Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission 2022

best phone tracker app without permission

Discover the best phone tracker app without permission to track someone’s cell number, without them knowing.

The apps that track cell phones seem to be a logical solution to questions that are frequently asked, such as “How to track a mobile without their knowledge?

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission 2022

Here are the 7 top mobile phone tracking apps that allow you to monitor an individual without their consent.

1. uMobix – Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

uMobix is the best phone tracker app without permission. It comes with more GPS tracking features than other spy applications, as well as cost-effective pricing and live phone assistance.

Location tracking for GPS is only one of the many features you can check on the mobile phones of your loved ones or family members, including their current location as well as their location history.

Secretly Tracking an iPhone

The uMobix cellphone tracking app allows you to monitor the user’s iPhone without them knowing. It lets you monitor cell phones without the need to install any software and within a matter of minutes.

iOS devices don’t need physical access in order to download an application for a phone spy app. All you require is the user’s iCloud username and password.

This uMobix tracker app lets you track more social media networks than any other application. The list comprises WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, as well as Tinder.

Secretly Tracking an Android

uMobix for Android is a robust monitoring application that doesn’t require rooting the phone. As with all Android monitoring applications that are available, it does require the installation of applications on the phone to be used.

Although many cell phone tracker applications require you to root your Android prior to accessing social media applications, uMobix does NOT. It gives you access to Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, and much more.

There is no other app that has this ability to connect users of an Android smartphone.


  • Simple installation and reliable operation.
  • Real-time location tracking information
  • Excellent for parental control
  • The top option without jailbreak or root
  • LIVE phone support


  • Accuracy of GPS dependent on target device’s reception
  • Limited social media tracking for iPhones.


uMobix offers three different pricing packages:

  • $11.66/mo for a 1 year subscription
  • $27.99/mo for 3 month subscription
  • $49.99/mo for a 1 month subscription

uMobix is the best way to track someone’s phone without them knowing. It is possible to install it without authorization on either an iPhone or an Android.

2. FlexiSPY – Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

FlexiSPY is one of the most efficient tracking apps for phones. It’s loaded with features that make surveillance of cellphones easy and simple. FlexiSPY lets you monitor the activities on Android as well as iOS mobile phones live, which allows you to monitor the conduct of your loved ones. You can also monitor actions on computers.

The FlexiSPY application is able to be downloaded on any device that you want to target, like the smartphone of your kid. The phone tracker software operates behind the scenes, silently monitoring activity, without drawing attention to the device. The application also comes with an app for mobile devices, which lets you keep on top of phone activity from anywhere.


  • Call recording
  • Social media monitoring
  • Real-time GPS Location Tracker
  • Tracks text message activity
  • Remote camera activation
  • Records call
  • Microphone access


  • Older interface
  • Not as user-friendly as other options.

FlexiSPY comes in 3 different versions, including Extreme, Premium, and Lite. The Extreme software includes a complete range of sophisticated functions, like the ability to intercept calls live. The Premium app has the capability to look up calls, messages, as well as photos. The Lite version only has the basics of capabilities.

3. Hoverwatch – The Best Phone Tracker App with No Permission!

Hoverwatch – Best for superior geolocation features.

In terms of mobile trackers go, it isn’t more standard and useful than Hoverwatch. Like all the other apps in this list, Hoverwatch will begin working when it’s installed. It can monitor every phone’s activity while remaining completely inaccessible to the phone’s owner. The app can monitor up to five devices simultaneously.

The app shines due to its incredible geolocating capabilities. It makes use of WiFi towers and GPS as well as cell towers in order to precisely pinpoint the exact location of the tracked device. Hoverwatch can continue to monitor any phone, even if its owner changes their SIM card. Actually, Hoverwatch will inform you when a SIM card needs to be changed.


  • Monitor Phone Internet history.
  • Automatically snap screenshots in the monitored phone.
  • Online Messenger App tracking.
  • Front camera images are automatically captured each time a phone is not locked.

Review: Hoverwatch is an ideal device for both parental control as well as location tracking. The fact that it uses multiple sources to pinpoint the exact position of the phone that is being tracked is what earned its place in this listing. It also comes with powerful keylogging capabilities as well.

