How to Send Text to Multiple Contacts on Android | New 2021!

how to send text to multiple contacts on android

Hello there! If you’re reading this, you’re probably as frustrated as I was with how to send text to multiple contacts on android. 

Many Android users who want to send mass SMS without group messages on Android are not sure how to accomplish it effectively.

Sending a mass message as a group may enable contact information to be quickly visible. I finally found a solution! See, we can’t just copy and paste the text because it will only send one message.

Instead, we need to create a draft message and then go to the “sharing” tab and select the contacts. It’s pretty simple and it’s a lot better than the old way. I hope this helps!

Many people want to learn more about how to send multiple text messages to multiple contacts without group message on Android.

Below are some other ways to send text messages to multiple contacts on Android.

There are other ways to send text messages to multiple contacts on Android.

How can I send a bulk SMS message on Android? If you wish to send a mass text without group message on an Android phone, you must send the text to each contact individually or use third-party messaging software. If you’re interested in learning how to send mass texts on Android, the following steps will help you.

How to Send Text to Multiple Contacts on Android

1. Start your Android phone and go to the Messages app.

2. Edit a message, click the + icon in the Recipient box, and then tap Contacts.

3. Check the contacts to which you wish to transfer, click Done above, and then click the Send icon to send text messages to multiple recipients using Android.

Create a Contact Group in Android to send text messages to multiple contacts.

You can create a group and send the message to all the contacts. This is the easiest way to send a message to multiple Android phone numbers. For example, I’m using a Samsung Galaxy phone, but it is very similar to other Android phones.

Follow these steps to create a group or send a message to multiple numbers.

  • Open Contacts on Android.
  • Touch the three verticle marks(≡) in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll down to locate Groups. Tap on “Create a group
  • Name the group you want.
  • To add multiple contacts to the group, tap on the Add button.
  • Once you have added the contacts to the group, touch Save.

Send a message via text to multiple contacts in Group

Once you’ve created a group for text messages, it’s time to write the message and send it to multiple contacts within the group.

  1. Open the messaging app for Android.
  2. Write the text that you wish to send.
  3. Tap on the recipient to add the group that you have created.
  4. To send the message to the entire group, tap Send.

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Use a 3rd-party app to send a text message to multiple Android contacts.

Many social apps, such as Google+, can send mass texts from Android devices. The Play Store has a great app that allows you to send bulk SMS to multiple contacts and also send a single text message to multiple people at once.

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS is the finest free and dynamic software for sending group text messages on Android. This App can be used to perform many other texts and MMS tasks.


  • The best SMS app that allows you to customize your messages.
  • You will find tons of useful features that will make your life simpler.
  • Cloud backup, no more worrying about long texts.
  • Sending text messages from your computer
  • Protect your texts with a reliable guard
  • Wear OS compatibility. You can receive and respond from your Android device.

Download from Google Play Store


Tencent has created WeChat, a multipurpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment app that serves over 1 billion users worldwide. Chat and make calls to friends, read the latest and access local services.

The pros

  • You can make voice calls and chat with multiple people simultaneously.
  • Easy to use and simple layout.
  • Social media platform that allows instant text messaging, voice and video calls, picture messaging, mobile payments, sharing contact details, and other features such as voice and video calls.

The disadvantages

  • You must have a working internet connection.
  • There is no clear online/offline status.
  • It is difficult to determine if the receiver has read your messages.
  • Android users can’t comment on photos under friends’ timelines.
  • No post-sharing feature.

Google Hangouts

Google has developed this communication app. It allows you to send messages, make free voice or video calls, and send location information and emojis to your friends.

The pros

  • One-person chat or 150 person group chats
  • Send images, GIFs, and emojis.

The disadvantages

  • Talk about the topic.
  • It does not support Chromecast for video streaming.
  • This requires a stable, fast-speed network.
  • From time to time, minor bugs may occur.
  • You must have a Google account to be able to use it.

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Wrapping up: How to Send Text to Multiple Contacts on Android

Sending mass SMS messages to multiple contacts from one Android phone can save you time. The modern age of social media and messaging apps have made it easier to communicate with multiple contacts at once. Most mobile users still enjoy sending a message via text.

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