How To Use Laptop as Monitor For Ps4 – Best Guide | 2021 Updated!

how to use laptop as monitor for ps4

How To Use Laptop as Monitor For Ps4 – Ps4 Remote Play

While both PS4s and laptops are great for entertainment, only one of them can be used as a monitor. To use your laptop as a TV monitor, connect it to your TV.

It is easy to do, especially with an HDMI cable. It is important that you plug your laptop into a power outlet. The PS4 might not have enough power to allow your laptop to function properly.

Is it possible to use a laptop as a monitor for a PS4 console?

No. Because both devices use the HDMI output, a laptop cannot be used as a monitor on a PS4. You can choose to buy a video capture or game streaming service, but these options cause significant input delays.

An HDMI cable can be used to connect a laptop to a PS4 monitor. This won’t work as both the PS4s and laptops have an HDMI output.

While the physical HDMI ports can be used backward, cables are only able to support video signals in one direction. There are only a few laptops that support HDMI, but they are rare.

You can get very technical by removing the laptop’s panel and looking for a ribbon plug controller that converts to HDMI. Then you can use it as a display. This is beyond the capabilities of most people and too complex.

You can actually damage both HDMI output devices if you connect them via HDMI. Surprisingly, other articles recommend that you use an HDMI cable, but it won’t work and can cause harm. It is not recommended.

Let’s look at the options.

There are many ways to connect a PS4 to a laptop screen with an HDMI cable. However, we found this to be the most straightforward in terms of the PS4-Laptop connection:

  • Through a Streaming Service, or Remote Play
  • By Video Capture Card

Each of these methods requires only a few easy steps. Let’s dive in.

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How To Use Laptop as Monitor For Ps4 Through a Streaming Service, or Remote Play

This option doesn’t require additional hardware but does introduce significant input lag. Many consoles, including the PS4, offer an online streaming service that lets you play your games on another device via the local area network.

It is very easy to set it up. You will need to install the PS4 remote play app on Windows 10. Follow the instructions.

After you have completed the installation, plug your PS4 controller into the laptop. You should then be able to access your PS4 via the internet.

As you may have guessed, the performance of this setup will vary depending on how fast and reliable your network is. Playstation recommends that you have a connection speed of at least 5 Mbit/s for download and upload.

A 5 Ghz router is more reliable than the 2.4 Ghz standard for playing over WiFi. You can even hook up your PS4 and laptop directly to the modem using a high-speed Ethernet cable.

This is my recommendation if you are looking to play PS4 games from your laptop. Other than these options, it’s not practical to use a laptop for a PS4 monitor.

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Capture Card for PS4 to Laptop HDMI

There is still hope of a problem with connecting your PS4 console to the computer monitor via Remote Play. You can still use the Capture Card to play PS4 on your laptop screen using HDMI. This is how to do it:

Let’s get to work and make this happen.

  1. Use a USB port to plug in and install the Video Capture Card. It is highly recommended to use a high-quality VCC.
  2. To connect the Video Capture Card and your PS4 console, use an S-Video cable. Attach the HDMI out to the console, and the HDMI into the VCC.
  3. Turn on the console and launch the Video Capture Card software from your computer. Your console will appear on the screen.

Voila! Using an HDMI cable, you can now play the PS4 on your laptop. Use the Video Capture Card. It’s that simple.

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