how to text someone who blocked you

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Android and iPhone Apps

I’m not sure why people think that blocking someone on their phone means that they have no way to contact that person. It’s really easy to text someone who has blocked you, as long as you have their number. In this blog post, I’ll be showing you 3 ways to text someone who has blocked you.

Before proceeding to the next step, make sure you check first if you’ve been prevented by the system from sending a message.

  • If on your phone, you continue to receive “Message not delivered” or receive no notice whatsoever that the message was delivered, the number might be blocked. If you attempt to call the number but are unable to reach them, this is the confirmation you require.
  • If you are on social networking and it appears that your messages are not being received and you are unable to access the person’s profile, then you’ve been blocked.

Once you’ve verified that you’re blocked, let’s look at the ways you can work around texting someone you blocked using Android or iPhone apps.

How to Text Someone Who’s Blocked You

Just follow these steps to contact someone blocking you from using your phone number:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Find the SpoofCard app on the Play Store and download it.
  • Open the app, and then select SpoofText from the navigation page.
  • Click on the newly spouted text.
  • You must enter the phone number of the person you would like to contact in the text box.
  • The app can grant access to your contacts on your phone to assist you in selecting a phone number.
  • Input your message and then send it to the recipient.
  • It’s done! Enjoy it now!!

You can also text the person using any anonymous texting service that allows you to text anyone on the internet. A few of the most well-known anonymous texting options include:

Simply visit the site and enter the phone number you want to send a text message to, then write the message, and then click the “send” button.

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How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on the iPhone’s imessages

There is a way to message an individual who blocks you from iPhone iMessage. All you have to do is change the number of the caller. For changing your contact ID

  • Click on Settings on your iPhone.
  • Open messages
  • Hit “Send and Receive”
  • Next, search for the number that you can reach through iMessage and click it.
  • Simply click “Add an email” and enter a brand new email address.
  • Make sure you verify the email address as soon as you are able to.
  • Then, click “Start Conversations From”. Conversations From ‘, and then select that brand new email address you just verified.

The trick is that the iMessage to this number will be delivered because only the old email address was blocked, not the one that was verified.

How to Text Someone Who’s Blocked You on WhatsApp

There are two different ways to tackle this issue.

  • Remove and then reactivate the WhatsApp account to text an individual who blocked your number on WhatsApp. it is necessary to delete your account. You must keep track of the information on your account as it will erase most of the settings that you have created. Within your settings tab, you’ll be capable of deleting your account under the account tab. accounts section. Open WhatsApp and configure it as you normally would. You should now be able to contact anyone since you’ve deleted your account.
  • A mutual friend to join groups and then add the person who is a mutual friend can set up groups on WhatsApp and add you as well as the person who blocked you from messaging them on WhatsApp. This way, you will be able to send messages to the person within the group. If you have made prior arrangements, the group’s creator could quit the group so you two can communicate or receive texts.

FAQ – 

Can you block someone from calling but not texting?

Blocking a number of a person stops you from getting texts or phone calls from that individual. If you want to receive text messages as well as phone calls again, you’ll need to remove the block.

How do you send a private text message via iPhone?

There are, of course, numerous websites that allow you to send anonymous text messages on any phone or personal computer.

Send Anonymous SMS can be one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use web-based services. It requires an Internet connection and your text message must be no more than 145 characters for you to be able to access this website.

This means that you’ll be able to send text messages anonymously using your iPhone.

Can you * 67 texts?

Any number you dial makes use of *67, or the local one won’t be able to dial your number. Be aware that this is only to make phone calls, not text messages.

Can I send a text message without showing my number?

Yes, there is a way to send a text message without showing your phone number. When you send the text message, simply input the receiver’s phone number and omit the area code.

How do I find messages that are blocked on iPhone?

You won’t get their messages after you block an individual on the iPhone, in contrast to Android phones. iPhones don’t have a dedicated folder to store messages from blocked and spam users.

Can I text someone who blocked me?

If you are an Android user who has blocked your access, Lavelle states that ” your text messages will be delivered as normal but they will not be delivered directly to an Android person.” This is exactly the same as with an iPhone, however, with no “deliverednotifications (or absence of them) to let you know.

How can you contact an individual who is blocking your communications?

To reach someone who has blocked your number, cover your caller ID in your phone’s settings to ensure that your phone does not block your call. You can also dial *67 prior to the number of the person so that your number appears “private” (or “unknown” when they call them.

Can you call someone with * 67 if they blocked you?

Alternately, you can stop the caller ID from being disclosed by entering the appropriate code for your particular country. For instance, dial the number 141 on the UK landline, or *67 for the US. You can now call the blocked iPhone and it’ll ring as normal as it doesn’t know that you’re the person who is blocked.

Can you send an anonymous text?

Google Play and the iOS App Store also offer a wide range of apps that can send anonymous texts. These consist of Text Me, Text Free, TextNow, and textiles. Typically, you can text and receive messages via a number that the app assigns to you.

What to do if someone blocks you?

How to Respond If someone blocks you

  1. Do not stalk their social media profiles.
  2. Focus on yourself.
  3. Do not contact them immediately.
  4. Do: Focus on the future.


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