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Qlink APN Hack – QLink APN Setup

Do you want to know how to configure your QLink device to use the internet and MMS service? Don’t worry, read on to learn more about the QLink APN settings here. Before we go on, do you know the meaning of QLink Wireless? Don’t worry, just be patient with me and I’ll explain everything in depth. Let’s begin by discussing the topic.

QLink Wireless

As a result, Qlink Wireless is one of the most well-known SIM companies in the United States. It is home to more than 3 million users in the US alone. As with every mobile device supported by any carrier service, we must set up the APN settings in a way that makes us capable of using the Internet or MMS service.

In the following sections, we’ll take an in-depth look at the steps to take and the settings we require to be used to browse effectively.

What is the APN that is used for QLink Wireless?

Access Point Names, also known as Access Point Names, are thus the configurations that point towards the provider/access specifiers that provide access to the Internet and MMS services from carriers. It serves as a gateway between 2G, 3G, GSM services and the internet.

The correct APN settings allow you to use the 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE service effectively. Therefore, without further ado, let’s look at QLink Wireless APN. QLink Wireless APN.

QLink Wireless APN

In this article’s setup section, we’ll review the most effective setups, configurations, and QLink wireless APNs that will enable you to use internet services at great speeds.

Additionally, you should take note that QLink APNs are compatible with a variety of devices, including the Samsung Galaxy series, iPhones, and Windows phones in general. So, we’ll be seeing the most effective APN configurations one at a time.

How do I set the APN in QLINK WIRELESS on Android?

APN – Access Point Name is the name used to describe an access point between the GSM, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G VoLTE, or 5G mobile phone networks and another network for computers often using the Internet. A mobile device making a data connection should be configured using an APN that will be displayed to the service provider.

For faster internet on Android 2023, Qlink Wireless High-Speed APN/Internet/Hotspot Settings for faster internet. These settings work on all Android devices (i.e., Modem, Samsung, Xiaomi MI, Realme, Nokia, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Google Pixel, LG. Vivo, Oppo, One Plus, etc.).

QLINK Wireless automatic Access Point names for the internet with high speeds. To configure or set up QLINK Wireless APN on Android, visit

  • Settings
  • Mobile Network
  • Access Point Name
  • Add Access Point
  • Then follow the next instructions.

With the newly created access point name, fill in the banks in accordance with the table below (APN Fields). Simply fill in the bold fields only, and leave the other fields empty.

ProxyNot set
PortNot set
UsernameNot set
PasswordsNot set
ServerNot set
MMS proxyNot set
MMS portNot set
Authentication typeNot set/None
*APN typedefault,supl
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN enable/disableAPN enabled
MVNO typeNone
Mobile virtual network operator typeNone
Mobile virtual network operator valueNot set

Qlink Wireless APN Settings for iPhone

Here’s what you have to do:

  • The first step is to turn off the data connection on your iPhone.
  • After that, go to Settings.
  • After that, you can go through “Cellular Network” > “Cellular Data Network”.
  • Enter the numbers in the form below.
MMSCKeep Blank
MMS ProxyKeep Blank
MMS Max Size for Messages1048576
MMS UA Prof URLhttp://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf
  • Now, thus saving the new iOS APN Settings.
  • After that, you need to restart your iPhone in order to make use of the new internet configuration.
  • Then, switch on your data connectivity.
  • Enjoy!

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QLink Wireless APN Settings for Windows Phone | Qlink APNn Hack iPhone

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, go to Network & Wireless.
  • So, go for cellular and SIM.
  • Then, in the Settings section, select “Add Internet APN” in the Settings section “Add Internet APN” option this way.
  • Then, you will need to enter the APN information in the table below.
Profile NameQLink (Thus use this)
APNqlink (Thus use this)
UsernameN/A (Thus use this)
PasswordN/A (Thus use this)
Type Of Sign In InfoKeep Blank (Thus use this)
IP TypeIPv4 (Thus use this)
Proxy ServerKeep Blank (Thus use this)
Proxy PortKeep Blank (Thus use this)
MMSC– (Thus use this)
MMSC Port– (Thus use this)
Maximum MMS Size2048 (Thus use this)
  • Next, check this option: Use this APN for LTE & thus replace the one from my phone.
  • After that, then, navigate to Properties and click “Add MMS.”
  • After that, you can add the MMS settings that you have previously added.
  • Save the updated QLink Mobile Internet setting.
  • You will also have to reboot your Windows phone.
  • That’s it!! You have now successfully set up the APN setting.

Frequently Asked Questions (Qlink APN Hack)

Can I hack QLink Unlimited Data?

It is true that QLink Unlimited data is able to be compromised simply because the data is accessible to any person who dials the number of a different customer. 

The reason for this is that QLink does not require any kind of password for login and does not have adequate security. With QLink, users’ data accessible here could be easily accessed and stolen by anyone. Numerous users have complained to the CEO and founder of QLink, Issa Asad.

Yet, despite many complaints, QLink has not taken any action regarding this issue. Anyone could easily access phone numbers. It makes it easy for detectives, stalkers, or spouses who are abusive to profit from this situation by gathering personal information from the customers who use QLink. This is why QLink is not considered to be secure.

Is it true? QLink offers unlimited data with no contract?

Absolutely, QLink gives unlimited information to qualified Americans without contracts or checks, and without hidden charges, etc.

Does it mean that my phone will function on the newest 4G LTE and 5G networks?

Naturally, QLink might have changed their networks to four LTE/5G, but this does not mean that 4G is gone. Therefore, based on your current model of phone and physical area, your SIM card will be connected to the newer network. You don’t need to do anything. It will connect in a matter of seconds.

Do I have to keep my number on this network that has been upgraded?

Of course, you can keep your QLink number network because QLink would not like to lose customers in this manner. So, to be sure that you’re able to make use of the QLink number, you need to install the upgraded SIM card onto your phone. After that, you need to put it on hold in order to enable the SIM card. Following that, your current phone number will be linked to it.

How much data can QLink offer each day? (Qlink APN Hack)

It gives 3GB of data to all customers at no charge. If the client wants to increase their data, then they can buy an extra data package.



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