How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually: 8 Best Technique 2021

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually

There are several ways on how to charge Laptop battery manually if you don’t have access to a power source. Connect your laptop to the auxiliary power port of your car, if it has one, and then turn on your car.

You can also find a power outlet nearby and plug your laptop in. You can also use your phone charger and a laptop battery charger to charge your laptop if you don’t have either.

We will be discussing some proven methods to manually charge your laptop battery to save your data and prolong your laptop’s life.

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Battery Malfunction: Causes

The majority of battery-operated devices have a charging cycle after which the chemical components in the battery start degrading. A battery that is not in good condition can no longer hold any charge and becomes obsolete. Your battery’s longevity can also decline beyond its natural end.

  • Battery life may be exhausted.
  • It is possible that the charger has stopped working.
  • loose charging port.
  • Sometimes, the connectors can fail.
  • High temperature operation of your device

If your laptop is not charged properly after taking care of it, there may be other reasons, such as a damaged adaptor or drivers that are waiting for updates, changes to system settings, or driver issues.

Before you begin learning about how to manually charge a laptop battery, Make sure that you have the correct device. Nowadays, most laptops only work with the original charger.

In these cases, certain information may not be applicable to you. It is also impossible to charge your laptop manually if it has a battery built-in.

(Editor’s note: I’ll always advise you to keep an eye on the future. Extra batteries for your laptop, especially if your computer shows signs of a faulty battery or charging. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually: The Right Technique 2021

1. Charging the laptop battery via USB.

There are two main categories of ports on most laptops: A and B. These ports can only send power to the devices. This means you can use this port to charge your phones, power banks, and other gadgets. It can be used to connect external hardware devices, such as USBs.

USB Type B ports are essential for this purpose because they can accept power.This port can be used to charge laptop batteries without a charger. It uses power banks and sometimes mobile batteries to charge the laptop. Some laptops do not have a port B for external USB charging. To find out more about port B, make sure you read the manual transcript. In some cases, it is also called Port C.

2. Using a Universal Power Adaptor

The cheapest way to charge your laptop’s batteries is with a universal power adaptor. This adaptor is great for traveling to countries where the voltage system may be different than in your home country. Universal adapters can be found in offline and online shops and are much cheaper.

A universal adapter is not an ideal solution and can pose risks. Most adapters are not compatible with all models, so make sure you get one that is.

3. Laptop batteries can be charged using solar energy.

The solar charger will take the hassle out of searching for the right outlet to charge your device. You can also protect your device from damage due to high voltage. The solar kit includes a solar panel that folds and a battery pack.

The solar charger does not work with laptops. The solar charger is not compatible with laptops. You must first charge the battery pack to its maximum and then connect your laptop to it. A good solar charger can charge your laptop 2 to 3 times with one recharge.

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4. USB-C can come to your rescue.

It is possible to manually charge your laptop battery using USB-C. When trying to charge the battery from outside the laptop, the first thing people do is use a USB. It is no longer possible to charge a laptop via its USB port.

All new laptops have USB-C ports. These ports are more advanced and unique than the older USB versions. This innovative USB cord has quickly become the standard for charging and transferring data.

This technique can also be used to charge your laptop’s battery. The UBS-C cable has a tiny connector that is the same size as a micro USB connector. This connector is versatile and can be used to connect multiple devices. The cord is also easily accessible to everyone nowadays.

This method must work on a laptop that has a USB-C port. This port is standard on all new laptop models. It is easy to charge your laptop battery with a USB-C cable.

5. External Battery Charger

You can find a simple procedure here. How to manually charge a laptop battery If so, we recommend that you get an external battery charger. You don’t even need an AC adapter or a laptop to charge your battery.

Just plug the battery into the charger, and you’re good to go. The protective plate contains detailed information about the battery. This will help you to adjust the voltage or current of your charger.

Look for chargers that have LED indicators and protection against overcharging, short circuits, current loss, overcharge, and overheating. This charger is ideal for charging multiple batteries at once and allowing you to carry them with you on the go.

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6. Universal Power Adapter

The universal power adapter is the best option for charging your laptop. It is compatible with all laptops due to its comprehensive nature. It is necessary to plug it in for it to work fine.

If you own any laptops, it is not possible to buy a particular one. Instead, purchase one that is made for Chromebooks, HP laptops, and Dell laptops. It is usually possible to use it, but it is better to have one with the same amps and volts to be safe.

7. Use AC Adapters

Most laptops have an AC adapter hookup. Many laptops have AC ports that are compatible by default. If your laptop doesn’t have an AC port, you should contact the manufacturer to obtain one. You can also use other charging methods.

This feature is common in most batteries. If you have one, you can connect AC power to your laptop and it will start working.

8. Super Laptop Batteries

These super laptop batteries come with factory-made chargers. This means that you don’t necessarily need an AC/DC adapter to charge them. You should also make sure that you don’t charge super batteries with your laptop charger. They may not work.

Replace your battery with the super battery on your laptop. Next, charge your laptop using the super laptop battery charger. A single charge can provide a backup of up to seven hours.

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What happens if your battery is not removable?

If you have a laptop battery that needs to be removed, any of the methods above will work. If you are able to remove your laptop battery, there are many other options. What if your battery is not removable?

You don’t have a way to charge your non-removable batteries without a charger unless you know about laptop repair and batteries.

You will need to open your laptop in order to find the problem and fix it. If you don’t have the right experience, it is impossible.

If your laptop has a problem with charging it, it is possible to take it to an authorized service station. This is the best way of fixing the problem.

If your charger is not working, you can try to change it. To check if your charger is working properly, you can also use a universal charger. You can also try a universal charger to check if it’s working. If not, don’t waste your time.

You could cause irreversible damage to your laptop by trying to open it. If you’re eager to have your laptop repaired, you can search the internet for the nearest service station. This will allow you to have your vehicle repaired by professionals.


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