How to Troubleshoot Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Beeps Issue (2023 Updates)

xbox one won't turn on but beeps

The new Xbox Series X and Series S have arrived, but Microsoft will continue to support the Xbox One for a long time for those who have never purchased a console at launch. Despite several software updates since its debut, gamers continue to report several console issues, such as an Xbox One that won’t turn on but is beeping.

One of the most prevalent complaints from gamers is that the console beeps but does not start. Luckily, you can fix this by following a few simple steps. If you’re having issues, read this guide to figure out why they’re happening and how to fix them.

Why Xbox one won’t turn on but beeps

You may be wondering why your console isn’t booting up or what the beeping indicates. This often happens with consoles and other game systems for the following reasons:

1. Console Overheating

Overheating on the console may potentially cause booting problems. If your console is overheating, there is no need to take any action; unplug it from the console source and wait 20-30 minutes before turning it back on.

(Ensure that the fans are clean and that the vents are not blocked.)

2. Faulty Power Brick and Cable

Before contacting customer service, you may try replacing the power brick and cable to see if this fixes the issue.

3. Liquid on the Motherboard

The liquid might harm the Xbox’s motherboard and prevent it from starting up. The Xbox may turn on in some instances, but it will turn off after a few seconds. You may get it fixed by a qualified professional.

4. Faulty PSU 

The Xbox One has an internal power supply that sometimes fails to produce the requisite burst of power during the first boot. It can be fixed or replaced. However, the replacement cost may be greater than the cost of a second-hand Xbox One.

Solution 1: Press the Eject Button Repeatedly.

In most cases, this solution is effective. If you press the eject button 10-15 times in a row, the Xbox One should boot correctly. If it doesn’t work the first time, try it again 1-2 times, and it could work.

Solution 2: Restart your Xbox.

Power cycling resets the console and places it in standby mode. When the Xbox is turned off, press and hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds. The power brick will begin to flash orange, then white for a second, and then orange again. You may also power cycle your Xbox and then reset the power supply. (This does not remove your apps or games.)

How to Perform a Power Cycle, a Hard Reset, and a Cache Clear on an Xbox One.

How to Power Cycle Your Xbox One:

  • With the Xbox One turned off, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  • You’ll hear the console power off, and the power brick will momentarily turn orange, then white, and then back to orange.

This indicates that your console has completed its reset and is currently in standby mode.

If your Xbox One beeps but does not turn on, try pushing the button again.

This fix also works for a variety of other issues, including:

  • The games are not commencing.
  • Crashing or freezing of games
  • Downloads Have Stopped
  • Download or upload rates that are too slow

Following that, we’ll look at some more solutions that are a little more unconventional but have worked for others who are facing the issue of their Xbox One beeping but not turning on.

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Solution 3: Insert a disc into the Xbox One’s Disc Drive.

This solution works if there is no disc in the console’s disc drive. Insert a small portion of the disc into the drive when the console is turned off, press the power button, and wait for the beep. When you hear the beep, carefully insert the disc inside; the console will accept the disk and may turn it on.

Solution 4: Examine your power cable and power brick.

There’s always the chance that your Xbox One power supply is dead or on the verge of failing.

Any frays, twisted wires, or broken plastic case on the power brick might be a reason that your power supply is faulty and the cause of your Xbox One not turning on.

Luckily, a new power brick is rather inexpensive, and it is unquestionably less expensive than replacing or updating your Xbox One.

Another reason to switch to a newer Xbox console is that the new Xbox One X and Xbox One Series X feature a single power cord (and no brick).


Solution 5: Change the Power Outlet

Connect the console to a different power outlet if you’re using a power strip, then turn on the Xbox. A power strip linked to several appliances may fail to supply the first burst of power necessary.


Why Won’t my Xbox One Turn On But Beeps?

The most typical issue is that the power brick has failed.

The Xbox One shuts down

One of the most prevalent causes of this issue is “overheating.” As previously said, wait some time before booting up the Xbox and cleaning the fans and clogged vents for adequate airflow. If the problem persists, remove the external HDD and restart the console.

Xbox One error something happened on our end

An inadequate software upgrade might be the source of this issue. The Xbox will download the whole update if the console is the factory reset.

Settings > System > Console details > Reset console > Reset, but retain my games and apps.

How can I fix my Xbox One if it won’t turn on?

A fast fix is to unplug the unit, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in and press the start button on the front.

How can I tell if my Xbox One power brick is faulty?

Every unit is equipped with a light that indicates the current electrical signal. White or orange light is preferable. If there is no light or flashing, it might suggest that the unit is not getting power.

That’s it for how to fix Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps issue.

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