How much does a 40, 50, 60, 70-inch TV weigh?

60 tv weight

TVs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and, with them, come various weights. So how much does a 60-inch TV weigh? It all depends on the model and make. The weight of the television is among the most important factors people consider while buying a TV.

The weight might not be a factor once you’ve put the TV in place. However, it’s important to know the weight before you take it home or to know how easy it is to move. Televisions today weigh extremely little compared to those of the past. This is because the majority of them are made of plastic and some have metallic parts, which add weight.

When shopping online, the television’s weight won’t be a factor since they provide free shipping. Because the TVs have become lighter and more compact, the stand won’t need to support them. The case is the same as wall mounts, too. They are designed to accommodate the size of the TV but not the weight of the TV. Yet the weight of the TV is important for a lot of people. Therefore, we will talk about the weight range and how much a 50, 60, or 70-inch TV weigh.

How much does a 50, 60, 70-inch TV weigh?

How much does a 70-inch TV weigh?

People who need big televisions typically purchase 70-inch televisions. They are available in two categories, i.e., LED, LED, as well as UHD 4K. Wall mounts come with the capacity to support as much as 200 pounds. The weight of an 80-inch television is higher than the other categories mentioned above. For instance, the 70-inch Samsung LED Smart TV weighs 54.5 pounds, while its VIZIO 70-inch Smart 4K UHD weighs 56.9 pounds. However, it is still sufficient that two people can move it around, and wall mounts can handle the weight easily.

How much does a 60-inch TV weigh?

There aren’t many options for the 60-inch range. One of the models that fall into this category is the LG UHD TV, which weighs 42.8 pounds. It is very lightweight as its wall mount can hold up to 100lbs. The model is being removed from the market. It is because most manufacturers are focused on 55-inch and 65- to 70-inch models. It can be concluded that if you’re looking to purchase a TV in this class, it’s going to be between the 42 and 45-pound mark.

How much does a 55-inch TV weigh?

There isn’t much of a difference in weight between a fifty-inch and a 55-inch model. However, the 55-inch models are heavier when compared to the 50-inch models. For example, Insignia’s Insignia 55″ 4K UHD TV weighs 29.3 pounds, which is similar to the 50-inch model. The mounts that are designed for 55-inch televisions can hold between 125 and 175 pounds. Today’s televisions aren’t hefty enough to cause problems.

It is recommended to buy the Samsung 55-inch Smart LED TV if are looking for an LED TV of that size since it weighs 38.1 pounds. However, this Magnolia outdoor 55-inch television weighs in at 47lbs. In conclusion, it is possible to estimate that a 55-inch TV could weigh anywhere from 25 pounds for a LED TV up to 100 pounds for an older plasma.

How much does a 50-inch TV weigh?

Nowadays, flat-screen TVs in larger sizes are readily available for purchase at reasonable prices. In addition to the cost, the weight has come down considerably. In the past, the weight of their television was between 80 and 100 pounds. Past, production of plasma televisions was stopped in 2016, but there are still some available. They consume a lot of energy, which is why UHD televisions with 4K resolution and LEDs are becoming more well-known.

The wall mounts that are suitable for 50-inch TVs can hold up to 125 pounds in the majority of cases. This is plenty for this size TV, even after adding an older plasma. For example, that VIZIO 50″ LED Smart TV weighs only 28.2 pounds. This UHD 4K TV, the Samsung 50-inch 4K UHD Smart TV, weighs around 29.3 pounds. Its Outdoor Magnolia 49-inch LED is slightly more on the heavy end with a weight of 69 pounds. To conclude. You can find 50-inch televisions with a weight of around 25 lbs for a brand-new TV with LED technology or UHD 4K TVs that weigh up to 100 lbs in the case of an older plasma.

How much does a 32-inch TV weigh?

TVs with 32-inch screens typically have flat LED screens. There are some normal ones, while some can be smart televisions. You can purchase the TVs for indoor and outdoor use. Plasma TVs, which used to be heavier, are not being used in production. The wall mount that is used for 32-inch TVs can handle between 100 to 200 pounds. The TV doesn’t weigh this much, however. Televisions in this category weigh only a tiny amount. For example, this particular Westinghouse 32″ LED stand weighs only 9.4 pounds.

