Why Does My Office Chair Keeps Sinking? – Easy Fix | 2021

Office Chair Keeps Sinking

I started noticing little changes in my posture, such as leaning forward or sitting in an awkward position. I even started to feel a little achy in my back. I thought I was just adjusting to life with a new baby. Then I realized, my office chair keeps sinking! I’ve been sitting at my desk in the same position all day, every day. I finally got the message and got a new office chair to make sure I could sit comfortably and give my back the support I needed.

What if you needed to fix the chair? You’ve come to the right place.

This is something that can happen to your chair after a few years of heavy use. The valve that your seat height lever controls is operated by a piston that allows air to enter and exit. When your chair continues to sink, it means that the valve, also known as a chair cylinder, has failed.

To fix it, you’ll need to either replace the piston or buy a new chair. However, replacing the piston in the office chair can be difficult and, in some cases, impossible.

Your Office Chair’s Anatomy

Before you begin repairing your chair, you must first understand how it works. Don’t worry, we won’t get into too many details – we’ll keep it simple for you. So, in general, modern height-adjustable chairs use two types of fluid power technologies: hydraulic and pneumatic.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: whether hydraulic or pneumatic, all office chairs keep sinking over time.

The former uses impressible liquids, whereas the pneumatic chairs use compressible gases. Hydraulics generate more power, which is why we can find this technology in large pieces of machinery. Pneumatic systems, on the other hand, are commonly found in computer chairs.

If you’re wondering why your chair keeps sinking, it’s most likely due to a pneumatic cylinder system. There is little to no chance of fluid leakage because pneumatic technology is used to manage moderate weights.

Whether you want to learn how to fix a chair hydraulic or more about the pneumatic system on your sinking computer seat, simply learn to read and we will address everything there is to provide you with a clear bigger picture.

Let us now look at the components used in both types of chairs. This will give you a better understanding of why your computer chair is sinking in the first place.

A Pneumatic Chair’s Components

  • These chairs have 3-5 wheels.
  • A padded back support
  • A lever is located at the bottom of the chair on the right or left side that is used to adjust the height.
  • A small gas cylinder is used to store compressed air for height adjustment.

A Hydraulic Chair’s Components

  • A seat as well as a base chamber
  • Two hollow chambers, one containing a compressible liquid and the other a pressurized gas.
  • Both chambers are linked by a hollow conduit.
  • A lever for adjusting the chair’s height

Office chairs keep sinking no matter how new or old they are. Don’t be concerned if you buy a new piece and it sinks within the first month.Even if the chairs are brand new, this can happen for a very simple reason.

One thing is certain: a sinking computer chair does not imply that it is worn out. It simply means that the chair’s lifting functionality is no longer operational, implying that the chair must be repaired.

Do you want to know how to fix a sinking chair? We’ve got it all laid out for you down below.

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How to fix Office Chair Keeps Sinking

Method 1: Make use of a hose clamp and duct tape.

  • Low-Cost Fix, Temporary, Professional-Adjustable, and Unprofessional.

The use of a hose clamp and some duct tape is a common DIY quick fix or hack. This option does not actually repair the office chair, but it can temporarily keep it from sinking. The hose clamp must be size 20 or 13/16″-1-3/4″ in diameter in order for this method to work.

The hose clamp is wrapped around the cylinder piston at the desired height and acts as a stop. The duct tape prevents the clamp from sliding. However, this may only work for a few days before slipping. So your chair will be dropped again before you know it. This is also not very professional work in your home or office.

Method 2: Make use of a plastic spacer or PVC pipe.

  • Low-Cost Fix, Temporary, Professional-Adjustable, and Unprofessional.

Another do-it-yourself office chair hack is to use a plastic spacer or piece of PVC to keep the cylinder from sinking. The plastic spacer can be wrapped around the cylinder piston if it is cut in the center. When using an uncut spacer or PVC, some additional work is required (taking apart the cylinder to slide on the spacer).

Like the hose clamp, this spacer only serves as a stop and does not allow for height adjustment. Another significant disadvantage is that the plastic is likely to crack or break as a result of the stress of sitting in your chair. This method may also be inappropriate for a professional work environment.

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Method 3: (Recommended) Replace the cylinder

  • Costs $30, is a permanent solution, has an adjustable chair, and is professional.

For a complete Chair Cylinder Replacement Kit, please click here (includes new cylinder, all required tools, instructions & 6-year warranty)

As previously stated, the hose clamp and spacer options are only temporary, only allow you to sit at one height, and do not look very professional. Instead, we recommend replacing the cylinder. This is especially true if you have spent a lot of money on a high-end office chair, such as an office massage chair.

Replacing the chair cylinder is much easier than you might think, and it will keep your office chair feeling brand new for another 6+ years.

Because the majority of desk chairs are built the same way, many swivel chair parts (chair cylinder, base, caster wheels) can be easily replaced. A chair cylinder of an industry-standard size will fit 95 percent of office chairs.

So, if your computer chair keeps sinking, the solution is simple…Replace the cylinder in your chair.


Office chairs keep sinking, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to those uncomfortable seating positions and make your day a struggle. Simply follow the various methods we’ve shared with you to fix an office chair that won’t stay up and you’ll be able to sit comfortably all day.

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