Pricing: The Personal Plan costs $24.95 per month to track one device. Plan costs $9.99/month to track five devices and the Business Plan is $6/month to track up to 25 devices.

Visit Hoverwatch Website >>

4. Minspy – The Best Phone Tracker App with No Permission

Best for live screen monitoring.

Minspy is a great application that works with almost every known iPhone as well as Android devices. You can download it without jailbreak or rooting procedure to remotely access the information on any phone and remain completely hidden. You can track everything using this app, including SMSs, calls GPS location, social media activities, and much more.

The best thing about this application is its live remote access capabilities. It allows you to remotely view the phone’s screen, hear remotely through the phone’s microphone, or activate the phone’s cameras remotely in emergency situations, and close, open, or delete an application.


  • Real-Time Location Tracker.
  • Record voice calls, calls video, and audio using a phone that is targeted.
  • All social platforms are compatible.
  • Complete remote live control.

Evaluation: We believe Minspy is an ideal app for employers and parents who wish to monitor their employees or children, and vice versa. Minspy lets users complete control of the device remotely, thereby monitoring the screen of the device or monitoring the surroundings in real-time.

Price: Basic Plan – $39.99/month, Premium Plan – $9.99/month, Family Plan – $69.99.

Website: Minspy

5. LetMeSpy – Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

The next best phone tracker app without permission on our list is great for those who are Android users and the device you’re looking to track is Android also.

It works in a very stealthy way, which means it does its job quietly in the background and doesn’t tell the users of the targeted device that it’s there.

It’s a good tool for maintaining a watchful eye on children and employees, and it also aids in the tracking of locations in real-time. The best thing about it is that it comes with an easy 3 step installation process.


  • 3-Step installation process.
  • Control of Parental and Employees.
  • Real-time tracking of location.
  • A full-featured subscription for free that tracks up to five messages, calls, and places.

Review:No other phone spy app offers the same level of convenience as LetMeSpy does. It’s simple to download on every Android device and makes tracked information readily available through its own web-based dashboard. We recommend that you try the free version to see whether the app is suitable for your needs or otherwise.

Price: Free Plan available, LMS STD – $6/month, LMS PRO – $12/month

Website: LetMeSpy

6. KidsGuard Pro – Best for Parental Controls

Although KidsGuard Pro offers many of the same features as other phone tracker apps I’m reviewing, it’s targeted at parents who want to keep an eye on their children.

It is my 2nd top phone tracker application and is an ideal solution to keep an eye on your children.

Secretly Track an iPhone

KidsGuard Pro offers the same iPhone monitoring service as other tracker applications on the market. It works by accessing phone users’ data through their iCloud account. This method of installation is possible without the permission of the phone’s owner.

In contrast to other monitoring tools, Kidsguard Pro also offers the option of jailbreaking for iPhones. It allows you to access every chat application on social media on your iPhone, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

The sole reason I’d consider this option is if you have to keep an eye on Snapchat or another social network. In other circumstances, it’s not worth the effort of jailbreaking your iOS device.

Jailbreak for KidsGuard ProKidsGuard pro is currently compatible with iOS 9.0 and iOS 14.

I generally don’t advise jailbreaking an iPhone because it could end the warranty. However, you can get out of this by setting it to factory settings.

Expect to see GPS tracking data be a little delayed since the information in the control panel of your phone is only refreshed when your phone makes an emergency backup.

Secretly Track an Android

KidsGuard Pro app offers the similar monitoring capabilities of uMobix to Android phones.

Access to the device physically is required to install the Android phone tracker application. Once installed , it’s completely concealed.

It is the KidsGuard GPS tracker that updates with the same frequency as other spyware apps I’ve reviewed here. It’s somewhat dependent on connectivity to a cell phone.


  • reliable functionality
  • real-time GPS tracking information
  • great for parental control
  • Jailbreak and non-jailbreak for iPhone/iOS devices
  • live chat support


  • overly strict refund policy
  • requires phone to be on same wifi network as your computer


Android: 1 Month = $29.95/mo, 3 Month = $16.65/mo, and 1 Year = $8.32/mo

iPhone: 1 Month = $39.95/mo, 3 Month = $19.18/mo, and 1 Year = $9.16/mo

7. Spyine

Ideal for simple mobile installation without rooting or jailbreak.

