where is the mic on airpods

Where is the Mic on Airpods?

Are you thinking about getting AirPods but are unsure where is the mic on AirPods? To address your question, yes, AirPods do contain a microphone.

This enables you to make and receive phone calls as well as utilize Siri. Each AirPod additionally has a noise-cancelling microphone situated towards the bottom.

Where is the mic on AirPods?

Two mics are located in the Airpods. One is located at the bottom of the stem and the other is in the middle of the bud. One could even claim that both microphones are built-in. However, the main microphone is more externally positioned in comparison to the internal mic.

The two mics give high-quality sound that is ideal for phone calls, recording voice memos, and even talking to SIRI. The built-in microphone can be used to hear internal sounds or to hear sounds that an external mic might not have picked up.

The two microphones work in tandem in order to eliminate background sounds and concentrate on your voice. This is useful when you are in noisy surroundings and need to hear clearly. If the microphone operates in this manner, it is referred to by the term “noise cancellation.”

If the microphones are able to let you hear background noise and your voice, it’s using transparency modes. When both noise cancellation and transparency mode aren’t being utilized, the noise control of the Airpods is turned off.

Once you have identified the exact location, let’s look into the possible causes for it not working.

Possible reasons for the AirPods’ microphone not working issue.

  • Not fully charged: Another reason could be that your AirPods have run out of battery.
  • Dust particles: may be the result of an accident or following an exciting outing, where dust could build up close to your microphones.
  • Settings: The setting shouldn’t require any explanation. The majority of issues with mobile devices are fixed by making minor changes to the settings.
  • Pairing issue: The reason for this could be caused by slow processing, failing to recognize Bluetooth signals or other signals. Though it’s rarely encountered, it’s quite widespread for wireless devices, particularly when there’s a form of interference.

We are now familiar with possible causes. Here are some methods that you can use to get the system working fine.

What do you do if the AirPods aren’t functioning properly?

1. Be sure that your AirPods are charged to the maximum.

If you find that your AirPods batteries are about to die and they begin to behave oddly, In particular, if AirPods attempt to use the microphone on one earbud but the earbud itself is dead, it could appear as if there’s a major issue. What’s the solution?

The solution is pretty standard. You just need to put them into your charging case and charge your AirPods for a while until they’ve got enough power to function normally. If you are able, you can recharge them for at least 30 minutes before attempting again.

2. The Airpods should be placed in the case, and then try them again.

It’s true. This trick is simple enough to solve the majority of problems that you have with your AirPods. one of the most common of which is an issue in which the mic does not seem to be working.

If your AirPods aren’t working as they should put them back into their charging case (or, in the case of AirPods Max and AirPods Max, it’s the Smart Case) for approximately 30 seconds.

Then, take them out of the case the AirPods and attempt again. It resets the Bluetooth connection to your iPhone and allows everything to go back to normal.

3. Make sure to check the microphone settings

There’s a microphone on both AirPods. And by default, they’re made to select the most suitable earbud. There’s an obscure setting that lets you select which earbud AirPods will always choose.

It’s possible that you’ve switched this off at some point in time and then forgotten about it or been accidentally altered.

To get the best outcomes make sure that the AirPods switch between microphones automatically which will prevent issues for instance, when the battery in any of your AirPods is close to or dead.

  • Insert the AirPods into your ears and connect them to your iPhone. If your AirPods aren’t now linked to your iPhone, this won’t function.
  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Locate your AirPods in the Bluetooth device list.
  • Make sure to tap the microphone and select the left or right AirPod from the options available.
  • Tap to automatically switch AirPods on the Microphone page.

Check that the AirPods aren’t configured to just utilize one microphone in case that one fails.

4. Update the AirPods’ firmware.

Sometimes AirPods run outdated firmware, so they may not work perfectly. You can easily fix it by going to settings > General > About AirPods, and after that, you can examine the latest firmware version.

5. Make sure that the microphone is free of dust.

We’ve eliminated every software issue that could cause your AirPods to malfunction. This means that there are two possibilities: either the microphones have to be cleaned, or they’re not working at all.

Check for the microphone ports located on AirPods as well as on AirPods Pro. They’ll be located on them on the top of the stem, next to your mouth.

If they appear dirty, blocked, or blocked by grime, dirt, lint, or any other foreign object, carefully clean your AirPods and get rid of the dirt. Clean an unwashed cotton swab and clean your microphone with it.

6. Repair Your AirPods or Get a Replacement

If none of these methods resolves the issue, you could have a set of damaged AirPods. Moreso, If you’re in the habit of dropping objects and then end up dropping them repeatedly, you may have damaged the microphones.

7. The AirPods may be damaged. Therefore, you should make contact with Apple support.

If you’ve made it to this point and your AirPods microphones are still refusing to function, the outlook isn’t great that the AirPods might be defective, damaged, or simply in need of replacement or repair. Contact Apple’s customer service and determine if you are suitable to be repaired or replaced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a microphone built into AirPods?

The microphone can be found within every AirPod, which means users can take phone calls and use Siri. The default setting for microphone can be set as “Automatic,” which means that any of your AirPods will function as the microphone.

If you’re using just one AirPod, the other AirPod will act as the microphone. You can also set the Microphone to Always Left or Always Right.

Is the bottom of the AirPod is a microphone?

The second microphone in the AirPods is situated on the top of the stem . It is visible as a small black hole. Yes, it’s an audio microphone. It’s the microphone in the lower part of the screen that is the primary one that listens for your voice.

Why won’t my microphone function with my AirPods?

Go to “Settings” in your iPhone. Choose “Bluetooth.” Below “My Devices,” go to your AirPods and click the “I” information icon followed by “Microphone.” Check that you have the “Automatically Switch AirPods” option turned on.

Is the bottom of the AirPod an AirPod a microphone?

The second microphone in the AirPods is situated at the uppermost part of the stem. It can be clearly seen as a small black hole.

Yes, it’s an audio microphone. It’s the microphone in the lower part of the screen is the main microphone that listens for your voice.

Why isn’t anyone able to listen to me through my AirPods?

If you’re not able to hear your voice using your AirPods, there’s a high possibility that the AirPods mics may be dirty and require cleaning. Spray the q-tips with 70% alcohol and gently scrub the grills on the microphone at the bottom of every AirPod to see if that fixes the issue.

Is There A Mute Button On AirPods?

Unfortunately, AirPods don’t have a physical mute button. So if you need to disable the microphone, for whatever reason, the only option is to turn off the power.

Mute buttons or the lack of one are among the most frequent complaints regarding AirPods on the web. It’s clear the reason why. With such a high-priced device, you’d expect an easy function such as muting phone calls and similar activities could be made possible.

If you’re seeking more information about muting phone calls using AirPods and have just discovered that it’s not available on the device itself, you should do something similar to what I did: make comments to Apple to make sure that this is considered when it comes to future upgrades for the AirPods. It’s easy to do this here.


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