Why Is PS4 Slow and Lagging? Fixed By Experts

how to fix lag on ps4

How to Fix Lag on Ps4 Console | Why is My Ps4 so Slow and Freezing?

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) is an eighth-generation home video gaming console. Its initial edition was launched in 2013, and the most recent version, the PS4 Pro, is capable of playing the most recent games at a 4K resolution at higher frame rates. Nowadays, the PS4 is popular and competes with Microsoft’s Xbox One.

If you own a PS4, you know that lag is one of the most aggravating aspects of the system. If you have lag on your PS4 or PS4 Pro, there are a few things you can do to fix it.

There is no single cause of this problem, but rather a combination of factors. Some of the reasons for the freezing/lagging problem are as follows:

  • Hard disk drives that are faulty or full
  • Firmware flaws and problems
  • Slow internet connection
  • The cache is full.
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Database cluttered

In this post, I’ll show you how to fix the freeze/lag problem utilizing several methods. It is up to you to find the source of your problem and apply the appropriate fix.

Method 1: Examining the Hard Drive

A malfunctioning hard drive may significantly slow down the system. It’s a good idea to check the hard drive for flaws. If you hear strange sounds or observe unexpected activity in the hard disk bay, it is probable that the hard disk has issues.

It is recommended that you change the drive at this point, as indicated in the steps below. Because this procedure involves disassembling the gadget, you must use extreme caution.

  1. You can turn off your PS4 completely by pressing and holding the power button for at most 7 seconds. Two beeps will indicate that it has been turned off completely.
  2. Disconnect the power and other cables from the console.
  3. To remove the Hard Disk Drive bay cover (the shiny part), slide it out towards the left.
  4. Make sure the hard drive is properly seated and securely screwed to your board. You can remove the screw to replace the hard drive. You will need to download new system software for the new hard drive.

Method 2: Make more disk space available.

If your hard drive is nearing the end of its disk capacity, this problem is possible. What you should do is make certain there is enough free space on the hard drive.

  • From the main screen, go to Settings > System Storage Management and then to the following categories: Applications, Capture Gallery, Application Saved Data, and Themes.
  • Choose the content you wish to remove.
  • On the controller, press the OPTIONS button and then select Delete.

If you encounter a problem while playing a game, you should delete any stored data, since it may include corrupted data.

Confirm that the PS4 freezing and lagging problem persists.

Method 3: Rebuild your PS4 database.

Over time, the PlayStation 4’s database becomes clogged, making it inefficient and slow. Rebuilding the database can greatly improve the performance of your console and minimize freezing or lagging.

  1. Hold the power button down for at least seven seconds to turn off the PS4. You will hear two beeps signaling that it is fully turned off.
  2. To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the power button for about 7 seconds, or until you hear a second beep.
  3. Because Bluetooth is disabled in Safe Mode, connect your DualShock 4 controller to the PS4 via a USB connection.
  4. Scroll down and select Rebuild Database – This scans the drive and generates a new database of all the content. Depending on the type and number of data elements, this process may take a long time.
  5. After that, select the “Update System Software” option to see if any updates are available.
  6. Whether there are, install them and check to see if the problem continues.

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Method 4: Verify your internet connection.

PS4 is a multiplayer online game. So, if you have a slow internet connection, it will certainly freeze and lag. A very good internet connection is required to operate the PS4 efficiently and provide the greatest gaming experience. So, by checking the internet connection, you may determine whether the internet is the cause of your PS4 freezing and lagging.

Check out these steps to test your internet connection.

1. If you’re using Wi-Fi, restart your router and modem and check to see if it’s functioning now.

2. To improve Wi-Fi performance, get a Wi-Fi signal booster and relocate the PS4 console closer to the router.

3. To improve network performance, connect your PS4 to ethernet rather than Wi-Fi. Follow these steps to connect the PS4 to the ethernet:

  • Connect the LAN connection to your PS4.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu from the PS4’s main screen.
  • Click Network on the settings menu.
  • Click Set Up Internet Connection from the network menu.
  • There are two ways to access the internet from it. Select the Use a LAN Cable option.
  • Following that, a new screen will display. Select Custom and enter your ISP’s network details.
  • Click Next
  • Select the Do Not Use option for the proxy server.
  • Allow some time for the modifications to come into effect.

When you see the internet settings changed on your screen, try using the PS4 again to verify whether it is now functioning properly.

4. To improve your internet connection, configure port forwarding on your modem router. To configure port forwarding, follow these steps:

  • First, check your wireless router’s IP address, username, and password.
  • Open any browser and type the wireless router’s IP address into it, then press the enter key.
  • The screen shown below will display. Type your username and password, then click the Login button.
  • In the forward port area, look for the port forwarding settings.
  • Once you’ve entered the port forwarding settings, enter your PS4’s IP address, which you can find by going to the following route on your PS4:

Settings -> Network > View connection status

  • Custom UDP and TCP forwarding ports should be added to the following numbers: 80, 443, 1935, 3478, 3479, 3480.
  • Use NAT Type 2 instead of 1.
  • Apply the necessary adjustments.

Now, try using the PS4 to check whether its performance has improved and your freezing and lagging issues have been fixed.

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Method 5: Obtaining the Most Recent Updates

A firmware update generally improves and fixes the PS4 console’s performance.

  1. Get a USB stick with at least 400 MB of free space. The USB must be cleaned, and then a folder named PS4 with a subdirectory called UPDATE must be created.
  2. Download the most recent PS4 update from here and save it to your flash drive’s UPDATE folder.
  3. Shut off the console and insert the USB stick into one of the forward-facing USB ports on the PS4.
  4. To boot into Safe Mode, press and hold the power button for at least 7 seconds.
  5. In Safe Mode, select the third option, “Update System Software,” and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Reinitializing your PS4 system will return your system to its original state, providing you with an out-of-the-box experience.


We hope that this post has effectively educated you that PS4 controller latency issues are not necessarily the result of the controller alone. There are a variety of additional reasons behind it. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide and step-by-step explanation on how to fix lag on PS4 will be of great assistance and solve your problem in no time.

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