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If you’re an avid Discord user, you’ve probably come across a MEE6 bot. MEE6 is a free Discord Bot that can do a lot of things for you, from moderating your server to playing music in the background. If you’re looking to get some more commands, MEE6 has a list of commands that they can do.

This blog post is going to go through some of the commands that MEE6 has, and how they can help you. MEE6 is a free Discord Bot that can do a lot of things for you, from moderating your server to playing music in the background. If you’re looking to get some more commands, MEE6 has a list of commands.

What’s MEE6 bot?

Discord is our favorite game chat app. Discord is a great chat tool for gamers who want to chat with other players in multiplayer games. Discord was originally created for games, but it has since been integrated into other applications that allow voice and text chat.

Discord Server management is an important task, especially when you have a large group and limited staff to manage the data. Discord bots are a great solution. These are tiny AI programs that can be used to automate certain tasks on your server.

Bots can be used to automate tasks such as giveaways or polls.

MEE6 is a popular Discord Bot that can perform many tasks, including moderation, leveling up, making announcements, playing music, and other things.

How do I set up MEE6 in Discord?

It’s as simple as following its commands to set up MEE6. You will need to ensure that you are the administrator of the Discord server where you want to add MEE6 and then visit its settings official webpage. Sign in using your Discord credentials by clicking the login button at the top right corner.

After logging in, click “Add to Discord.” The rest of the process will be explained. After confirming, you can choose the permissions you wish to grant MEE6. The commands below will allow you to verify that it is active.

Commands for Moderator MEE6 Bot

The MEE6 Bot can be used to protect your server against spam, abusive content, excessive use of emojis, and other threats. Here is a complete list of all MEE6 Moderator Commands.

#MEE6 CommandDescription
1!banTo ban a user from the Discord Server
2!tempbanTo temporarily ban a user from Discord Server
3!clearTo delete channel’s message based on specific rules
4!infractionsTo display a user’s infractions
5!kickTo kick a user from the Discord Server
6!muteTo mute a user on the Discord Server
7!tempmuteTo temporarily mute a user on the Discord Server
8!role-infoTo get info about a specific role
9!server-infoTo get info about the current Discord Server
10!slowmodeTo enable or disable slowmode in a channel
11!unbanTo unban a user from Discord Server
12!unmuteTo unmute a user on the Discord Server
13!user-infoTo get info about a specific user
14!warnTo warn a user

You can also use the MEE6 bot to manage and play your music playlist using its visual music player. You can play, pause, and search for songs, play next, rewind or rewind a song; as well as loop the songs in a playlist. 

You can get your music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and Soundcloud. Vote to vote for the song you like best or share a music quiz with your friends. These are the MEE6 Bot Music Commands.

#MEE6 CommandDescription
1!playTo start playing a song from the queue
2!stopTo stop/pause the current song
3!searchTo search for a song
4!recordTo record the current conversation in the voice channel
5!stop-recordingTo stop recording and get the link to the audio file
6!seekTo jump to a specific time in the song
7!volumeTo increase or decrease the volume up to 200%
8!addTo add a song to the queue
9!queueTo list out all the songs in the queue
10!clear-queueTo remove all the songs from the queue
11!skipTo skip the next song in the queue
12!vote-skipTo start a vote to skip the next song in the queue
13!joinTo make the MEE6 Bot join your voice channel
14!leaveTo make the MEE6 Bot leave your voice channel
15!start-quizTo start a music quiz with your friends in Discord
16!stop-quizTo stop the music quiz

Before you start, is the prefix for all MEE6 commands. (exclamation point) This prefix is required for MEE6 to read command messages. The option to modify the prefix is available as a premium feature. This is unlike other bots. If you’re already a premium user, go to the Settings section and change the prefix.

Best MEE6 Commands

If you don’t have a premium subscription, you can still rely on the default prefix. You can use “/” (slash), as prefixes for all bots. Let’s now get to the moderation commands most people use MEE6 for.

1. Moderation Commands

  • @username: This is used to ban unruly members from your Discord server.
  • tempban @username Duration This command is used to temporarily ban members from Discord servers for a specified period.
  • @username This command temporarily mutes a member of your Discord server.
  • warn @username This command is used to warn users. A reason can be added to the warning message. If you use the leveling system, a series of warnings can lower the user’s ranking.
  • ! Infractions @username This command allows you to see all infractions that have occurred in the past for any member. You will see details such as warnings, bans, and mute.
  • !clear-all-infractions @username – This command can be used to remove all infractions of a specific member.
  • @username — This command is used to kick an individual member of your Discord server.

