The Crafting Professions Apart from the Gathering Skills in World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft has two kinds of professions – Gathering professions and Crafting professions. Gathering professions do not involve the profession that you have and should not be confused with it. Examples of gathering professions are Herbalism, Skinning, and Mining. Crafting professions on the other hand do involve the Appropriate skill that you have and are always activated by it. An example of this would be Alchemy and Herbalism or Inscription, two totally different but equivalent skills.

The Gathering Professions

The Gathering professions are all about acquiring the items needed to be used by the Crafting professions. Examples of items that can be gathered include:

· Herbalism Plants that can be found in every region of the game.· Skinning automotive parts found in all kinds of regions, also found in every region.· Mining Researches mineral ores, usually mineral ores like mithril, gold, silver, and copper ores.

The Crafting Professions

To create items with the two harvesting professions you will need to get the items from the Auction House and then get them to a crafting profession that lets you cast on it. The two kinds of professions here are:Primary professions, that work on elements that recharge your mana, etc.Secondary professions, that don’t recharge your mana and more permanent attributes.

The Gathering

To get the items for your crafting profession you can get them as gifts or from drops, just like gathering for the primary professions. Here are the ways to find gathering items:

You can get all kind of plant material through Herbalism.· You can get all kind of metallic ores through Mining.· You can get all kinds of inscriptions from the Enchanter profession.

To make things with the crafting professions you will need to get the two of them. Here are the ways to find the gathering professions and the ways to get the materials that you will need:


The computer will provide you with different types of ores for you to smelt into other items. For example, you can get ore from mining or you can mine the ores yourself. See the World of Warcraft for full list of ores.


The World of Warcraft also has another gathering skill known as Herbalism. Herbalism is great for adding additional attributes to your equipment. All you have to do is to have the Herbalism profession. Here are the ways to find herbs:

You can get herbs from all kinds of plants. You can get that from the wild, or you can get it from the Auction House. You can also get it from the fishing profession. Look for catchable fish.· You can also get it from the skinning profession. You can get the hides or leathers from the enemies you kill.· Get the vials from Alchemy professors.

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The third profession to know about in the World of Warcraft is skinning, and it’s a valuable money-earning profession as well. You can get leather from the dead creatures that you kill and then sell the leather on the Auction House.

These examples mentioned are good for getting the primary materials, although there are many other ways to gather the items i.e. leveling up your character faster, etc. If you choose Herbalism/Mining, Herbalism/Skinning or Mining/Skinning, you can gather many things and make money, i.e. If you choose the first profession and choose Herbalism, you can gather herbs, ore, leather, and even create potions, etc., and if you choose Skinning, you can skin animals and even earn a living from it.

Wrapping Up | Warcraft Profession

Why these professions are better than the other professional methods known only to the high-level players is that you can get what you need at the lowest level possible, i.e. You can get the highest level of goods and use them to buy things when needed, instead of having to wait for advanced levels, or waiting for advanced levels to buy what you need. Professionalism, i.e. staying up all night, working, will get to your benefits, in the long run, and it is how to get to the goodies in the game like the armor, weapons, and mounts, etc., instead of just wasting your time.

Use your common sense and think if it is time to level up your professions before or after finishing your leveling routine.

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