Other outdoor TVs may be a bit heavier. For example, the SunBrite TV 32″ Outdoor TV stands at 45 pounds. It is made up of different materials since it is weatherproof. In the end, 32-inch televisions range from extremely lightweight at 8 or 9 pounds, to robust outdoor models that weigh 45 pounds.

60 TV Weight


Transporting a TV

These tips will assist you in transporting your TV from one location to another without causing damage.

  • Ask for help from a third person to help carry the television around.
  • Find out what size TV can fit into cars of various dimensions. For instance, a 43-inch TV can fit well into a mid-sized vehicle, whereas you’ll require an SUV with a large size for 60-inch TVs.
  • Maintain the TV in a straight position all the time since the screens are delicate and could be damaged if not. This is why the majority of manufacturers suggest upright transport.
  • For flat-screen TVs, look into removing the wall mounting option or base, as it facilitates transport.
  • Wrap the four corners in foam, then cover the entire TV with stretchy plastic. This is particularly helpful if you don’t have the original packaging.

TV wall mount weight and size

These tips will assist you in choosing the proper wall mount for your TV, based on the weight of your TV.

  • Examine the wall mount’s box for the size of the screen and the maximum weight it can handle and choose the wall mount accordingly.
  • Televisions should be mounted only with less than 40lbs of weight on the drywall.
  • Utilize the wall mount with a single stud for televisions that don’t exceed the weight limit of 80lbs.
  • Make sure that the height of the mount from the center of the TV to the wall is in line with the dimensions of the television.
  • Make use of a wall mounting kit from the maker of your TV when you can.

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People Also Ask

How Much does a TV Weigh in KG?

The typical LED-LCD TV weighs about 28.4 kg, including the stand. The weight of the television without the stand is about 12.9 kg. The typical size of a plasma TV weighs 16 kilograms.

  • The weight of your television determines the ideal spot to keep your television.
  • The technology used in the production of televisions is a major factor in its weight. television in addition to the dimensions. When the size grows its weight on the television will increase in proportion. In the same way, plasma TVs are heavier than TVs with LEDs.
  • Televisions with flat screens are lighter, but their screen sizes are considerably vast.
  • Weight of the television is a major factor in the selection of the mount for the set and the kind of studs or mounts you choose to use.
Television ModelScreen SizeWeight
LG LG42PN4500 (Plasma)42 inches18.4kg
Panasonic TC-L50E60 (LED-LCD)50 inches17.5kg
Samsung PN60F8500 (Plasma)60 inches29.2kg
Sharp LC90LE745U (LED-LCD)90 inches64 kg
Sony X750H (LED)55 inches24.4kg
TCL 32S321 (LED)32 inches4.5kg
Vizio D60F3 (LED)60 inches19.9kg

How Much Does a TV Weigh in Grams?

On average, a LED TV weighs about 28400 grams when it is mounted on a stand. The television weighs about 12,900 grams with no stand. For a plasma television that is the standard size television weighs close to 16,000 grams.

How Much Does a 42-inch TV Weigh?

Its weight for a 42-inch television is different from one brand to the next. It is also dependent on it is a television is an LCD or plasma TV.

The weight of a 42 ” television weighs around 21, lbs(9.5 kg) without stand and twenty lbs(9 kg) without stand. The TVs that size fall in the category of lightweight.

It’s worth noting that a few producers offer their TVs with a slightly bigger size in 43 inches.

Television ModelScreen SizeWeight (Pounds)(kg) Weight (kg)
Samsung UN43MU6300FXZA (LED)42.5”21.29.6
Sony Bravia FW43BZ35F (LCD)43”31.814.4
TCL 43S425 (LED)43”16.57.5
LG LG42LF5600 LG LG42”20.9 (with stand) 20.3 (without stand)20.9 (with stand) 20.3 (without stand)

How Much Does a 50-Inch TV Weigh?

The weight of a 50-inch LED TV ranges from 28 and 55lbs (13 to 25 kilograms). A LED-LCD TV that is this large weighs less than a similar size of a plasma TV.

A TV’s weight 50-inch television is dependent on the brand and the equipment used in the production of it.

