Com.lge.launcher3: What Does com.lge.launcher3 Mean


com.lge.launcher3: Android launcher 

You may have an LG brand smartphone. You don’t know what the app is doing to your device. Many people thought it was bloatware or a virus as seen on Chocoeukor Samsung mobile devices.

To understand com.lge.launcher3, we first need to understand what a launcher is. A launcher has many components and launchers can do different things. Today we’ll be talking about com.lge.launcher3. We will explain what is and how can be used to launcher3.

What is a Launcher?

Launcher is an additional feature that you can add to your Android device. A launcher lets you personalize, modify, and customize the home screen of your Android device. You have many options to choose from, so you can pick any Launcher you want. Every Launcher has its own set of incredible graphics and features, so you only need to choose the one that you like.

You can install Launchers to alter the look of your home screen on your mobile device. However, you should also know which launchers come pre-installed on your device. Each manufacturer can have its own launcher.


The LG Launcher3 is a great way to customize the look and feel of your phone. In addition to the customizable themes, the LG Launcher3 has a lot of useful features to make your phone easier to use. You can customize the size of icons, change the layout of your home screen, and even customize the search bar.

Uses for Com.lge.launcher3

The app com.lge.launcher3 launches other apps on your phone. It’s also the default Android launcher on all LG phones. You can personalize your home screen as well as your phone’s overall appearance by using it.

Com.lge.launher3 acts as your launcher and is an essential app for any phone. Every phone has a launcher. They are vital for your phone to function. The phone is inoperable without a launcher. The phone’s User-interface is improved by a launcher.

To search for Com.lge.launcher3, you would have to open a web browser. You can’t open the browser or search for anything if the icon isn’t visible. If a user doesn’t know how to navigate their phone properly, it might be difficult to launch the browser.

Can you uninstall com.lge.launcher3?

If you have root access to your Android device or are using Android Debug Bridge (ADB), default launchers can be removed. We don’t recommend that you remove it as it is an important app.

Without a Launcher, your device cannot be operated. It can be removed if you have installed third-party launchers, but it is best to keep it in place as long as it doesn’t cause errors such as “Unfortunately Launcher has stopped functioning?”

Five Best Third-Party Android Launchers

1. Microsoft Launcher

Download Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is the rebranded Arrow Launcher. You have many customization options available, such as a news window and expandable dock options. There is also a widget shelf.

This launcher lets users quickly edit Office 365 documents and open web links from mobile devices to Edge on Windows PC. It also integrates with Outlook and Skype.


  • Integration of PCs
  • Scroll vertically
  • Search engine built-in
  • Gesture customization


  • Use of high-quality resources
  • To use Microsoft accounts, you will need a Microsoft account

2. BlackBerry Launcher

Download BlackBerry Launcher

Blackberry Launcher has tons of functionality such as Swipeable widgets. Users can swipe down from an empty spot on the screen to view the notifications. The BlackBerry Hub is one of the best features in the BlackBerry Launcher.

This application allows users to reply to emails and text messages as well as post updates to social media accounts.

BlackBerry Launcher is available for free from the Play Store. It can be used for 30 days without ads. After that, display ads will begin to appear. The BlackBerry Hub+ subscription can be used to remove ads.


  • Google inspires design
  • Allows users to hide apps from their home screen and drawer


  • After 30 days, you can get the free version with ads

3. Nova Launcher

The nova launcher is our second choice. There are two versions of this application. There are two versions of this application: the Nova Launcher is a free version and the Nova Launcher Prime is a paid one.

The launcher has a lot of customization options. The launcher’s prime version has more features than its free counterpart. This app’s features are what we will be focusing on.

The launcher is too full of animations. You can also access hidden folders, tap to lock the device, and change scrolling orientation. Nova Launcher allows you to add Emoji to your app drawer names.

You can also add multiple icons to the pack.

Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons.


  • It offers many features.
  • It’s very quick.
  • You can create your own grid size.
  • Reduces the use of resources
  • It is small in size.


  • This app doesn’t provide an automatic backup of your settings.
  • You might be frustrated by the amount of customization that comes with the initial launch.
  • To customize the app completely, will take a lot of your time.

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4. Smart Launcher 5

Download Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 allows you to group apps by type. It also offers many other features such as adaptive icons, resizable buttons, shortcuts, and much more.

These features enhance the user experience. The Pro version of Smart Launcher 5 offers additional features, such as expanded gesture controls or pop-up widgets.


  • Lightweight
  • It is easy to set up
  • Icon pack support
  • Support for “Okay Google”


  • Regularly, the Pro version of the software is advertised in the free version.

5. Niagara Launcher

Download Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher’s user interface (UI), is simple and easy to use. It is great for large phones. It allows you to pin your favorite apps to the home screen and provides alphabetical shortcuts to other apps in the app drawer.

Although the app is completely free and doesn’t contain ads, some basic features such as adding widgets to the home screen are restricted by a paywall.


  • Minimal design
  • Single-hand use
  • Even on older Android devices, it’s responsive


  • There are not many customization options.
  • A paywall locks out basic features

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Reset Android Phone to Default Launcher

Android is the most common operating system. It has many cool features that can be used to replace the stock launcher with third-party apps. Many launchers are available in the Google Play Store. It is great fun and can be used to completely transform your Android phone.

You can always go back to the default launcher if you don’t like it. Follow the tutorial below to revert to the original launcher.

  1. Open your apps and tap the Settings App.
  2. Select Apps and swipe Any heading.
  3. Click on the launcher you are currently using.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click the Clear defaults button
  5. Click on the Home button to return to the homepage. You should be able now to choose your native launcher.

NOTE: You can explore other launchers with your phone. If you don’t like them, go back to the original launcher.


We will learn more about the com.lge.launcher3 service. Launchers are apps we first interact with when using android devices.

Good launchers are important. Launcher3 has compiled a list of the top launchers. They all have data security, but you should read the privacy policies before you install the app. I hope you enjoyed the post.

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