use xbox 360 controller on xbox one

The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is the most popular controller for the Xbox One console. It is a great controller that has been redesigned and updated to be better than ever. It has a sleek black design, an improved wireless range, and Bluetooth technology.

This article will show you the method of connecting your Xbox 360 controller to your Windows 10 PC and streaming your Xbox One games to the Xbox app on Windows 10.

It’s possible to use an Xbox 360 controller on Xbox one One console by following the steps below.

Steps to Use Xbox 360 Controller on Xbox One

Step 1: Connect your Xbox One to your desktop or laptop. (If you already have it connected, then skip step 2.)

It is necessary to connect the Xbox One directly to your Windows 10 computer and set up the Xbox streaming application. There are three options for connecting your Xbox One to your computer.

  1. Using an HDMI cable (which requires an HDMI input port on your computer)
  2. With the help of a USB capture card
  3. By Wi-Fi and ethernet connection

We recommend using the third method. To connect your console to Wi-Fi, download and install the Xbox application on your computer. After it’s downloaded, sign in to your Xbox account and then turn on the Xbox One. Click “Connection” on the left-hand side of the icons. The two consoles should now be connected.

Important: Make sure your Xbox One and computer are connected to the same network.

Step 2: Connect the Xbox 360 controller to your computer.

Attach the controller via the USB port on the computer. If you own a wireless Xbox 360 controller, you can connect its wireless receiver to the computer. Some users may be required to download the drivers and then install them before connecting to a wireless controller. If you’re one of those, then you should learn more about using the Wireless Xbox 360 Controller on your PC.

Step 3: Click on the “stream” button.

Click to stream. It’s the option on the upper right of the screen, just below an icon that looks like dots and has two wireless signals on each side. The Xbox One will stream to your computer. Now you can play your Xbox One with the Xbox 360 controller connected to your computer. You can watch the game on your Xbox One on your TV or computer display.

How to Link Your Xbox One Controller to a PC

If you own a USB cable to connect your controller, connect the cable into a USB slot on your computer. It will automatically be registered as a usable USB controller.

Xbox One controllers can use the technology called Xbox Wireless. Certain Windows PCs come with the Xbox Wireless adapter already included, but it’s easy to find one on Amazon if your device doesn’t.

Select “Add Bluetooth or other device.”

Go to Everything Else Xbox Wireless Controller

Select Done

Your PC needs an update to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to connect to your Xbox One controller using Bluetooth. There are details about the upgrade to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on your computer through the official Windows blog.

Switch off your Xbox One controller.

Hold and press the button for at least 3 seconds.

On your computer, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices.

Check that Bluetooth is enabled, and then look at your Xbox controller. It will be marked “Xbox Wireless Controller.”

Choose Pair


Does it need to be a wired controller? Could it be a charger?

As far as I know, the Xbox One controller must be a wired controller because the Xbox One controller sensors work only with Xbox One controllers.

What is the best way to use two controllers for multiplayer purposes?

If you own an Xbox 360 controller and an Xbox One controller, Connect your Xbox 360 controller to the computer and then connect your Xbox One controller to your Xbox One console to play split-screen games with your partner. (The controller that is connected first is considered to be the “player 1.”)


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