If You Block a Number Can they Still Text You? – (Best Guide)

if you block a number can they still text you

If You Block a Number Can they still text you? Everything You Need To Know

Let’s face it; telemarketing, spammers, and annoying numbers are all part of life. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the calls you don’t want to receive. Blocking phone numbers is just one of those ways.

Are you wondering if you block a number can they still text you? In this article, we’ll discuss what it means to block a number, what kinds of things a blocked number won’t be able to do, and the best way to permanently stop receiving texts from a certain number.

The number you’ve blocked would not be able to text you through the network of your carrier. They could, however, still text you using third-party programs and applications where phone numbers are used.

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To understand this issue in a little more detail, let’s look at what blocking actually does to a certain number.

What will happen after you block a number on your iPhone?

Blocked FaceTime calls ring forever.

If someone you’ve blocked wants to FaceTime you on your phone, it will ring and you will not receive a response. It’s not your fault, and you’ll not even be aware that they’re calling.

This will continue until the person blocking the calls is done and ceases to make calls.

Blocked text messages disappear.

If someone has blocked you from messaging you, their messages don’t go anywhere. They will not receive any notice of their blocking, but their messages appear to be delivered. However, you won’t get any messages, and you won’t be able to respond.

Blocked phone calls go straight to voicemail.

If someone you’ve blocked contacts you, they’ll be redirected straight to your voicemail as if your phone had been switched off. This is the only evidence that you’ve blocked them.

The blocked caller is able to leave a voicemail message, but it won’t be displayed alongside your normal messages. Instead, scroll to the bottom of the voicemail screen and click the Blocked messages option.

Can You Text or Call a Blocked Number?

You can still text messages to a specific number even after having blocked them. Blocking works in one way. It’s that simple. If you block a person in this way, you will not receive texts or be notified when they contact you.

But, you are able to transmit a message to them, and they’ll receive it. You can also contact them, and they’ll be informed that you tried to call their number.

Texting them via WhatsApp:

Texting on WhatsApp operates differently. In contrast to text messages where your message is easily sent to blocked contacts, WhatsApp will ask you to deblock the contact prior to sending messages to them.

This means that WhatsApp isn’t the most popular option for sending a text message to or blocking a contact. A lot of people prefer to WhatsApp an individual in lieu of sending them a text message. This is because WhatsApp will notify you if the message was delivered or read.

In the case of blocking contacts, you’ll be required to call them at the number to share a message. WhatsApp will prompt you to allow them to access your account.


How can I text someone who has blocked me?

You are still able to call and text messages to the blocked number in the same way as you would normally. The recipient will be notified of all of your text messages and phone calls, but they will be unable to call or message you. The block does not have dual directions; it’s only one way.

One of the fastest methods to contact someone who has blocked you is sending a message via SMS. They will get the SMS messages. You may copy and paste the content into your usual text messaging program and send it to their phone number or the person in your contact list who banned you. This is a trustworthy strategy.

How is a Blocked Number Still Texting Me?

There is no way to make a number remove the restrictions by itself. In reality, the number won’t even realize that you’ve done the blocking. They are able to communicate with you using a different mode of communication.

Even if you’ve blocked someone from your phone, they’re capable of texting you. This could be due to the fact that they’ve been using an alternative messaging app.

There are many messaging applications that users are using to replace texting or SMS. There are instances where people make use of this method to avoid the usual usage of text or SMS messaging.

It’s likely that you’ve tried at the very least one (1) of them, but some of the most commonly used apps are:

  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype

There are many other third-party messaging, calling, and messaging applications available, but these are only the best and most popular ones.

If the person you’re blocking is using an iPhone, is iMessaging a possibility to be blocked if you block the phone number? Does iMessage’s service get exempt when a phone number is blocked?

Final Words | If You Block a Phone Can they Still Text You

That’s all there is to it! If you ever wonder, “if you block a number can they still text you?” you know where to look. To be clear, this applies to all mobile devices, not just iPhones.

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