Xbox Series X Overheating and Turning Off | 7 Best Fix

Xbox Series X Overheating

Xbox Series X Overheating Message | Best Fix

Xbox series x is an amazing gaming console. It has a lot of great features, including the ability to play with friends on Xbox Live, but it also has its downsides.

One of these downsides is overheating. The console will overheat if left on for too long without the cooling fan running. This blog post will teach you how to stop your Xbox from overheating with some simple steps.

What can I do to keep the Xbox X series from overheating?

You can stop Xbox series x from overheating by:

  • Do not place a fan on top of your console – This will only make it hotter.
  • Make sure there is enough space around your console for airflow – You can check if there is enough room by placing a sheet of paper over the vents and seeing if they blow the paper away

Fix 1: Make certain that your Xbox Series X is clean.

Does the Xbox series X overheat? The most common cause of excessive heat is dust. If you purchase any device, you should service it on a regular basis to ensure that it will function effectively.

The same is true for your Xbox Series X. If there are dust particles in your Xbox, they can reduce your fan speed, and that fan blasts out all the hot air, keeping your Xbox at a cool temperature.

If the fan isn’t running at the speed it was originally set, then it could be an Xbox Series X Overheating issue is likely to occur.

To stop the Xbox Series X from overheating, you should use the help of a feather duster. Take care to clean your console regularly and ensure that there’s no dust left.

Also, ensure that you don’t scrub it using alcohol-based substances since it could damage your Xbox as well. Whenever the console isn’t active, try covering it with a cloth to ensure that dust particles don’t go inside.

Fix 2: Make sure your Xbox Series X is in a well-ventilated location.

There is no such thing as a bad method of storing your devices, as they all generate heat simultaneously. When they are used, it could be the case that more than one air source is required to ensure that they run normally.

In this scenario, you can easily place fans to continue blowing air toward your console at all times while it is being used, or they can be conveniently installed on top of platforms that are far from other devices that can cause the loss of heat.

In addition, if you are in possession of an air conditioning unit within your bedroom, then you can turn it off when the temperature gets excessive, particularly in summer. This is among the reasons for Xbox Series X overheating. Therefore, the air conditioner can help reduce the temperature of your gaming console.

Fix 3. Removal of the panel on either side

Remove the sidewall/panel to create a vent that can help your Xbox series x cool down.

It’s actually a trial and error method, but it works for many people. If you are experiencing intense heat, you could employ a small fan to cool it down.

If your Xbox series X heats up, then it is necessary to unblock your side panels.

I am aware that it’s true that XBOX series X won’t look visually well. That’s why I advised you to only do this when the temperature is heated to a high degree.

The removal of the side panel will allow air to cross-ventilate and reduce the temperature right away.

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Fix 4: Position your Xbox Series X vertically.

It is possible to put your Xbox in a horizontal position or on its side. However, when you look at the layout, it’s obvious that Microsoft would prefer to have it vertical, as it looks odd laid out.

Let me clarify that you are able to put it on the ground if you would like, but the fan is more effective when it is vertically placed. If you, like me, must choose to place it horizontally due to storage space, ensure that you wash it with the help of a duster regularly to stay sure.

Fix 5: Take a break between Game Sessions in order to fix Xbox Series X Overheating

It’s not difficult to get caught up playing with your consoles and not take an interruption. This is a common occurrence for regular gamers.

However, this exercise is not required to ensure the well-being of your gaming console.

Perhaps this is the sole cause of the Xbox Series X overheating problem. The use of the device for prolonged time periods without frequent breaks in order to let it cool down means working for longer hours.

This can harm its internal components greatly. It is best to shut down the console if it becomes excessively hot during intense FPS games.

If you are unable to end your gaming session in a sudden manner, I recommend using an Xbox Series X external cooling fan. This has been extremely useful.

Fix 6: Don’t place the XBOX inside an enclosure

An enclosure or a box designed to XBOX will not allow air to flow completely, which can reduce the airflow.

Make sure you choose a stand that allows plenty of space for ventilation.

Also, avoid placing it in close proximity to the wall, as one of the sides could be heated. It is advised to keep the XBOX series X within a space that is open.

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Fix 7: Turn the AC on.

Changes in the climate are real and the summers are becoming hotter every year, meaning that you’ll be playing your games with a soaring temperature!

One method of keeping yourself or your Xbox cool is to utilize air conditioning. This might not be an option that everyone enjoys in their home, but if you’ve got an air conditioner in your gaming area, it is best to turn it on while playing your favorite video game that is heavy-duty with the Xbox Series X.

Cooling your space helps keep the console cool!

Are you without air conditioning? Try using a regular fan! It’ll help move air around your space.


Xbox One consoles are designed to shut down if they overheat due to the risk of damage. If your Xbox One is overheating you may have a power issue or one of these other issues:

  1. Dust in vents – this can cause your console to overheat.
  2. A defective power supply – this can cause your console to overheat.
  3. A defective cooling fan – this can cause your console to overheat.
  4. Bad thermal paste – this can also cause your console to overheat.
  5. Defective hard drive- this can also cause your console to overheat.

I hope you were able to solve your Xbox Series x overheating problem and that the temperature has cooled down after reading the directions above.

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