Transform the Way You Use Your iPhone with these Secret Tricks

iPhone hacks

If you’ve been using your iPhone for some time now, you already know Apple’s iOS is a user-friendly mobile OS. However, there are plenty of secret hacks and features under the hood waiting to be discovered by users. For instance, did you know you can launch applications by tapping the back of your iPhone? Or can you drop files and photos between apps? Continue reading about other hidden tricks that will make you an iOS pro user.

Shift the keypad left or right

Typing with one thumb can be fun and make texting quicker. The default iOS keypad offers a right- or left-leaning option. Hold your finger on the emoji or globe icon at the keypad’s bottom, and tap on the right or left keyboard option in the pop-up. Choose your preference.

Make a GIF or video into a live photo

The latest iPhones boast fantastic image processing abilities and camera superpowers. You can use your phone to capture life moments and transform them into live photos. To create live photos using GIFs or videos, click

Drag and drop pictures or files between applications

Save a lot of time throughout the day using your phone by using the drag and drop ability to transfer files and photos between iPhone applications. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly import a video or an image from the webpages or your photos, or even PDFs from your files and drop them into an application like Messages or Notes.

Tap and hold the file you wish to move, and then move the file toward the bottom or top of the display. While holding the file, you need to swipe up from the screen’s bottom and, with another finger, open the app you wish to drag the file or image into.

Using this feature on your first try might not be easy, but you will get the hang of it.

Hide the private photos

Do you hand over your phone to your friends or family because you want to show them videos or photos? But what do you do if your photo collection includes images you would not like anybody to see? Thankfully, the iPhone makes it easier to hide your personal pictures from view. When you are inside Photos, select one or more pictures and tap on the Share Button. Then, select Hide. When you get the confirmation message, you will know your sensitive pictures are hidden from all the locations in your library. If you want to see those pictures, you can find them in the Hidden folder.

Text replacements

Are there things you need to type over and over again? You can save time by creating text replacements. Head to Settings and tap General. Then, tap Keyboard and select the Text Replacement option. It would be best if you tapped the plus icon, entered a phrase, and then a shortcut. Whenever you type the shortcut in the future, the entire phrase will come to life on the text preview of your keyboard, and you can tap on it.

Sign documents

Printers and scanners are rarely used in homes because phones have become technologically advanced to handle such tasks. You can use your iPhone to scan and sign documents without any fuss. You can take a screenshot and tap the thumbnail. Click the plus sign on the lower right of your screen and click on Signature. You can sign on the screen, and once finished, tap Done. You need to drag the signature onto the document in the screenshot. After placing the signature, you can resize it and send the document.

Use Siri to share whatever is on your phone’s screen

Thanks to iOS 15, users can enjoy advanced sharing abilities by utilizing Siri. You no longer have to press the share button to share files or pictures because Siri can share whatever is on your phone’s screen. The feature allows users to send and share things quickly with a contact.

To use this feature, say Hey Siri, share this with…. (contact name), and that’s it!

Personalize iOS Control Center

Customizing the Control Center can make your life easier. You can add all your favorite widgets to the Control Center to access them with a simple swipe down, even when your phone is locked. Go to Settings to personalize Control Center applications and tap Control Center. You need to scroll to the More Controls section and choose to add any controls that will come in handy.

Final thoughts

These iPhone hacks will improve your life and make it easier. You will become an iOS pro and use your phone to its fullest potential. The more you play around with the features of your phone, you’ll come across more hidden secrets that you didn’t know existed. So, get started!

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