How to Fix Chrome Continue Where You Left Off in 5 Simple Steps

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How To Fix Chrome Continue Where you Left Off Not Working

Have you ever had that feeling of being so close to finishing something on your computer, but then it crashes? You have to restart the browser and find the information again. This is a major disruption in your productivity.

Luckily, Chrome has a feature called “Continue where you left off” that allows you to open all the tabs you had previously opened. Every day, I find myself opening Chrome and having to search through all my open tabs just to find the one I was looking for. It can take me anywhere from 5-10 minutes to do. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this one! Here are some ways on how to enable continue where you left off in chrome

  1. Start a Chrome browser session.
  2. In the upper right corner of the Chrome window, click on the control button.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Click the radio button that appears under Startup that says Continue where you left off.
  5. Close Chrome browser

Chrome will now load the most recently visited website first every time you open the browser. This includes any settings that are associated with the site. A similar process can use on Internet Explorer’s to Reopen last browser session

Sometimes, Google chrome continue where you left off not working or chrome continue where you left off disabled. These are the steps to fix it.

How to Fix Chrome Continue Where You Left Off

1. Update Chrome

Chrome automatically updates unless you disable the setting. You have two options to update Chrome. You can either download the latest version from the official website or click here to download it directly. The second is to go to Settings, and then look under the About tab.

You can also click on the three-dot icon to open the Update Chrome button. If you see the Update Chrome button, it means that you have an updated version of Chrome. This software can delete files that are critical to such features. (Continue where you left off).

2. Delete the cache

Chrome continues may have many problems due to the cache. This can lead to tabs opening in a different way than you expected.

Clearing the cache can resolve the problem. Cache stores a lot of information as users browse different websites. You can follow the steps below to remove the cache from your computer and fix the Chrome continue the problem.

  • Click on “Advanced” in the settings menu.
  • There are many options. Scroll down just below the language heading and you’ll see “Delete browser data“. Click on this option. You will see three options: cookies, website data, and Cached images and files.
  • After saving all historical data, check the boxes for website data and cookies. Click on “Clear Data.

3. Chrome should be allowed to run in the background.

Microsoft Windows allows you to limit the time that an app can run in the background. Google Chrome may not be allowed to run in the background. We should grant it these permissions manually. This is how you do it.

  • Click on Settings at the bottom of the Start Menu.
  • Click on Privacy and look for Background Apps in the list.
  • Activate Let apps run in the background. Make sure that Google Chrome has the toggle enabled.

4. Totally Avoid Creating Shortcuts.

If you need to quickly get to your favorite site, the shortcut feature may be useful. Simply click on the shortcut and open the browser. It can cause problems and lead to the mode you’re in collapsing.

This feature can be replaced by a safer option that allows users to bookmark their favorite pages by attaching them to a bookmark. Bookmarks are more convenient than shortcut combinations.

To pin a tab to Chrome, right-click it, then click the pin tab. Chrome will open the pinned tab whenever you open Chrome.

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5. Extensions can be disabled.

Extensions can add many functions to your browser experience, but they can also cause problems. Check if the Chrome Continue where you left off feature is working by disabling all extensions. Select Extensions from the More Tools menu.

To see which extension is breaking Chrome, disable them all and then re-enable each one one by one. The Incognito mode is not available here. Continuing from where you left off doesn’t work.

This issue is known to be caused by the Google Hangouts extension. These extensions have been installed by many users. TabCloud, Keep going where you left off. Many of my friends recommend Sessions Buddy. It’s worth a shot.

6. Using an old profile to install Chrome

To restore Chrome’s historical data, an individual can backup it. To back up your bookmarks and other data, you will need to navigate to the default folder in Chrome.

Reinstall Chrome after backing up. The backup folder should be saved in the chrome folder.

In conclusion

Chrome Continue where you left off allows users to recover information that they have searched for before their Chrome browser crashed or shut down unexpectedly.

Some users complained about chrome’s malfunctioning when they used it. This can lead to more tabs being opened than before. This article outlines some steps you can take to make sure this feature works for you.

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