What is fclk Frequency? Everything You Need To Know


The Fclk setting is the frequency at which the CPU is running at. The Fclk setting can affect the CPU’s performance in different ways. For example, if an Fclk setting is low, then the CPU might be running at a lower clock frequency.

The higher the Fclk frequency, the more instructions per second your processor can perform. This will result in better performance and faster speeds when running applications and games.

The AMD Ryzen 3000 series of processors have an Fclk frequency of 3200 MHz, while the Ryzen 5000 series has an Fclk frequency of 4000 MHz and AMD Ryzen 7 3000 series has an Fclk frequency of 3600 MHz.

For seamless, high-powered, and unbeatable performance Modern processors consist of interconnected components like CPU, cache, or a memory controller to enhance performance. The whole system is linked to Infinity Fabric. To put things into context we must first understand exactly what Infinity Fabric is.

Infinity Fabric Clock

Infinity Fabric is Also known by its abbreviation IF. it is an architectural system that is responsible for the control and transmission of data by the components of processors.

Infinity Fabric Infinity Fabric is a communication bus and can be controlled through the Infinity Fabric Clock or FCLK the clock speed that dictates its operating performance.

The connection architecture is used in all current AMD microarchitectures from 2017 and not only in processors since it’s also utilized in GPUs.

In simple terms, Infinity Fabric is the “technology” (although it’s an entire structure) to connect various internal parts of the AMD processor, which includes the iGPU when you have one and its memory controller, cache, USB controller, and networks cards.

How to alter your Infinity Cloth Timer on Your Computer

The option to change this setting is available on motherboards that have the AMD X570 chip and it’s as simple to do as entering the BIOS, and then the Overclocking or Advanced Options section (this is different based upon the model and manufacturer) and looking at it to select the FCLK Frequency setting.

If you experience any instability it is recommended to reduce the FCLK or restore it to the default settings. An effective way to test whether the system you are using is in good condition, and if it’s worth increasing this number is to run an Aida64 onboard memory test before and following the changes.

How do I modify FCLK frequency?

FCLK Frequency is set by hand to a particular value by using BIOS settings. The procedure for setting FCLK Frequency is as the following:

  • Start the BIOS process: When your system is starting, press the “delete” button to open BIOS settings. The key is different for every system.
  • After entering BIOS then go to the following menus for setting Clock Frequency Manual mode.

Advanced Advanced CBS > NBIO Debug Options > XFR Enhancement> Manual

As a default, it’s changed to “Automatic” therefore the options for setting the frequency values aren’t accessible. If you changed the option above to “Manual” you can change the CPU frequency settings.

The next step is to determine your FCLK Frequency. Follow the steps below:

Advanced -> CBS -> NBIO Debug Options -> XFR Enhancement -> FCLK Frequency

You can enter the preferred frequency manually. Be aware that the values are in Hexadecimal.

The FCLK Frequency is equivalent to RAM frequency.

In this article from OpenGenus, You must be familiar with the whole concept of FCLK: Infinity Fabric Clock.

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Does FCLK influence the speed of RAM and performance?

The fundamental reason for the speed increase in RAM’s performance lies in the frequency of data transfer. With FCLK it is now possible to increase the speed of RAM. easy and helps to adjust specific parameters, such as voltages and timings that allow processors to run at higher speeds.

Therefore, FCLK has an impact on the speed of RAM. However, altering the frequency of the clock could impact the warranty of the product stability, stability, security performance, and longevity of the processor.

Are there other clocks inside AMD Ryzen processors other than FCLK?

  • UCLK: This is the frequency that the UMC or Unified Memory Controller operates.
  • MCLK: This is both the external and internal memory clock.
  • LCLK: It is the Link Clock at which the I/O Hub controller is in contact with the chip.
  • CCLK: The core clock is the time at which the CPU core as well as the cache work It is the frequency advertised.

How do I determine the FCLK frequency connected to UCLK or MCLK frequency?

FCLK as well MCLK

The optimal ratio between the frequency of both FCLK as well as MCLK within Ryzen is 1:1 for improved performance. It is suggested to run RAM with a frequency that its Infinity Fabric can keep up. Synchronization issues can hinder your performance on the processor and it is recommended to maintain the timings in a more precise manner.


For Ryzen 3000 processors, the Infinity Fabric Clock and the Memory Controller Clock (UCLK) must be in a 1:1 ratio to the system to provide the highest performance. In Ryzen 3000 processors, the FCLK, as well as the UCLK, can be automatically set in a 1:1 ratio whenever the frequency exceeds 3733 MHz.

If the speed is not in time, for example, the FCLK frequency of 4000 MHz and 3733 MHz UCLK, or in reverse, the ratio is changed to 2:1, which results in a latency penalty and performance degradation. Maintaining the frequency within a 1:1 proportion extends the longevity of the processing.

What is the FCLK Frequency be?

It is crucial to understand that even though FCLK can be operated at any speed, it does not mean you’ll use the highest speed because it could result in de-syncing and decrease overall performance.

AMD has advised users of DDR4-3600 to run FCLK with a speed of 1800 MHz to ensure maximum performance. In essence, FCLK should be at least half the RAM Clock’s speed to get better performance.

FCLK, UCLK, and MEMCLK are synced together, therefore, it is essential that they sync correctly, and in particular that the 1:1 ratio be maintained to ensure optimal performance.

Do you need to consider increasing the FCLK regularity?

Yes, but also no but the decision is entirely on the individual user, as the process of overclocking comes with certain expenses. Ryzen CPUs are famous to deliver the highest performance when RAM is running synchronously using The Infinity Fabric Clock and the Memory Controller or the UCLK. However, raising the FCLK frequency can result in a desynchronization in latency in RAM, and can cause issues in the form of blue screens.

Can Ryzen 5000 CPUs Reach 2000MHz FCLK?

Yes, it can attain a frequency of 2000MHz FCLK. However, other CPUs such as Ryzen 5 5600X can’t hit 2000MHz, while it can reach 1800-1800MHz for FCLK.

What do you think are those “Best” options for the Ryzen Infinity Fabric memory?

If you are using DDR4 3600 memory, the ideal settings are 1800 MHz memory and 1800 FCLK of an MHz. This is true for all CPUs, since there are CPUs that can’t achieve 1900 FCLK as well, and there are fewer people who’d like to increase the SoC voltage to find out whether it’s able to hit the 1900MHz mark or not. A 1:1 ratio of the most powerful FCLK and the speed of the memory is considered to be the ideal option to make use of.

What is the best RAM Frequency for Ryzen 5000?

To get the best performance and efficiency out of Ryzen 5000 processors and DDR4-4000 RAM, set the FCLK frequency to 2000MHz in a ratio of 1:1 between the Infinity Fabric Clock and Memory Clock.

While it’s not recommended to alter your FCLK to set it to a high speed. There are plenty of AMD fans who increase the frequency of the FCLK frequency to achieve the most efficient performance.

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