Spyine is widely regarded as being a top name in the mobile spyware application business. Spyine’s spyware technology is installed with ease on Android as well as iPhone devices, without having to jailbreak or root a device. The application begins monitoring the device being targeted and then sends updates at a rapid pace. It is accessible through a web-based browser-based dashboard accessible from anywhere.

The app lets you follow and analyze the targeted phone’s texts as well as social media chats and much more. It also lets you access the call logs of the phone along with the most important details such as the duration of calls as well as frequency and timestamps. The app allows you to draw an area on an electronic map to be alerted immediately when someone is in or out of the zone.


  • Spy on contacts book.
  • Set Up a Geofence.
  • Advanced Stealth mode.
  • Get a summarized report on browser history.

Review: Spyine covers almost all the essential parameters needed to be regarded as the top app to track phones without being aware. From monitoring call logs and messages to assisting in relaying information in real-time to an easy-to-access online dashboard, Spyine is packed with tools that make cell monitoring easy and simple.

Price: Premium – $16.66/month, Basic – $49.99/month, Family – $99.99


8. Spyzie – The Best Phone Tracker App with No Permission

Spyzie is a different, affordable phone tracker that gives precise GPS information about a location that is simple to track.

It is also possible to search for location history and easily track the location of your target mobile in real time. Spyzie also has geo-fencing features.

This app for tracking your cell phone does not require jailbreaking or rooting for access to all the features that are available on Android devices, such as tracking locations. iPhones do not need to be jailbroken. However, you’ll need an Apple ID to access the app’s information.

The app also comes with the best phone monitoring options, including the option of an alert that will notify you when your SIM card is taken off the phone. This happens mainly when the phone is taken or someone is trying to change the phone to another network.

The problem is that Spyzie is also plagued by performance problems and instability.

The app often crashes, particularly if the tracking software attempts to update or when the phone is restarted. The app has no customer support. The only way to ask for assistance is to send an email, which can last at least 48 hours before you receive an answer.


  • geofencing feature
  • SIM card removal alert
  • no root required
  • Cheap
  • Real-time tracking data


  • Not as trustworthy
  • no live tech support


Ultimate Plan 1 Month: $49.99 3 Months: $79.99, or 6-Month: $119.99

Professional Plan 1 month: $39.99 3 Months: $69.99, or 6-Month: $99.99

Basis Plan One month is $29.99 3-Month: $49.99, or 6-Month: $89.99

Spzie’s spy application doesn’t provide anything that separates it from our top three choices. Their tech support was ineffective and the app is quite expensive.

We highly recommend using FlexiSPY or mSpy in lieu.

Click Here to Get Spyzie

9. MSpy – Top Phone Tracker App without Permission

One of the best phone tracking apps, mSpy, uses a GPS location tracker to keep an eye on a person’s phone without them knowing.

It is not necessary to jailbreak Android devices. However, Apple devices require jailbreaking. mSpy displays the location and movements of the targeted device in real time and allows you to search the movement history by specific dates and times.

You can also set geo-fencing rules which permit you to mark zones to be designated as “safe” and “no-go” zones. If the device you want to target moves into or out of one of these zones, you will receive an alert about the incident. You will also be able to see the length of time that the device remains in specific zones.

mSpy also comes with an impressive range of additional monitoring features, such as keylogging, call monitoring, web browser controls, and monitoring of social media. The app is reliable and is a breeze to use, but if you encounter issues, the skilled and friendly staff are available to assist you with any queries.

mSpy doesn’t offer a live chat option for support, but there is a contact number that you can contact at all hours of the day.

MSPy is one of the most expensive options, and the location information can be delayed depending on how the device being tracked is being used.

However, due to the stability of the app, as well as its solid technical support, it’s one of the top options available to track mobile phones for Android as well as iPhone devices.


  • Great GPS tracker and monitoring features
  • Solid parental control features
  • Reliable functionality
  • No rooting or jailbreak required


  • Somewhat expensive
  • location details not slow to update
  • dated features


  • Premium = $16.66 a month for 12 months, $39.99 a month for 3 months, or $69.99 a month for 1 month
  • Basic = $29.99 a month for 1 month

on all Apple iPhones and iOS devices, as well as on all Android devices that run 4.0 or greater, including:

Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nexus/Pixel, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE,

mSpy is close to being the second-placed app, at the second spot in both the Android and iPhone tracking categories. It’s the most reliable and least prone to updates of the ones we’ve tested up to this point.

