5 Easy Fix – PS4 Controller Orange Light

ps4 controller orange light

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Are you seeing a yellow or orange flashing light on your PS4? Is it pointing to something? It can appear in many colors, which can make it difficult to understand.

The PS4 controller orange light means that your PS4 console is in rest mode. Ps4 controller orange light is an indication that there is a connection issue between the controller and PS4 console.

For example, the ps4 controller orange light can occur when the controller is not fully plugged in. Don’t worry. We’ll discuss the differences in colors and how to resolve them.

What does the PS4 controller orange light mean?

The PS4’s orange/yellow light could indicate two things depending on whether it is blinking or unblinking. Unblinking means that the Ps4 is in rest mode, or is turned off while charging.

If the PS4’s orange light blinks, it means that the controller is plugged in for charging only.

PS4 Controller Light Bar Meanings

  1. Blue =Player 1.
  2. Red= Player 2.
  3. Green= Player 3.
  4. Pink= Player4.

The indicator may be changed by certain games, such as Witcher 3 and Fallout 4. FIFA, GTA V, and GTA V. If you see yellow during gameplay, this is normal. The GTA V light indicator displays Blue for Michael De Santa, Green for Franklin Clinton, and Yellow for Trevor Philips. When the Police are looking for a character, it flashes red-blue.

It could be a problem if your PS4 lights up orange more often than once. This tutorial will show you how to resolve the PS4 controller orange light problem.

  1. First, disassemble your PS4 and clean the interior. Make sure that the PS button does not get damaged.
  2. Next, connect the controller via a USB cable to the console. To verify that your PS4 controller is working properly, perform a hard reset.
  3. Make sure you check the USB cable port and batteries to get the root cause.
  4. If the batteries and USB ports are operational, the problem would be with the conductive film. It should be replaced.

There are other ways to fix the orange light on your PS4 controller

There are many ways to fix the PS4 controller flashing problem. These methods can be tried without the need for a second USB.

You may need to buy a power A cable that is licensed and specific for your PS4 controller.

1. Replace your Dualshock 4 cable

  • An android charging cable can be used or you can purchase a replacement DualSock4 Cable for your controller.
  • Next, connect the USB cable to the DualShock 4 device.
  • If the light turns blue or orange, it means the controller is now charging and the problem was with the cord.

This is a common problem because USB cables can easily be broken. This can be fixed by replacing the USB cable.

2. Inspect the Charging USB Cable

To ensure that the controller is charging properly, you must first check the USB cable. Use a different USB charging cable to charge your PlayStation. If the indicator light changes from blue to white, the cable is defective.

3. Reset the Controller

You may have a problem with the PS4 controller’s software. Follow the instructions below to reset it.

  1. Look for the reset button on the backside near the L2 shoulder button.
  2. To push the button inside the hole, use a sim card tray ejector pin.  It is important to hold the button in place for at least a few seconds.
  3. After resetting, plug in the USB charging cable to the PlayStation 4 and one end to the Dualshock controller.
  4. To turn the DualShock on, press the PlayStation Button on your DualShock controller.

4. Reset the console

In most cases, the software bug that caused the console to crash can be fixed by resetting it. Here are some steps to do this:

  1. Turn your PS4 off completely
  2. Take the power cord off the console’s back and wait 5 minutes.
  3. Connect the cable again.
  4. For 10 seconds, hold the power button down and wait for the second beep.
  5. The USB charging cable can be plugged into the PlayStation 4 while the other end is plugged into the Dualshock controller.
  6. Use the X button to select “Initialize PS4”

Notice: All data including games will be deleted when you reset your PS4. You should ensure that you back up your PS4 Saves before you reset your console. You can also choose to reset your console by following the same steps but instead of choosing “Initialize PS4”, select “Restart PS4”.


Conclusion PS4 controller orange light may appear to be a perplexing situation to deal with since the lights blinking may be of varied colors, and each color may represent an average or irregular because of flashing.

Nonetheless, perhaps this post has educated you on what the colors represent and how to resolve the problem.

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