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Have you ever wanted to contact hundreds of potential customers at the same time? If so, then you might want to consider using auto dialer apps — the app dials a number for you. With an auto dialer app, you’ll have the ability to have a live conversation with a lot of people at once. You’ll also have the ability to send messages with an auto dialer app. We compiled a list of six of our favorite auto dialer apps, for iOS, Android, and desktop.

  1. Auto Dialer -Autodialer apps come in many sizes and shapes. Some can be used on desktops or web browsers, while others are only available for Android and iOS mobile phones.
  2. Kixie PowerCall is the best overall auto dialer app to help teams improve their connection rates.
  3. Agile CRM – This tool automates your sales, marketing, and customer service processes on one platform.
  4. CallHub is a top browser-based auto dialer for call centers that want a pay-as-you-go option.
  5. Calley Automatic Call Dialer is a great option for teams who want an inexpensive, basic auto dialer.
  6. CSV Auto Dialer

How we rated the best auto dialer apps

There are many auto dialer apps. Many are accessible on desktops and web browsers, while others are only available for Android and iOS mobile phones. Well-rounded options provide built-in CRM functionality, while others rely on the functionality of your business phone system or offer integrations with open APIs [application programming interfaces]. Advanced options use algorithms to predict when the conversation will end.

It is difficult to compare the two apps side-by-side due to all of these factors. Pricing is always an issue, but we also considered standard voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) capabilities and simplicity of use to assess each app’s functionality and possible use cases. We also looked at non-CRM and CRM integrations.

While auto dialers are great for outbound calls, they can also be used to make inbound calls. Live answering services can save your employees time and provide excellent customer service. In our guide to the top answering services, we compare our favorites.

Based on our research, we determined that Kixie PowerCall is the finest auto dialer for small businesses. It has many useful features in all three tiers. The base plan includes an interactive voice response (IVR), which allows you to route calls efficiently and offer customers self-service options.

Developer APIs are available for businesses that have dedicated IT teams. These APIs allow them to create additional integrations or application features. It is not intended for solopreneurs, and there is no free tier. However, the pricing is very affordable for businesses that are looking for affordability.

Here is a list of all our evaluations:

  • Pricing: We checked to see which apps offer a free version, and what the prices of different plans were. We also looked to see if there is an annual pricing discount.
  • We compared the general features of each app to see which ones included predictive dialers, power, preview, and power. We then looked at functions such as live call monitoring, analytics, and predictive dialers.
  • Integrations: We compared CRM and non-CRM options and determined which apps have Open APIs that can be used by developers.
  • Expert score: We played with the apps and reviewed a variety of customer reviews to find out what real users think about the auto dialer apps.

1. Auto Dialer

AutoDialer allows you to automatically set outgoing calls. It is an app that allows you to auto-dial any phone at a specific time and day. This will allow you to set the app to make an important phone call in case it is not already. You can either schedule a call to ring at a particular time or have it recur as many times as needed.

Finally, a mobile smart auto-speed dialer with reporting. The Auto Dialer includes an online contact management tool.

To organize your contacts, you can import thousands of contacts from a spreadsheet (CSV), in just seconds, to arrange the number to call automatically.

Your computer’s contacts are synchronized in real-time with your Android app. A secretary can update your contacts online using the contact management tool. The salesperson is also able to sync seamlessly. This auto dialer works great inside and outside the office.

It’s almost entirely hands-free. We do all the work. It is a productivity tool that automates the whole sales calling process.


  • Choose number
  • Enter the call duration.
  • On the next call, enter the time duration.
  • Choose a time to repeat
  • Start

Download Auto Dialer from Play Store

2. Kixie PowerCall: The Best Small Business Auto Dialer

Kixie PowerCall is a sophisticated auto dialer with features designed to enhance response rates and agent productivity. Because of its simplicity and affordability, it’s an excellent platform for all businesses. Live coaching allows managers to listen in on live calls, while website lead sync connects leads directly from your website to agents.

The app also offers three subscription options and very competitive pricing, starting at $29. The app also offers a free seven-day trial so you can get used to it before you commit. Kixie PowerCall offers many popular integrations. However, we recommend that you test the software first to make sure it meets your needs.

It offers some of the most popular features, such as live coaching and developer APIs. However, this tier is only $55 per month per user. This should make it attractive to small businesses. Some users have reported that software updates often occur at the wrong time. This app is still a great choice for features and pricing, especially when compared to PhoneBurner or CallHub, which can cost hundreds per month.

