How to Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected in 4 Easy Ways (2023 Updated)

Mobile Network State Disconnected

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before: your phone is on, but it’s acting like it’s not. You’ll have full bars, but you’ll have no service or LTE. You can’t get a WiFi signal, you can’t get data, and you can’t get the internet.

If the problem persists, your phone may have lost its connection with your carrier. If your phone is powered on, but you can’t access the internet, you are probably experiencing a “mobile network state disconnected”

About Mobile Network State Disconnected

Android users must have experienced the “Mobile Network State Disconnected” problem. This problem is quite common for Android users. 

Although there are many reasons for this error, the result is that your Android phone cannot access the “internet state network” via mobile data. We will explain what “mobile network state disconnected” is and how to fix it.

What causes a mobile network state disconnected error?

SprintThis problem is common with Sprint, AT&T, or Tracfone users. Problems can arise when there is a problem with the SIM card configuration or signal strength.

These are the reasons why the mobile network state disconnect error occurs.

SIM Card conflict

The SIM card can often be the root cause of the error. Incorrectly inserting a SIM card can lead to this error. The SIM card has not been properly activated, or the transaction from the SIM card to the SIM slot has failed.

Phones that are old or unsupported

Mobile network state disconnection errors can also be caused by an old mobile device that has outdated software or hardware. Modern SIM cards can only be used with LTE or VoLTE phones, especially when they are compatible with modern SIM cards.

Configure APN or Network

If you try to access the internet via mobile data and the APN on your device is not properly configured, you may receive the mobile network state disconnected error

A bad wifi router configuration can cause an error in the network when connecting to the internet.

Poor Reception

Weak wifi or cellular reception may also contribute to the error, since the device may be unable to connect to the internet even if the connection is properly established.

How do I fix a mobile network state disconnection?

This problem could be caused by many things. All possible solutions are listed below. You can test each solution until you find the best one.

1. Change Mobile data to 3G

Your Android phone may support high-speed 4G networks, but your SIM card only supports 3G. You can solve this problem by changing your data network to 3G and verifying that it works. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Settings app for your Android phone.
  2. Click on Connections > Mobile Networks.
  3. Click on Network Mode
  4. Select 3G (CDMA), as your preferred Network Mode.

2. Deactivate the WIFI Connection of Your Phone

dataOnly a few high-end Android phones can support this feature, which allows them to connect to both Wi-Fi networks and data networks simultaneously. But most Android phones don’t support it.

with connections disabled, When you enable Wi-Fi connections with data network connections enabled, the data networks will automatically be disabled, and vice versa. A “Mobile Network State Disconnected” error could also occur due to this. Here are some ways to fix it.

  • Navigate to your mobile settings menu.
  • Select Wireless and Network Settings for Your Phone.
  • There, disable the Airplane Mode mode.
  • You can turn off the WIFI connection now.
  • If Bluetooth is enabled, turn it off.
  • Scroll down to Network Mode, and click it.
  • Verify that mobile data is available.
  • Do not enable Data roaming.
  • Turn on “Always on” Mobile Data.

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3. Reset your network

Sometimes, resetting all network connections to the device is the best option. All of us use the 4G SIM to send, receive, and make calls. However, some devices can’t detect the indicators, so we need to adjust some settings.

This could also happen to wireless local networks. This refers to how mobile signals are used by the most recent mobiles that use wireless networks.

Some devices can send and receive messages or calls, but others are unable to display the message or call. Users are unsure if the problem is with their mobile phones or the signals.

There is an option to choose to use 3G or 4G on local networks such as Sprint, LAN, and AT&T POLs.

  1. Choose the Settings option from the Home Screen.
  2. You will see the settings and you can move down to the screen below. There you can view the General option, and then select the general.
  3. Scroll down to the reset option in the general options and choose option Reset.
  4. Next, you will see reset options. Choose the option Reset network.
  5. If the prompt asks you to enter your password, you will need to enter it.
  6. All network problems will be resolved. This opens a new tab that displays your confirmation.

4. Disable security software

Another option is to install security software on your computer or PC that inhibits network access techniques.

Some hackers attempt to make the WiFi track and access all the settings with the password, so this is the most efficient way to guarantee that our other devices are not connected to the system.

In some cases, it was like installing any app and suddenly the network signal fluctuates.

The solution is to disable security software, which occurs due to certain antivirus software included in apps so that this software can eradicate the virus and reboot the system.

All viruses are removed after the reboot is complete. It reboots the WiFi router signal and speeds up the networks.

From AT&Tstates This software can be used to access new networks or apps that have the virus. The Mobile network status disconnected straight talk is the carrier type. It doesn’t currently run on wireless networks. Instead, the network runs with the mobile network disconnected from AT&T and the mobile network disconnected from mobile.

There are other ways.

  • Carrier settings

You can track the Android mobile network problem using carrier settings; however, the process can prove fruitless in storms or precipitation that can damage the fiber cable.

It is possible to also damage towers that are often used as network boosters.

This problem can be solved by many people using carrier settings. They provide a small signal tower or extender that allows your device to communicate with the internet.

Carrier settings also offer small speakers such as AT&T. They are dependent on the internet for proper operation.

  • Use a booster to resolve the problem.

This “state disconnected” problem can be solved by continuing to use a booster. The booster can receive the same cellular signals received by carriers and help to amplify the signals in a specific space.

These boosters can boost signals that cover the entire house at once. Numerous booster manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee and a limited warranty of a few years in case you have any problems.

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At the conclusion of the article, Mobile State Network Disconnected, I’d like to conclude that there may be a variety of methods for reconnecting networks. This message is not intended to cause irritation. The article will help you get out of it.

Don’t be alarmed about technical hackers who can access our WiFi network settings and passwords. Mismatched SIM cards can also result in an inability to connect to the internet.

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