2. Music Commands

These are some music commands you might enjoy. If you are interested, we have previously covered it music commands for Discord.

1 !play [URL] or [song name] to start playing the song, !resume to resume, !queue to start to a queue, !add [URL] or [Song name] to add to queue, !clear-queue to clean the queue, !skip to skip to next song and !previous to go back to the last song.

These are commands you can use.

  • To change the track’s position,!seek [position] To play the current song, you can use !seek 1m25s. m stands for a minute while is for seconds.
  • Join to add an automated voice channel bot. When you switch voice channels, bots will follow you and not require you to change the channel every time. To stop the bot from following you, you can use !leave.
  • This might be useful if you have many people using the server.
  • ! Start-quiz is a feature that many people don’t know about. This will start a music-based quiz on your channel. To stop the quiz, use the MEE6 command!

3. Temporary Channel Commands

MEE6 offers the option to create a temporary channel called Hubs. This will automatically be enabled, but admins can disable it via the MEE6 dashboard. To access this feature, you must be a premium MEE6 subscriber.

  • Voice-claim – To claim ownership of the temporary channel.
  • ! Voice-clean to remove all in-active temporary voice channels.
  • ! To find out who owns each voice channel, visit Voice-owner.
  • !voice-limit [number] to limit users to a specific number.
  • Voice-transfer @username to transfer ownership from the first user to the second user.

4. Birthday Commands

  • @username This command allows you to see the birthday of a specific user.
  • ! remember–birthday [date] This command allows you to add your birthday. Dates must be written in YYYYMM-DD or MM/DD format.
  • Forget-Your-Birthday This command can be used to remove your birthday.
  • @username This command allows you to add the birthday of any member.
  • !Next-birthday Displays the birthdays of the next 10 Discord members.

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5. Levels Commands

The level feature is completely automated, but there are very few commands that can be used to help users check their stats.

  • to access the leaderboards for your server.
  • to find your bank details.
  • To see the rank details for the specified user, use @username
  • An administrator can use !give-xp@username or !remove–xp@username, to add or remove points that affect the rank of the user on the server. It is, however, a premium feature.

6. Search Commands

MEE6 provides search commands that allow you to search directly through Discord. There are options such as ?anime [search] for searching for anime, and!manga[search] for searching for manga, and even Pokémon, if you’re a fan.

There are many more Discord MEE6 commands you can use, which will make it even more useful and even fun.

  • You can also try !imgur Dogecoin.
  • The embedded video will be displayed.
  • Search Twitch streams using Discord.

7. Message Commands

These commands control Discord messages.

  • Clear [1-1000] to delete X number of messages.
  • If time is set at 10 seconds, users must wait 10 seconds before they can send another message. It is useful to manage spam.


What is the command for MEE6 level?

Discord’s best MEE6 commands

!levelsCheck out the leaderboard for your server
!muteYou can mutes users on your Discord server
!next-birthdayDisplays the 10 upcoming birthdays on your server
!play URLAllows users to listen to music via URL addresses such as YouTube

How much XP is MEE6?

You’ll earn between 15-25XP per minute if you send at least one message per minute.

What is the highest MEE6 level?

But I do know that 1,768,802 is the highest level. If you send a message every minute, it would take 935 trillion years.

How do I enable commands in MEE6?

Quick Start Guide: Use the MEE6 bot to play music on discord.

  1. Click on Plugins, then click on Music.
  2. This function should be turned on by default. 
  3. In your discord server, join a voice channel.
  4. Type! 
  5. Type! 
  6. MEE6 will return a listing of results. Type the number of the song you want to add to the playlist.
  7. Type!

Does MEE6 have warn command?

warn @username is used to warn users. To explain why the user was warned, you can add a reason at the end. If you use the leveling system, which is also supported by MEE6, multiple warnings can lower users’ rankings.

Who created MEE6?

Meet Anis (also known as Cookie), the Head Developer at MEE6. His life was transformed by the birth of his bot, which became a full-time job. We will be looking deeper into the man behind this bot today.


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