[Fixed] What Is Com.google.android.trichromelibrary?

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If you’re seeking the significance of com.google.android.trichromelibrary, it’s presumably because this app package displays a downloading update notice and freezes throughout the update process.

The Android package file of the Trichrome Library, which is a component of the Google Chrome browser app that enables Android apps to show web pages and online content within apps, is com.google.android.trichromelibrary.

In this post, we’ll go through Trichrome Library, Android System WebView, why it gets stuck, and how to fix the freezing issue.

What is Android WebView?

Android WebView is a pre-installed system component that is in charge of showing web pages inside apps. If you’ve ever accessed a website link from an app like Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that the page does not load in your normal browser.

What is Trichrome?

Prior to the release of Android 10, the Google Chrome app used the Android System WebView to show web content inside apps. However, with the release of Android 10, the Android WebView was replaced with the Trichrome Library.

Trichrome consumes fewer resources while displaying web pages, decreases page download data, and has a reduced installation footprint with fewer issues. Google engineers have the following to say about Trichrome:

“In Q+, Chrome is no longer utilized as a WebView implementation. We’ve adopted a new model for sharing common code between Chrome and WebView (called “Trichrome”), which provides the same benefits of reduced download and install sizes while including fewer weird special cases and bugs.

The Trichrome Library app’s package file is com.google.android.trichromelibrary, and it includes the Trichrome APK file, which is the installation file for Android devices, as well as the Trichrome app’s data files.

Android apps have a unique package name that is used to identify the app in the Google Play Store as well as on users’ devices. The package file includes the app’s APK file and data folder.

How to Fix the com.google.android.trichromelibrary Downloading Issue

Stopping com.google.android.trichromelibrary when updating is a well-known issue; the downloading bar in the notification panel freezes and does not disappear until you fix the issue. 

You may follow one of the options listed below, and hopefully, it won’t happen again.

1. Restart your Device

Most of the time, restarting the device resolves app freezing and downloading difficulties. If an app is stuck downloading, rebooting the device terminates the process and frees up memory.

Hold the power button for a few seconds and then tap on the Restart/Reboot option to restart your device. The downloading notice should presumably disappear after the device restarts.

2. Clear Trichrome Library App Cache

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Tap the Ellipsis symbol (the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner).
  • Tap Show system apps.
  • The Trichrome Library may be found in the list by tapping on it.
  • Tap the storage button.
  • Tap “Clear Cache.”
  • Tap the “Clear Data” button.

3. Delete the Google Play Store App Cache

If you don’t want to download the app from a website like APK Mirror, there is a workaround that will allow you to successfully download com.google.android.trichromelibrary.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Tap “Apps.”
  • Locate and launch the “Google Play Store.”
  • Open “Storage,” then tap “Clear cache.”

4. Uninstall the Previous Update

The most recent app update may possibly be producing similar problems. If you see these issues after downloading a new update for the app, you must uninstall the update and restore it to the prior version of the app.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Tap on Apps > Show system apps > Ellipsis icon (3 vertical dots) in the upper right corner > Trichrome Library.
  • Uninstall Updates should be selected.”

5. Download the Trichrome Library

Sideloading is the process of installing apps on Android by utilizing APK files. The official Trichrome Library APK download may be found in any third-party app store. However, be sure you get the APK from a reputable source.

You may fix the download problem by manually installing the APK file, also known as the Sideloading Trichrome Library.

Crashing Issue Caused By Android WebView

After a new update to Android WebView was published in March 2021, dozens of users began complaining about crashing apps like Gmail, Facebook, and Amazon. To resolve the issue, Google urged users to update their Android System WebView and Chrome browsers.

To update Android WebView and Chrome, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Look up “Android System WebView” or “Chrome.”
  • Tap the “Update” button.

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Is it possible to uninstall com.google.android.trichromelibrary?

The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) program or the System App Remover application may be used to uninstall com.google.android.trichromelibrary.

However, if you uninstall it, you will no longer be able to access websites within apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, and others. You must use a browser to see these websites.

Is com.google.android.trichromelibrary a secure app?

Com.google.android.trichromelibrary is secure and, as previously said, it is a package of key Google Android software. Some people believe it is a virus, but we promise you that it is not.

What permissions is com.google.android.trichromelibrary looking for?

On your device, com.google.android.trichromelibrary has the following permissions:

  • Full network access
  • View network connections

Final Thoughts

The com.google.android.trichromelibrary is a pre-installed system app on Android that allows apps on the device to open a web page without having to open a web browser.

Users have reported that com.google.android.trichromelibrary has stopped downloading. Typically, com.google.android.trichromelibrary was replaced by the Android system’s web view on all Android phones running Android 10 or later.

The app is absolutely secure and will not do any damage to your device. Don’t forget to check out our ABOUT section for more Android knowledge tips.

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