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VoLTE icon could stand for Voice Over LTE. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. VoLTE, as the name implies, is a voice call that is made over a 4G LTE network. You can place calls via your LTE network, rather than the standard network.

VoLTE allows you to make clearer voice calls with higher quality. You can also use your Internet data for calls that go beyond downloading and browsing the internet.

VoLTE Benefits

VoLTE is supported by most smartphones, and nearly all networks worldwide offer it. You can change the software or wait to see if your phone supports VoLTE.

You might also notice that your smartphone may not support it. This could mean you are unable to use voice and data simultaneously. Here’s how VoLTE works.

VoLTE calls allow you to use both your browsing and calling data simultaneously. VoLTE is a great feature to enhance voice calls around the globe. VoLTE has many benefits. These are just a few of the main benefits.

1. Good battery life

Without VoLTE, the 4G network switches over to 3G when you make calls. This causes your smartphone to use more battery. VoLTE saves battery life by not switching to 3G when you’re on call.

2. High Definition Call Quality

The best thing about 4G VoLTE is its improved call quality. Voice calls allow you to communicate with other users clearly.

Although call quality on previous networks, such as 2G or 3G, was poor, 4G VoLTE offers three times the call quality of 3G.. It can also deliver up to six times the call quality of 2G.

3. Greater coverage and better connectivity

VoLTE connections can be twice as fast as 2G and 3G signals, which will surprise you. 4G is now widely available around the globe.

4G uses the 800 MHz spectrum, which is more widely used than the 2G and 3G spectrums. This spectrum can penetrate large objects in a way that previous generations were unable to.

You will still have an internet connection, regardless of whether you’re on the ground floor or the first floor. VoLTE relies on this spectrum for better coverage and connectivity. However, the network available is larger and more consistent.

4. Video calls over VoLTE

Video calls can be made over VoLTE and require very little data consumption. For video calls, you will typically need to download third-party applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype.

You don’t have to install another application for 4G VoLTE. All 4G VoLTE compatible phones have video calling support built into their calling system. Additionally, 4G VoLTE allows for battery savings on video calls.

5. Multitasking

VoLTE is a restriction on your 4G network’s ability to use fast internet during calls. This is not possible with 4G VoLTE.

You can use your 4G network in between calls and it will remain the same. VoLTE calls allow you to browse the internet, download media and much more.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is supported by all major carriers, so any new phone that you purchase today should also support it. The setting can be toggled in the main settings of an iPhone under Cellular Data Options. The network indicator resets on iPhones when this setting is changed.

The option will be in the connections category in the phone’s settings on most newer Samsung phones. It’s very similar to the option under the Wi-Fi & network category on other phones, such as those from OnePlus.

For VoLTE to work, there are a few things that must be done. This includes having an adequate LTE connection to a tower that supports VoLTE. A device that supports VoLTE is also required.

This will need to be verified on every device by each carrier. However, most phones that have been released in the past few years should have this feature.

It is the ultimate goal of carriers to make everyone switch to VoIP calling. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

Once this is achieved, features such as VoLTE, VoNR (5G), Wi-Fi calling, and VoLTE will all fall under the same category. They allow you to call from any secure internet source.

This applies to standalone 5G. As 5G networks become more efficient, carriers will want their customers to remain on the tower as long as they can.

How to Turn Off VoLTE

It is easy to enable or disable VoLTE on your smartphone. Your phone must support 4G VoLTE.

Sometimes, VoLTE calls are referred to as HD calls by smartphone companies and telecoms. You should remember that HD calls are available on phones with HD calling options. Here are the steps to disabling VoLTE on a smartphone.

iOS: Turning off VoLTE

The option is available to iPhone users in the Cellular Data Options.

Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and click Enable LTE. Alternatively, go to Settings > Mobile Data, then tap Enable LTE.

Three options are available to iOS users:

  • Off: Turns off LTE
  • Voice and Data: Supports voice calls as well as cellular-data usage over LTE
  • Data only: This allows data use over cellular data, but not voice calls over LTE.

You can switch between VoLTE and VOIP to meet your needs.

Android: Turning off VoLTE

To switch off VoLTE, your Android phone must have enabled VoLTE. It is possible to check this by looking for the VoLTE icon in the top notification bar.

Go to Settings, and then search for Connection > Mobile Networks. This may differ depending on the smartphone you have. Tap on the primary SIM.

Turn off VoLTE by finding the toggle button for VoLTE. Now it’s disabled. You can reverse the steps to enable it.

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What other information do I need about VoLTE

All carriers now count HD Voice/VoLTE calls against the minutes in one’s monthly bucket. This is despite the fact that VoLTE uses the same network as video streaming and browsing the internet.

Verizon, for example, supports video calls under the VoLTE standard. The voice portion of a chat takes minutes while the video portion uses data.

Verizon claims that an average video call takes between 6-8 MB and 8 MB of data per minute. So be aware of this before you make that video call. Or, just use Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi calling is available from all major carriers. This allows regular voice calls to be routed through Wi-Fi networks in areas with poor cellular coverage, or simply improves call quality and reliability.

Although Wi-Fi calling is more complicated than VoLTE on U.S. carriers, especially AT&T, it can still be very useful if you live in an area with poor cellular coverage.

Although the VoLTE revolution was slow and steady, it is encouraging to see U.S. and Canadian carriers taking the benefits of this technology more seriously and making sure that users have a seamless experience.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Phone To Make VoLTE Calls?

Some smartphones are not capable of making VoLTE-enabled calls, despite living in an age full of technology. Software updates are available for multiple smartphones and telecom companies that offer VoLTE capabilities.

Many carriers have stopped offering 3G services and there is no other option for users. If you want better connectivity and call quality, upgrading to VoLTE-enabled smartphones is a smart move.

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This article is now over. Mobile telecommunications have come a long way since the ’70s and ’80s. Every decade has seen a new generation of technology improvements on the old.

Even LTE has seen improvements and 5G is now a common feature in many countries. Voice calls over LTE are one of the most useful features of LTE.

It offered more flexibility, higher voice quality, and a lower cost. As I have already mentioned, activating VoLTE is very easy. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend that you get a VoLTE-supporting smartphone.

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