Rift Leveling Guide – How to Move Your Character From Level 1 to Level 50 Quickly

Rift Leveling Guide

Use this Rift leveling guide to start off running and fully enjoy your gameplay in the Rift.

The point in Rift, as in any other MMO, is that you start a character at level 1, and subsequently level it up to the maximum. In Rift, the highest level possible is 50. In this rift leveling guide, I will be sharing the fastest way to get to level 50.

As a prerequisite for leveling quickly, you must have a Rift leveling guide. This guide will point out the ways to do most of your rift leveling during the leveling sessions and cut out all those wasted trips to the auction house. It organizes your quests for you so that you can get the most out of your time and increase your leveling speed. Nothing is more painful than wandering for minutes to get to a town to buy a poison that only prolongs your death. Such guides save you time and increase your leveling speed.

There Are 8 Rift Leveling Guides For You

Complete Quests

Doing quests is an integral part of leveling in any MMO. The Rift is no exception. Keep in mind that the quests are designed to help you gain levels. They give you experience, money, and items. They aren’t always completed every time you run into them, but given enough time, you usually end up completing more than one quest in the same spot. All quests have a paper trail or reward you once you’ve completed them. They also provide increasing rewards as you move through the lower levels. They’re a great way to increase your cash flow as well.

-Regularly Check Your Quest Log

Doing quests keeps your quest log filled. Failing a quest means you might have to replay that quest. A good Rift leveling guide will include all of the quests you should do up to the point where you’re done with the area. This makes it easy to find the quests you need to do next while minimizing the time you waste looking for them.

-Get As Many Weapons As Possible

Your first weapons are cheap compared to your future needs. I suggest keeping a good supply of armor and weapons, at least at the beginning. You will be able to purchase full sets of both at the lower levels. Don’t settle for anything less. Having weapons helps prevent a situation where you die because you lack the experience to tackle an obstacle. Soon enough, you will feel much better about using your magic.

-Flee From Rivals When You Can

R Rivals are very similar to Flash Quests. You get a quest, and then you have to kill a certain number of mobs. If you’re a decent gamer, you should be able to get through this quest flawlessly. Chances are, you will get a few kills and could have avoided all the trouble. When you can, get away from R Rivals.

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-Get plenty of rest.

During the latter part of the game, you will get more rest than you might expect. If you use it throughout the game, you will be able to reduce the amount of time you spend traveling. It is a good idea to always use rest when you know you could die at any moment. Shortcuts become important at this point in the game.

-Be Efficient With Your Rest

If you always use your rest, you are doing yourself a great favor. At least one quest at a time means you can accumulate a bit of experience without having to wander around.

-Guides For Quests

Most leveling guides offer detailed instructions for every quest. The information is usually located on the specific quest page, or it can be found throughout the Rift forums. Take the time to check out the various guides on offer before you choose one. Make note of the requirements for the quests and see if you have them. Many guides offer ways of completing the quest that is more efficient.

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-Keep a Good Walkthrough For Your Quests

Most quests are the same. Make sure you know every step of the way because it can get tricky to do quests sometimes. The quests are usually very straightforward, and the only difference between them is the level at which they are set.

The Rift Leveling Guide I use covers just about every scenario you can imagine. I hope it helps you in the long run, so you can hit level 50 with as few problems as possible.

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