How to Easily Fix Broken Computer Screen

fix broken computer screen

How to Fix a Broken Computer Screen

How often does your laptop or desktop get damaged? If you don’t take care of them properly, they might break down before their time. And even though you’ve bought a new one, you’ll probably want to replace it sooner rather than later.

The life span of a laptop or desktop depends on its usage. For example, laptops usually last around 3 years, whereas desktops can last up to 7 years. This means that if you use your laptop/desktop regularly, then you should invest in a good quality replacement.

You can repair your laptop or desktop using common household items. In this guide, I show you how to fix broken computer screen without spending too much money.

Signs of computer screen damage.

In some instances, it’s obvious that you must buy a new monitor. You might have a lot of cracks or issues regarding the construction of the laptop screen or computer monitor, which could make it obvious that your display has caused problems and it’s not due to anything else.

It is most likely to happen when a computer is damaged or dropped. If that happens, you need to know right away if this is the issue you’ll encounter.

There are a few not-so-obvious signs that you may be experiencing problems with your screen. It is also difficult to determine if there’s an issue that causes similar symptoms or the possibility that it is possible that a screen repair job will get your laptop or screen working in the future.


This is why swelling has become a frequent issue on the latest devices. Swelling can be one of the most reliable indications that your screen may require repair. It usually occurs due to any kind of physical force or even changes in weather.

If you’ve been moving from extreme cold to hot temperatures, swelling could be the result of the drastic shift in temperature.

You’ll be able to tell if a display isn’t working properly if there’s any physical damage to the device. However, it could be not showing the image in any way, or having discoloration, irregular pixelization, or resolution problems, or even issues with backlighting.


There’s a fundamental difference between a cracked or damaged computer screen and a “defective” one. A broken screen is one that physically displays evidence of damage, whereas an unrepaired screen could have other issues, such as flashing or not responding.

A broken screen can have several different issues. It could be noticeable and show cracks or chips. However, there could be other indicators, like black splotches, which indicate the screen has split from the casing.

Most of the time, it is an outcome of a significant impact, but it could happen if the lid is opened incorrectly. Laptops of the past had locks which helped users avoid damaging their screens. However, the newer models don’t have what companies want for a more modern appearance.

How to Fix a Physically Cracked or Broken Laptop Screen

To start your repair, you’ll require some basic tools as well as an LCD screen replacement. To use tools, I would suggest an assortment of screwdrivers that include several smaller bits, like a Phillips #00 as well as a Torx T5. It’s also an excellent idea to carry a few blades made of metal or plastic. They are great for removing the trim around the screen.

If you want to replace the LCD, it is possible to purchase one through an authorized dealer for laptop parts or a third-party retailer. The screen you choose to use will vary. It’s usually between $50-$250 (more when it’s a premium display or an OEM replacement). However, you’ll want to purchase a new screen that is identical to the broken one precisely. The only way to accomplish this is to take off the damaged one.

How to Fix Broken Laptop Screen

1. Take off the screen bezel.

After disconnecting the power source and removing the battery, carefully inspect the bezel that surrounds the screen. To get to the screws that hold the LCD panel in place, you have to take off the bezel.

A number of rubber cushions conceal screws that keep the bezel in place in this notebook.These cushions, as well as the screws beneath them, must be removed.

After removing the screws, use a thin blade of metal to cut off one of the corners on the bottom and then move to get around the bezel using the help of a plastic spudger.

NOTE: Your laptop may not be equipped with a cushion or concealed screws. The bezel can be simply snapped onto the lid, or be secured by double-sided tape. Simply modify my directions to suit your laptop.

Whatever method you choose to do it, you’ll have to take off the entire bezel.

2. Take out the broken LCD panel.

When the mounting brackets for the LCD are visible, you can easily remove the screws that hold them to its lid. Place the display face-down on the case, and then disconnect the cable.

If the laptop you have was built before 2010 and has an LCD that has fluorescent backlights, you’ll likely get two cables. Since it is an LCD with LED backlights, there is only one cable.

Then, look for the label from the manufacturer and write down your model number. Based on this information, you’ll be able to purchase the exact screen that matches the screen that is broken.

3. Install the new LCD panel.

When your new screen arrives, remove it from the packaging and check that it’s the same as the old one.

A cracked LCD panel (left) and a new replacement (right). Bill Detwiler/TechRepublic

When the measurements, mounting brackets, and connectors match, then you’re all set to mount the screen. Connect the new screen with the cables, place it inside the lid, then secure it with screws of the correct size.

4. Test the new LCD panel and reinstall the bezel

Before you reattach the bezel It’s a good idea that you test your new bezel. Connect the battery and power cable, and then switch on the machine. If the display is working, it is possible to reattach the bezel, as well as any screws that are external or rubber cushions. The repairs are now completed.

As far as fixes go, it’s not too difficult, but it will require some perseverance and planning in order to ensure you have the correct replacement screen.

Option 2 is to find a computer repair shop.

Contrary to what you think, hiring repairmen doesn’t need to be a huge expense. While it might cost more than fixing the screen by yourself, however, there are a variety of companies that will give you a top-quality repair that won’t cost excessively. The problem is finding the right person in your local area who has the skills to repair the model you have in mind.

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Can you fix a punched monitor?

The best option is to disassemble the monitor and then replace the LCD before reassembling it. If you’re lucky, perhaps you have purchased a warranty on it, and you can send it back for replacement.

How easy is it to replace a laptop screen?

Most laptop screens are relatively simple to replace, so long as you follow the directions provided and employ the right tools.

Is it the screen that’s the real problem?

It could appear that your monitor is the primary issue when this happens, but there may be a larger issue with your graphics card, other hardware, or even your software. The most effective method to determine this is to connect the laptop via the external monitor.

If all is like it’s on an external monitor, then it is a problem with the laptop’s display, and not your motherboard or any other hardware. If you’re experiencing similar issues externally, you might have to bring your laptop to a repair shop to get it back to normal.

Furthermore, If you’re tech-savvy and have the right tools, you might be able to reconnect an unreconnected video cable. However, it is recommended to find an expert.

What can I do with a broken laptop?

Use the power of your broken laptop by salvaging the hard drive to use as an external hard drive and selling the other components that are still functional. If the display works, you can make it a stand-alone monitor. If you decide to get rid of your laptop, perform a factory reset to erase all of your personal data.

How much does it cost to replace a broken laptop screen?

The repair of your screen could cost you at least $200. It is possible to get a new screen that you can replace by yourself, for less than $100. Before you make any repairs, think about switching to a brand new laptop.

Can you fix a broken computer screen?

At-home screen replacement or repair. A lot of damaged screens don’t require the services of a specialist, particularly in the case of no damage on the exterior of your laptop. A damaged screen on a computer screen repair or laptop screen repair can often be accomplished at home. However, an issue that is not working can require more knowledge.

Is it woth repairing a computer monitor?

Most of the time, a broken computer screen on a desktop monitor will not be worth the expense of repairing. The reason is that the expense of repairs is almost always greater than the cost of purchasing a new screen. In the end, an easy repair can end up costing you a significant number of dollars.

Can You fix a LCD screen without replacing it?

The majority of people will decide to buy the latest device after this occurs. However, with the repair of your LCD, it is possible to repair the device and not have to replace it.

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