Television ModelScreen SizeWeight (Pounds)(kg) Weight (kg)
Sony KDL50EX645 (LED)50”3515.8
TCL 50S425 (LED)50”23.610.7
Samsung LH50BETHLGFXGO (LED)50”35.316.0
Sceptre X505BV-FSR50”24.911.3
Hisense 50H8G (ULED)50”28.713.0
LG 50LA6900 (LED)50”3817.28

How Much Does a 55-Inch TV Weigh?

An average 55-inch TV weighs 36.4 lbs (16.5 kg). Based on the technology used in the design of the TV and the manufacturer, the weight of a 55-inch TV.

TV Model Screen Size Weight (Pounds) Weight (kg
TCL 55S425 - LED 55'' 27.1 12.2
Toshiba TF55A810U21 LED 55'' 33.1 15.0
Sony XBR55X900F (LED) 55'' 42.1 19
Samsung QN55Q80TAFXZA (QLED) 55'' 59.4 26.9
Hisense 55H8G (ULED) 55'' 33.1 15.0
LG OLED55B9PUA - OLED 55'' 44 19.9

How Much Does a TV Weigh?

With the stand, a TV weighs 32.4 pounds (14.6 kilogram). A TV without the stand weighs in at 28.4 lbs (12.9 kilogram). This is the average TV size of 46 ‘.

The average size of a plasma television is 43 inches. The stand and the television together weigh in at 35.3 lbs (16kg). The television’s size increases and so does its weight.

  • The technology used to manufacture a TV will affect its weight. Plasma TVs weigh more than LCD and LED TVs.
  • You can use the weight of your TV to determine the best place for it and what mount to buy.
  • Even though it may have a large display, a flat-screen TV is usually light in weight. A 60-inch TV, for example, weighs in at around 75 lbs (34 kilograms).
  • The best picture quality does not necessarily come from a lightweight TV.
TV ModelScreen Size 
LG LG42PN4500, (Plasma).42 inches40.6 pounds
Panasonic TC-L50E60 (LED-LCD)50 inches38.6 pounds
Samsung PN60F8500 (Plasma)60 inches64.4 pounds
Sharp LC90LE745U LED-LCD90 inches141.1 pounds
Sony X750H (LED)55 inches53.9 pounds
TCL 32S321 – LED32 inches9.9 pounds
Vizio D60F3 (LED)60 inches44 pounds

How Much Does a TV Weigh in lbs?

The average LED-LCD TV is 32.4 lbs in weight with its stand. Its stand weighs in at 14.6 lbs. With the stand, the average size plasma TV is 35.3 lbs.

  • The mount type and quality will depend on the TV’s weight. Single-stud mounts work best for TVs less than 80 pounds.
  • The TV’s weight will determine the best surface to mount it. A lightweight TV that weighs less than 40 pounds is better for drywall mounting.
  • When you are trying to transport heavyweight TVs, it is a good idea to get help.
  • Apart from its size, technology and design are key factors in determining the TV’s weight.

What does a 65-inch TV weigh?

The 65-inch TV's weight varies from one manufacturer to the next, depending on the technology used in manufacturing. An LED TV with a stand will weigh in at 55 pounds (24.9 kg) and 51 pounds (23.1 kg), respectively.

TV Model Screen Size Weight (Pounds) Weight (kg
Samsung UN65MU6290FXZA (LED) 65'' 56.7 (with stand)51.8 (without stand) 25.7(with stand)23.5(without stand)
Sony XBR65X850F (LED) 65'' 58.4 (with stand)56.4 (without stand) 26.4(with stand)25.5(without stand)
TCL 65S525 - LED 65'' 59.9 27.1
LG 65SM8600PUA LED 65'' 56.9 25.8
Hisense 65R8F (ULED) 65'' 66.9 30.3

What Does an 80-inch TV Weight?

An 80-inch TV weighs on average 120 pounds (54.4 kg).The weight of TVs with different sizes will vary depending on their manufacturer and the technology they use. A plasma TV with an 80-inch screen will weigh more than an LED or LED-LCD TV.It is worth noting, however, that some television manufacturers offer larger screens of between 82 and 85 inches.

TV Model Screen Size Weight (Pounds) Weight (kg
Sharp LC-80LE650U LED 80'' 125` 56.7
VizioM80-C3 (LED) 80'' 100.6 (with stand)99.03 (without stand) 45.6 (with stand)44.9 (without stand)
Samsung QN85Q70TAFZXA (QLED) 82'' 128.7 58.4

What Does a Plasma TV Weigh?