The primary reason why it was ranked second was the absence of some of the features provided by FlexiSPY. But their technical support is extremely helpful, and their pricing is very reasonable. If you’re not looking for the features that FlexiSPY offers, we suggest the app.

10. Spyier

The best choice option forGeofence alert.

Spyier allows you to track nearly all contemporary iPhones as well as Android devices. It’s especially useful because of its geofencing features. If you’re an adult who is monitoring the location of your child, you’ll be aware the moment a child enters or leaves the area that you’ve created on an e-map. It’s a phone spy app that also allows you to track activity on every social media channel.

It provides a complete user dashboard to see all the information gathered by the application about the phone being targeted. There’s more data than you’ll ever need about messages and call logs. You’ll know precisely when the phone calls occurred, the duration of these calls, as well as what kind of calls they were, all on an online dashboard.


  • Monitor your phone in total stealth mode.
  • Track browser history.
  • Track sim card.
  • 3 Step installation process.

Review:We recommend Spyier to parents solely for its geofencing capabilities. Furthermore, it comes with one of the most effective online dashboards for accessing the information gathered from a monitored telephone. Spyier is also simple to install and is reasonably priced makes Spyier absolutely worth the effort.

Pricing: Premium Price: Premium $9.99/month Basic Price: $39.99/month Family $ $69.99/month

Website: Spyier


How Can You Figure out Somebody’s Location Without Them Knowing?

Nowadays, all phones have GPS. This allows you to monitor the location of the smartphone user as long as they don’t turn off their mobile.

You can use either location sharing on the device that you are targeting or utilize the phone spy app. You can choose any of the tracker applications we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

This will allow you to know where the device’s user is at all times , without the user being aware.

Can I Use Google Maps or Apple Maps to Track a Phone?

The iPhone as well as Android devices let you track your phone with software for maps and using the Google Find My Device app.

It is easy to track a phone using Google Maps, but the Google Find My Device application does need permission to do this.

In addition, Apple Maps also permits you to track your phone. However, as with all other apps, you’ll need permission to track a phone.

How can I find someone’s location using their cell phone number?

With the help of an effective phone tracking application, it is simple to track someone’s cellphone number without being aware of it. These apps for spying are helpful applications that function in a discreet manner on the phone they are installed on. The apps work in the background in total stealth mode, recording the location of the phone and transmitting it to you at the moment of need.

How do I track someone on Google Maps without them knowing?

To track someone in Google Maps, the location-sharing feature of the target phone must be turned on. You need to have a tracking link from the targeted phone at some point for it to be tracked.

To Track via Google Maps:

  • You can open Google Maps on your phone.
  • Tap on your profile image and choose ‘Location sharing’.
  • Locate the name of the individual you wish to follow and then select it.
  • If their location tracking is enabled on the map, you will be informed of their current whereabouts.

Is there a free app to spy on someone’s phone?

Answer: Yes, there are apps that allow you to track the number of a cell phone without their knowledge for free. There are also premium applications that provide users a free service with limitations on options. Even though the apps work, we still suggest using an authentic spyware application that is reasonably priced, as many free applications have a few dangerous features that could harm your device.

How Can I Locate Somebody Using Their Phone Number?

It’s easy to keep track of someone with their number without their knowledge.

All you have to do is create the most of a smartphone tracker application, and the most appealing aspect of these apps is that they work in the background, which means that you’re going to be able to track the exact location of your phone without even becoming aware.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes, it is essential to track the target phone and remain up to date with what the person using the phone is doing. Maybe you’re a parent and are looking to ensure the children you have are following what they say they’re doing when leaving the home.

You might be an employer, and you’re trying to ensure that your employees are performing the tasks they claim they’re doing during company time.

No matter what the reasons, any of the apps for tracking phones that we’ve mentioned above are extremely useful in helping you track the phone you want to track, and the best thing is that you don’t require permission to accomplish this.

Get the most benefit from the best phone tracker app without permission options available today.

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