WPS Pin HP Printer – Where is the WPS pin on my HP printer?

wps pin hp printer

WPS Pin HP Printer: When you connect an HP printer to Windows 10, you will be prompted to “Enter WPS Pin for HP Printer.” If you have an HP printer and are attempting to install it on Windows 10, you may require a WPS PIN to connect the HP printer to a wireless network.

HP printers employ WPS technology to connect to wireless devices. WPS is the most recent technology that allows diverse devices to connect with one another. It assists you in establishing a secure connection between devices. WPS Pin is more secure, safe, and faster than a USB connection.

WPS Pin is a one-of-a-kind eight-digit number generated by the HP printer for wireless connection with routers. It is only compatible with a wireless router. WPS Pin is similar to a secret code-shared by your own device.

This WPS Pin will safeguard your printer against unauthorized users such as your neighbors and hotels. This WPS Pin technology, to the best of my knowledge, will be used by every printer vendor in the future. So, find the WPS Pin for the printer and wirelessly connect it.

Where Can I Find the WPS Pin HP Printer?

The main question now is, “Where can I find the WPS for my HP Printer?” WPS Pin is located on the printer screen in most HP printers such as HP Envy 4520, HP Officejet 4650, and HP Laserjet. When you look at the printer, you will find a little screen where the WPS pin for the wireless connection is generated.

However, there are certain HP printers that do not have a screen, such as the HP Deskjet 2600 and the HP Deskjet 2652. These HP printers, however, require a WPS pin as well. We have two solutions to resolve the WPS Pin issue on all HP printers.

What are the various types of WPS connections available for HP printers?

In general, there are two techniques for establishing a connection between the computer and our wireless HP printer using the WPS approach. The WPS push button is one of them, while the WPS pin is the other. You can connect your device to your wireless printer using any of the methods listed above.

Push button for WPS

It’s used on HP printers that don’t have a screen.

The WPS pin

This is for printers with a screen at the top.

Connect the HP Printer Using the WPS Button

If you have an HP printer without a screen or control panel, use this technique to connect the printer to the computer.

  1. If your printer is turned off, turn it on, and then restart it before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Take a peek at the printer; you’ll find a wireless button or icon.
  3. On the printer, press the Wireless Button.
  4. After that, you’ll notice a blue or green light begin to flash.
  5. Navigate to your wireless router.
  6. You’ll find a WPS button on the backside of your router.
  7. Hold down the WPS button for 3-4 seconds.
  8. The WPS light on the router will begin to flicker.
  9. Wait for around 2-3 minutes. The printer and router lights both ceased flashing.
  10. Now your HP printer is wirelessly linked to your computer.

Follow these simple instructions if you have an HP printer with a screen or a control panel.

  1. Before moving to the next step, turn on the printer and, if it is already turned on, restart it.
  2. Press the Wireless Button on the HP printer control panel or screen.
  3. Wireless BLUE lights will now begin to blink.
  4. Locate the “WiFi Protected Setup” option on the printer screen.
  5. Select the “Push Button” from the “WiFi Protected Setup” menu.
  6. Navigate to your wireless router.
  7. You’ll find a WPS button on the backside of your router.
  8. Hold down the WPS button for 3-4 seconds.
  9. The WPS light on the router will begin to flicker.
  10. Wait for around 2-3 minutes. Both printer and router lights ceased flashing.
  11. Take a peek at the printer’s “Connection Established” screen.
  12. With the WPS Button, the printer is now linked to the wireless network.

Use the WPS pin to connect your HP printer.

If your HP printer has a screen, you may connect it to your computer or another device in a simple and easy manner. Simply follow the steps below to locate your HP printer’s WPS pin code.

  1. As a first step, turn on or restart your printer.
  2. The second step is to go to the settings and enter your printer’s control panel.
  3. When you press the wireless button on your printer, the light will begin to flicker. Now, on the control panel, find the option “Wi-Fi protected setup.” Click on that option and follow the directions displayed on the printer’s screen.
  4. Now click the WPS pin option.
  5. Following completion of all procedures, your printer’s screen will display a generated pin code, which is the WPS pin code that will connect your printer to your computer.
  6. Enter the pin code generated by your printer on the computer screen, and your HP printer is now linked to your computer.

Keep in mind that the WPS pin will only be visible on your printer screen for around 10 seconds. If you are unable to connect your computer to your printer, you must obtain a new WPS pin code from your printer in order to create a fresh connection.

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Questions and Answers (FAQs)

  1. Turn on the HP Printer
  2. Navigate to the control panel of your HP printer.
  3. By pressing the Wireless button, you can go to the Settings section.
  4. Click on the Wi-Fi Protected Setting up.
  5. Pay close attention to the prompts that appear on the screen.
  6. Once a PIN is displayed on the screen, tap on the “PIN” option.
  7. You will see a WPS pin when you tap it.

You can now see the WPS pin HP printer and use it to establish the connection.


To find the WPS pin code for HP Printers, simply use the control panel to generate your 8-digit WPS code. The WPS push button can be used to connect the printer to your device even if there is no screen. Both of these methods are best for creating secure and reliable connections between your printers and devices. You can choose the one that suits you best.

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