How to Track a Stolen Nintendo Switch – Best Guides | 2022 Updates!

how to track a stolen Nintendo Switch

How to Track a Stolen Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch Locator

It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch has been a huge hit with gamers. It’s so popular that it’s currently being stolen left and right. If you have a console that you think may have been stolen, the first thing you want to do is to report it to the police.

It’s also important to take precautions to protect your console from being stolen.

Can you Track a Nintendo Switch?

Some devices have built-in tracking systems that enable users to find them using a serial number and GPS.

Regrettably, the Nintendo Switch is not one of these devices. In reality, Nintendo does not offer any type of tracking service or trackable device.

As a result, if you have a stolen Nintendo Switch, the prior owner will have a difficult time locating it. As a result, you must attempt to find it out on your own.

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How to Track a Stolen Nintendo Switch

1. Please contact Nintendo Support.

If someone’s Nintendo Switch is stolen, it’s possible that they called Nintendo Support.

Typically, users do this in order to deactivate their Nintendo accounts and erase all the data from the console.

The Nintendo Support staff may request the serial number of a stolen device. If they do, they may record it in their database as belonging to a stolen switch.

As a result, you may get in touch with the staff and express your concerns. They may request that you read your console’s serial number so that they may check its status.

If the device is stolen, you must return it. On the plus side, you won’t get in trouble for having a stolen Switch (you could otherwise).

You may contact Nintendo support by clicking here.

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2. Check Stolen Nintendo Switch Serial Number

A stolen item The Nintendo Switch is frequently delivered without its original box or in a package that is entirely different.

If the serial numbers on the box and the device match, you’ve most likely received a genuine item. If not, there’s a good chance that something fishy is going on.

 To locate the serial numbers, here’s how:

The bottom-left corner of the portable Nintendo Switch console has one serial number (not the dock).

The other serial number is printed on the product package itself.

Again, even if the serial numbers match, the goods may have been stolen. It is, however, much less probable.

3. Remove your Credit Card.

If you have added a credit card to your account, you must first remove it by following the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the shop menu on the left.
  3. Next to your credit card, click the Delete option.

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4. Remove your Nintendo account from your Switch.

The only thing you can do on an external computer is to disconnect your Nintendo account from your machine. This would remove games downloaded from the eShop as well as access to the store itself from your account, making it impossible for others to make purchases on your behalf if you have a registered payment method.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to for the first step.
  2. Log in with your Nintendo account.
  3. From the main console, choose Remove Registration.
  4. Enter your password again if you are required to.
  5. Finally, click “Delete Registration” to confirm it.

We can also do this by going to, signing in, selecting “Account Settings,” and then selecting “Store Menu,” and then following the steps outlined above.

Keep in mind that you may only delete one record each year (through the web).

When you return to your new console, you will be able to download the digital titles you bought from the eShop, as well as recover compatible saved games if you subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

It’s a shame Nintendo doesn’t offer a blocking mechanism like Google and Apple that enables us to deactivate or delete any data that involves the mobile until the device is returned to the owner’s hands.

Even the Switch’s screen blocking technique leaves much to be desired (it could include a pattern or PIN system as a minimum to increase security against outside hands).

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