Because of the thick glass section at the front and the heavy metal structure in its back, a plasma TV is more weighty than an LED or LED-LCD TV. Screen size will affect the weight.

A 60 inch plasma TV weighs on average 70 lbs (31.8kg) when it is stacked.

TV Model Screen Size Weight (Pounds) Weight (kg
LG 42PN4500 42'' 40.6 18.4
Panasonic TC-P50ST60 50'' 49.6 22.5
Samsung PN60F8500 60'' 64.4 29.3

What Does a Flat Screen TV Weigh?

An average flat-screen TV weighs 25 pounds (11.3kg) and can go up to 75 pounds (34kg).

Modern flat-screen TVs are lightweight, despite being large and around 80% lighter than their CRT counterparts.

The actual weight of a TV depends on its size and type.

TV Model Screen Size Weight (Pounds) Weight (kg
TCL 32S3325 LED 32'' 8.6 3.9
LG LM5700PUA LED 43'' 8 3.6
Samsung QN85Q60TAFXZA (QLED) 85'' 124.3 56.3
TCL 55R625 - QLED 55'' 40 18.1
Sony XBR65X950H (LED) 65'' 65.9 29.8

How Much Does a Philips TV Weigh?

A Philips LCD TV with a 47-inch screen weighs in at 115 pounds (52.1 kilograms) compared to a plasma TV with the same or similar size.

TV ModelScreen SizeWeight (Pounds)Weight (kg
47PFL7422D/37 (LCD)47”116.953
75PFL5603/F7 (LED)75”68.330.9
50PFL5601/F7 (LED)50”26.0211.8
65PFL5602/F7 (LED)65”44.9820.4

How Much Does an OLED TV Weigh?

An OLED 55-inch TV weighs in at 35 lbs (15.8kg) with a stand and 30 lbs (13.6kg) without a stand.

TV ModelScreen SizeWeight (Pounds)Weight (kg
65EF950065”56.9 (with stand)46.7 (without stand)25.8 (with stand)21.1 (without stand)
55EF950055”37.9 (with stand)30 (without stand)17.2 (with stand)13.6 (without stand)
65C9PUA65”55.6 (without stand)25.2 (without stand)

How Much Does a Samsung TV Weigh?

A 55-inch Samsung LED television weighs in at 36 lbs (16.3), while a plasma TV is slightly heavier.

TV ModelScreen SizeWeight (Pounds)Weight (kg)
UN55NU7100FXZ (LED)55”39 (with stand)38.1 (without stand)17.6 (with stand)17.2(without stand)

How Much Does a Sony Bravia TV Weigh?

The stand and a 40-inch Sony Bravia LED TV are approximately 26.4 pounds (12 kilograms) each. A plasma TV is slightly heavier.

TV ModelScreen SizeWeight (Pounds)Weight (kg
XBR-65X850E (LED)65”48.7 (with stand)46.3 (without stand)22.1 (with stand)21 (without stand)
XBR-75X850E (LED)75”77.6 (with stand)75.2 (without stand)35.2 (with stand)34.1 (without stand)
KDL-55NX810 (LED)55”7132.2
KDL-46WL140 (LCD)46”61.73 (without stand)28 (without stand)
KDL-55W905A (LCD)55”48.522

How Much Does a Vizio TV Weigh?

The 50-inch Vizio LED television weighs in at 25 pounds (11.3kg) and is significantly lighter than a plasma.

TV ModelScreen SizeWeight (Pounds)Weight (kg
D50-D1 (LED)50”2410.9
E32-C1 (LED)32”11.795.34
M60-C3 (LED)60”50.84 (with stand)49.89 (without stand)23.1 (with stand)22.6 (without stand)
D32H-C0 (LED)32”10.364.7

How Much Does a TCL TV Weigh?

A TCL 43-inch LED TV weighs in at nearly 19 pounds (8.6kg), while its plasma counterpart is slightly lighter.

TV ModelScreen SizeWeight (Pounds)Weight (kg
43S51743”18.5 (without stand)8.4 (without stand)
55S40555”30 (with stand)29.5 (without stand)13.6 (with stand)13.4 (without stand)
32S30532”9.9 (with stand)9.7 (without stand)4.5 (with stand)4.4 (without stand)