What is Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File?

samsung accessory service

Samsung Accessory Service is an app that provides a stable connection to various Samsung accessories like Samsung Gears by giving them an environment that is stable for networking.

Samsung Accessory Service is an app that lets you update the Samsung Accessory App and transfer media files from your phone to your Galaxy device. The service provides a stable connection to various Samsung accessories.

The service can be accessed through the Settings app on your Galaxy device or by downloading the Samsung Accessory Service directly from the Google Play Store, which would also allow you to update the app and force stop it when necessary.

Typically, the application is running in the background and is not detected, and is not causing any issues or errors.

The application is 100% operational and can be used at any time without having to worry about battery drain or security issues.

Through this Samsung Accessory Service, you are able to use a variety of features by connecting accessories on your mobile device and creating a stable environment for them to use within.

Its service is compatible with a number of different connectivity environments, and it makes it easier and faster your process for integrating accessories with your mobile gadget by using manager applications.

Samsung Accessory Service



Samsung Accessory Service provides the following options to accessories as well as a mobile device.

  • Connection and sending/receiving data
  • Transfer of files

Permissions required

The following permissions are required for the app to function.

  • The app requires storage permission to allow transferring media files to the accessory device.
  • If the version of your operating system is not higher than Android 6.0 Please install the latest version of the software and configure the app permissions.
  • The previously granted permissions are reset in the Apps menu on your device’s settings after a software update.
  • When you download or transfer this application onto external storage the application may not work in a proper manner.

Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File Please Wait | What is it

The “Transferring file Please wait” notification started to become an issue following a recent update; it’s common to get the notification on Galaxy devices like S7, S8, S9, and so on.

Remember that there are times when receiving this notification is not an issue. As stated previously the app transmits and receives information, and some users have received this message immediately after the end of the call.

If your watch is connected to the device, the app will record the history of calls on it.


To resolve the pop-up problem, uninstall and re-install the Galaxy Wearable app or update the app if a new version is available.

If you do not use the Galaxy wearable application, you could uninstall it in order to remove the pop-up problem as soon as you can.

In the event that re-installing and/or updating Samsung Accessory Service does not fix the issue, you may turn off notifications regarding the services via the settings for notifications or apps.

To fix the pop-up error, deinstall and install the Galaxy Wearable app or update the app if a new version is available.

Samsung Accessory Service



What exactly does Samsung accessory service do?

Samsung Accessory Service is an application for Samsung Android mobile phones that lets devices connect to accessories like Samsung Gears by providing them with a secure network environment.

Is Samsung Accessory Service consuming my battery’s capacity?

Following the update, users have expressed concern about the issue of draining battery and the majority of them were One Plus users.

To resolve the draining battery issues, deactivate the battery optimization on all Galaxy Wear apps and gadgets (plugins). The battery optimization is identified as closing and restarting the apps, which drains the battery.

If the app advises users to not deactivate battery optimization because it can affect the battery’s performance be sure to ignore it since activating it will make the battery drain more.

How to Uninstall Samsung Accessory Service?

This Samsung accessory device, on the other hand, is crucial in connecting the Samsung Android gadget and any other device of any type.

If, however, you do in no way use Samsung equipment, it’s acceptable to turn off the feature.

is Samsung Accessory Service Necessary for My Device?

If you are using any accessories such as for instance, the Samsung watches, then you’ll have for you to install and download this application.

It is equipped with many options that make syncing and other tasks easier for users.

In the event that you decide to uninstall it and then reinstall it, you might have issues in synchronizing with fitness apps.

If you don’t have any accessories This application isn’t required and you are able to easily remove this app from your gadget.

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