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In this post, we described DiagMonAgent, answered frequently asked questions, and explained how to resolve the DiagMonAgent stopping issue.

About DiagMonAgent?

DiagMonAgent is a tool that will help you easily identify any problems with Samsung devices. It is in charge of assessing the functional features of your device and streamlining the diagnostic procedure for any problems that might arise.

This software is extremely useful if you’ve been receiving a lot of alerts about issues with your device, or if your device is becoming outdated and un-updateable.

Some people believe the software is bloatware or that their phone has been hacked, but this is entirely incorrect, as mentioned above. We’ve explained some additional things you may like to know below, like how to fix the stopping issue.

What Is the Purpose of Diagmonagent?

It is very useful when you get a large number of alerts about system issues. Furthermore, this app could be useful for an out-of-date device.

Is DiagMonAgent Necessary?

Yes, DiagMonAgent is capable of much more than just program diagnosis. It also allows you to manually monitor the device’s touch screen, speaker, microphones, sound, and sensors such as proximity, light, gyroscope, fingerprint, accelerometer, magnetic, and so on.

This application’s primary functions are as follows:

  1. The software allows the user to test the display by pressing the primary color Buttons. You will test if the display is working properly by clicking it.
  2. It includes a feature that allows you to search on the Android receiver. You must first utter something that will be returned to you. As a result, it aids in the verification of operation and transmission at the receiver’s end.
  3. The software has a vibration test.
  4. If you have the most recent Samsung smartphone edition, this app will assist you in checking the sensors. For example, you can use it to measure the fingerprint sensor, acceleration sensor, camera sensor, and so on.

How to Solve the DiagMonAgent Has Stopped Message

There are many methods for resolving this problem, but before you begin following the steps in one of them, unroot your device if it is rooted and search for firmware updates.

1. Force a stop and clear the cache and data

First, we suggest Force stopping the software and other simple options to prevent uninstalling the app; if none of these work, you will have to permanently delete the app.

While the probability of this solution resolving the problem is low in contrast to other solutions, it only takes a few minutes to clear cache and data and then Force stop the program.

  • Navigate to the device’s settings.
  • Tap Apps
  • Click the Ellipsis icon (three dots on the top right corner).
  • Select Show system applications.
  • Tap DiagMonAgent.
  • Finally, tap on Clear data to delete the data and clear the cache.

2. Perform a factory reset on your device.

Please keep in mind that factory resetting your device will erase all of your files, including downloaded applications. We suggest that you backup your device first and then try the “Reset settings” option; it only resets all configurations to their defaults without erasing your data.

The “Rest settings” option should be at the top of the menu, next to the factory reset option.

  • Navigate to the device’s settings.
  • Select General management.
  • Select the “Reset” option.
  • When you tap the “Factory data reset” option, the device will
  • open a window with a list of all the data that will be deleted.
  • Scroll down, click the “Reset button,” and check any screen locks you might have.

When the operation is finished, your phone will restart, and you do not see the “DiagMonAgent has stopped” notification again.

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3. Uninstall the DiagMonAgent.

Uninstalling or deleting the software can assist the user in resolving the error message issue. So how are you going to do it? We have explained the process in detail here. Normally, when you want to uninstall this program, you will get a warning notification. Due to an in-built function, you cannot uninstall the software directly. If you wish to uninstall the program, follow any of the methods below.

Method 1) Use System App Remover (Root Needed)

  • Download and Install the system app remover.
  • Start the app and search for DiagMonAgent.
  • Put a checkmark next to the app.
  • Finally, select the uninstall option.

Note: This method requires Android root access; if your smartphone is not rooted, you can root it with the Kingoroot Android or desktop app.

Method 2: Make use of the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a tool that allows you to execute commands on your device. If you are not technically savvy, using ADB can seem complicated, but it is not if you carefully follow all of the steps outlined below.

Keep in mind that ADB needs a computer to operate, so if you want to uninstall the DiagMonAgent app without using a computer, use the second first method.


  • Navigate to Device Settings > System and then to About Phone.
  • To unlock Developer Options, tap the build number seven times.
  • Return to the previous menu and select Developer Options.
  • Enable USB debugging.
  • Download ADB to your computer.
  • Please make a new folder in which to extract the ZIP file.
  • After the extraction is complete, open the directory.
  • Hold down the shift key and right-click in a blank field.
  • Click on the “Open Powershell window here”.
  • Enter adb devices command.
  • Connect your Android smartphone to your computer with a cord.
  • To delete the program, use the command adb shell pm uninstall —user 0 com.sec.android.diagmonagent

Method 3) Make use of Package Disabler Pro.

You will disable this program using a different method here.

Before attempting this approach, you should be aware that it involves the use of third-party software. You can, for example, need to use the app Package Disabler Pro. You may be wondering what Package Disabler Pro is and how it works. Samsung Android devices come with a plethora of pre-installed games. This third-party software is useful for Samsung users because it allows them to disable or uninstall these apps from Android.

Is it safe to uninstall DiagMonAgent?

Yes, but we consider deactivating or permanently deleting the app only as a last resort. If none of the above approaches function, you should avoid deleting the app and instead flash the stock firmware. Flashing the stock firmware would fully resolve the issue, and you can do it yourself with a firmware flashing tool such as Samsung Odin.

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