someone’s phone simply by their phone number can sound like something only hackers and forensic bureaus can do. But this is a common fallacy. Even the most inexperienced mobile phone user may use a phone number to map another person’s exact current location.

Thanks to technological advancements, you can quickly know the current position of any phone number entered into your smartphone. We have a variety of free phone location tracker software and applications to assist you with this.

This post will teach you how to track someone location with phone number and will also provide the top phone number trackers that do this quickly.

Why would you need to know someone’s location?

There may be a variety of explanations why you might like to know someone’s location. Your child may not be at home yet, your husband may be gambling, and the list goes on.

Here are some reasons why you might want to know someone location:

Track employee activity: Employers may need to track the location of their workers in a business environment for safety reasons. When an employee is seen in an area that he is not expected to be in, you can issue a red alert. If this breaks corporate policies, you will take action against them, and the location can serve as proof.

To find someone’s present location: An nervous parent will try to find their child who has gone by accident to his friend’s house without telling them.

Perhaps it’s a suspicious spouse who suspects his or her wife is cheating on him or her.

Find a missing device: Do you want to know how to track someone location with phone number? Often what you want to do is find their mobile. That could be either you misplaced it or it was robbed.

Locating a missing device could lead you to locate and retrieve the device, which would not have been possible otherwise.

Geofencing: A geofence is simply a digital barrier created with a smartphone. The app will warn you once the target phone crosses the line.

How To Track Someone Location With Phone Number

The most recent technological advancements have made it very simple to simply type in the phone number and find it for free. There are several online resources available to trace a mobile phone number and location. These applications enable users to locate their misplaced phones.

Phone trackers can be used effectively for personal, business, and security purposes. Via the use of GPS tracking, these applications enable users to find a phone number at any time and from any place. Free programs are frequently restricted to a small amount of knowledge about the person. At the same time, paying monitor apps such as Minspy will have a wide variety of data.

# How Do I Monitor A Phone’s Location By Number?

You can find anyone’s location by cell phone number using an app called Minspy. Minspy makes use of a technology known as “cell triangulation technology.”

Three mobile phone towers triangulate the location of the phone in this process. Phone network operators usually use this to register a phone number in real-time. However, some applications, such as Minspy, have tie-ups with mobile phone carriers and can hence view the phone’s location in real-time.

To begin tracking a phone position by number, you must first install a phone monitoring app such as Minspy on the target device.

Installing the app on Android is simple. However, if you install it on an iOS device, you must add the iCloud credentials to the Minspy app. Aside from that, no specific technological or coding abilities are needed.

The app can run in the background in stealth mode. This will have little impact on how the phone is used.

To see the exact spot, sign in to your Minspy account and navigate to the dashboard. The position would be visible in the “Last Known Position” sub-section.

In the following section, we will go through the exact steps you must take.

What Excellent Features Can Minspy Offer?

While Minspy has a plethora of useful features, below is a list of some of the most incredible ones:

Location logs: Place logs are similar to call logs except that they record the number of calls made in the past. Minspy monitors the phone’s location over time and documents significant locations visited by the user over the course of several weeks. The position is accompanied by a timestamp.

Call logs: Minspy keeps track of all calls made and received by the user. Although call logging is not available, you can see the length of the calls.

Browser history: On the dashboard, you can check the websites viewed by the target device. This covers, for example, social media platforms, law enforcement websites, and email websites.

Messages log: If the individual periodically sends and receives phone messages, Minspy would correctly monitor the same. Any media files that are exchanged are also tracked.

Pinpoint virtual location: You’ll be able to see precisely where they are at any given time. Minspy keeps track of all essential information such as an address, landmarks, and geo coordinates. The place is then shown in Google Maps 3D Street View for the optimal viewing experience.

All of this without having to root or jailbreak the device. Unlike other applications, Minspy would never ask you to root your phone, which would be against the manufacturer’s policy. This phone tracking software is totally legal and safe to use.

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# Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free

Using Minspy is as easy as entering the phone number and signing into your Minspy account. All of the information is saved on a file server which can be viewed from anywhere via the internet. You have full control over this data, and you can save or delete all of it at your leisure.

How to Install Minspy on an Android Phone

  • Sign up with Minspy and buy a monthly subscription package. You will then get a confirmation email containing step-by-step guidance.
  • Install Minspy on the target Android device without rooting it. Let it access any additional applications or functionalities that it demands. It will now run in the background in stealth mode.
  • You can track it remotely and in real-time from your Minspy dashboard.

How to Install Minspy on an iPhone

  • Sign up for Minspy and buy a subscription package. Adhere to the directions that were emailed to you.
  • Give Minspy the iCloud credentials. Wait a few seconds for Minspy to sync with the device.
  • Once confirmed, you should begin watching it right away.

As you can see, there are no downloads needed to track iOS devices.


Minspy can also be used to monitor your own device. If you forget it, you can still control it remotely, and there’s a possibility you’ll be able to restore it.

You may require extra certificates for business use. If you have company-owned computers to your employees, you must also report this information to them.

Remember that privacy is essential to Minspy. As a result, we expect you to preserve confidence and honesty while using Minspy for personal or professional purposes.


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