Kixie PowerCall Features

  • Artificial intelligence (AI), ML, and ML use your calls to improve dialing speeds and increase connection rates.
  • You can connect with customers using a short message service (SMS).
  • The Voicemail drop allows you to leave a voicemail with one click.
  • You can listen to agent calls and assist with training by calling live call coaching.
  • The screen with all the necessary information appears while the auto dialer rings your contact.

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3. Agile CRM

Agile CRM software allows you to automate sales, marketing, and customer service all in one place. The tool also has a contact management feature that will help you close deals quicker. You can also sync your Google Calendar with CRM to receive notifications about upcoming meetings.


  • It provides voicemail automation.
  • View contact information from client calls, chats, and notes.
  • To receive notifications about upcoming meetings, you can synch Agile CRM data to your Google calendar.
  • Attach documents to deals.
  • Integrations with third parties.
  • You will receive email reports about the calls of your staff members.
  • You can call multiple contacts with one mouse click.
  • This software allows you to get information about the buyer’s journey.
  • This software allows you to do call recording and campaign management.
  • Real-time reporting and analysis.
  • You can keep track of all communications with your staff using real-time call logs.
  • With advanced analytics and reports, you can keep track of insights.

The following are key statistics:

No cost trial

Start plan: Free Trail

Client OS: Mac, Windows, Linux

Deployment Types: Cloud, On-Premises

Call recording: Yes

Management of contact lists: Yes.

Campaign control: Yes

Call Centre Management: Yes

4. CallHub: The Most Effective Browser-Based Auto Dialer

CallHub created a predictive dialer that operates as a browser-based app rather than as desktop software. This technology also focuses less on customer support and sales than other tools. Instead, it focuses on creating surveys, gathering user insights, and connecting calls via predictive calling. CallHub plans don’t charge per user. This makes it a great option for remote workers and those involved in seasonal marketing campaigns.

You will need to pay $199 for additional functionality. While this gives you access to unlimited agents, it’s far more expensive than a tool like MySalesDialerPro, which is just $9.99 per user, per month. It’s difficult to justify this expense if you don’t have a large team.

CallHub is the most powerful predictive dialer available. CallHub is a provider that specializes in call blasting, which allows you to reach multiple numbers in a shorter time. CallHub allows you to upload your calling list using either a standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (or a comma-separate values (CSV) file). Dynamic caller ID is a feature that automatically generates an ID and displays a local number.

CallHub Advantages

  • Unlimited agent plans let you scale your team as large as you want without affecting your budget.
  • Advanced analytics gives you the insight you need to keep your goals in sight and increase agent performance.
  • You can switch between power, predictive, and preview dialing using multiple dialing modes.
  • You can send follow-up questions from your calls and your CRM will automatically record your responses.
  • Connect CallHub with your tech stack to integrate it with the most popular CRM software programs.

Visit CallHub.

5. Calley Automatic Call Dialer: The Best Free Auto Dialer App

Calley and CallHub are the only auto dialer apps on this list that include a free forever plan. Although it is limited, it can be an excellent entry-level tool for those who are just starting to learn auto dialing. Calley is a basic auto dialer. It includes everything you need, but it doesn’t offer access to any popular CRM integrations.

Calley can only support five users. It’s also quite expensive considering what you get unless you upgrade your Calley Teams subscription. You get a five-user limit, which reduces your monthly cost to $12 per user. CallHub offers plans that allow unlimited users and is scalable to accommodate larger teams.

Calley Automatic Call Dialer Specifications

  • You can create unlimited lists of up to 10,000 contacts.
  • Uninterrupted mode turns on your power dialer and ignores any other notifications.
  • Calley offers two options: power dialing auto dialer or preview dialing.
  • You can pause your dialing at any moment and start again from the same place or load a new listing.
  • Your agents will have time to make post-call notes and a cool-off timer before they jump into the next call.

Visit Calley Automatic Call Dialer.

6. CSV Auto Dialer

CSV Auto Dialer allows users to automatically dial multiple numbers without having to pay. It can dial up 500 numbers per day and is great for advertising businesses.

We have an app that will allow you to quickly dial every number in your spreadsheet/excel/CSV file to improve productivity.

You can now dial multiple numbers at once using an app on your smartphone. It is completely free.

You don’t need a more expensive computer or accessories (VoIP, SIP phone), and you don’t have the necessity of dialing each contact number individually.

This application can be downloaded from the Play Store. It has a beautiful user interface with effective results (dark theme to allow you to use it as long as possible without affecting your eyes).

It is nearly impossible for humans to dial 500 numbers in one day, so you can dial as many as 500 numbers per day.

Download CSV Auto Dialer from Play Store


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