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LIA informant

Lia Informant what is it? 

Hello there!!! Today we bring to you another post about What is Lia Informant, we will also explain its uses and most questions you might have about Lia informant.

We’ll also see if “com.lge.ia.task.informant” is fixed. When I first came across this, I had no choice but to dig further in order to obtain some knowledge, gain a concrete perspective, and realize this issue. Is this spyware or adware? Let’s get back to the topic and answer the questions.

What Is The Lia Informant?

LIA Informant is essentially a system app found in the stock ROM of the LG G series. It is a system that allows you to survey information by using LG’s assistance through the “Smart Notice” widget.

It is a part of the ROM property. Though it is safe to practice, you may damage it whenever you do not need it. There are several facets of The Lia Informant as well. It includes the following elements:

LIA Informant: com.lge.ia.task.informant

LIA Informant is the system app with the package name “com.lge.ia.task.informant.” As previously mentioned, the Smart Notice widget uses LIA Informant to sync information from other device applications. It is absolutely secure to uninstall LIA if you do not want it.

A third-party marketplace can be used to reinstall the system application on your device. Since the app is so strong, it does necessitate a number of permissions on your Android device.

  • LIA can view Network Information. It will determine which connections are open for use and which are in use.
  • LIA can read Calendar events that you create, regardless of who is involved. This assists the Smart Notice widget in notifying you of future activities and anniversaries.
  • The system app has read your call logs. This permit allows Smart Notice to establish contacts from commonly used phone numbers.
  • LIA Informant will read any of your text messages, regardless of who sent them or how private they are.
  • The system app starts as soon as the operating system starts. This allows it to be fully synced with other software once the phone is powered on.
  • The Smart Notice widget makes use of these permissions. Since the app is normally running, it consumes a massive amount of power and processing power. As a result, some consumers have totally uninstalled the stock app from their operating system.

LIA informant

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How to uninstall LIA Informant

Many people may consider the LIA Informant to be another piece of memory-hogging bloatware. If you’re one of them, don’t worry; I’ll take you through the process of fully uninstalling it from your system.

If you get errors such as LIA Informant has stopped working or operation com.lge.ia.task.informant has unexpectedly stopped, consider deleting the system app’s cache.

That would undoubtedly resolve the majority of the issues. If it doesn’t, you should think about removing it from your system.

  • Enable USB Debugging in Developers Options on your smartphone.
  • Open your Windows PC and follow this link to download ADB.
  • Extract the zip file and save the contents to a new folder.
  • Open the Powershell window or prompt window contained within the folder.
  • To get the daemon up and running, use the following command: .\adb devices
  • Connect your mobile to your pc using a data cable. If all went well, this will show your phone’s serial number.
  • To fully remove LIA Informant from your LG smartphone, use the following command:.adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.lge.ia.task.informant
  • Please keep in mind that you would need to append the -k argument to the above command in order to save a large number of cache files if you ever decide to reinstall it.

That’s all there is to it; your LG mobile is now LIA Informant free.


As you will see, we discussed what LIA Informant is in this article. Why is it on your device, what it is used for, and what other features it has?

We’ve seen the different fixing problems to deal with anytime a crisis like this arises. you should now have a clear understanding of Lia Informant

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