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How to Fix Failed Forbidden Downloads When Downloading from Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular and trusted cloud storage platforms for users around the world. It is easy to upload, download, share, and make changes to files in the cloud.

Many users are having major problems downloading files from Google Drive with the error message “Failed forbidden.”

This error could be caused by many things. This error could be caused by hardware problems, security issues, corrupt files, or other bugs that you are not aware of.

We did our research by looking through numerous community forums and reading reviews from users. This guide will help you fix the Failed Forbidden error in Google Drive.

What Causes the “Failed – Forbidden” Error?

We received numerous reports from users and decided to investigate the problem. We also looked into the causes of this problem and listed them below.

  • Corrupt File – This could be the reason you’re getting an error when downloading a file from Google Drive. A corrupt file uploaded to Google Drive by you can be dangerous in many ways.
  • Hardware Acceleration In some cases, the hardware acceleration feature in your browser might not work properly. Hardware acceleration can be turned on to prevent files from being downloaded for security reasons.
  • Security Reasons In certain situations, Google Drive may anticipate that security protocols might be breached due to the presence of other users or the database. If the browser tracks your history using cached data, it can be spooked to prevent you from downloading.

Once you have an understanding of the problem’s nature, we can move on to the solutions. To avoid conflicts, make sure you implement them in the order they were presented.

How to Fix Failed Forbidden Downloads When Downloading from Google Drive

1. Check the Internet Connection to Fix Failed Forbidden Downloads

Try these troubleshooting steps to resolve an error when you attempt to download a file.

  1. Check that your Internet connection works normally. Learn how to fix Internet connection problems.
  2. You can download the file later.
  3. Contact the Webmaster.

Learn how to view and download a downloaded file.

2. Turn off Hardware Acceleration Function to Fix Failed Forbidden Downloads

To fix the error, the first thing we’ll do is check the Hardware Acceleration option in your browser.

We have already discussed that this could be a significant cause of the problem, so we will start with it.

  • On your browser, open a new tab.
  • In the upper right corner, click the three dots.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Advanced from the menu in the bottom left.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose System.
  • Toggle the switch next to “Use hardware acceleration when available” to off.

Close the Settings tab, then you can try downloading your files again from Google Drive. This might work for you.

3. Turning Incognito Mode On to Fix Failed Forbidden Downloads

Chrome offers a few features that allow users to turn on “Incognito”, which will prevent the browser from tracking their internet activity. This feature is very useful as it prevents websites from tracking other users. To activate incognito mode:

  • Open Chrome, then open a new tab.
  • To open an incognito tab, press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “N.”
  • Log into Google Drive, attempt to download the file, and see whether the problem still exists.
How to Fix Failed Forbidden Downloads

4. Using Shareable Links to Fix Failed Forbidden Downloads

This situation can be avoided by obtaining a link that can be used to download the file directly. To do this:

  • Open Google Drive and log in.
  • To download a file, simply right-click on it.
  • Choose “Get Shareable Link” from the menu.
  • the “Get Shareable Link” button is clicked
  • The clipboard will be immediately updated with this URL.
  • You may simply download the file by pasting this URL into a new tab.

5. Disabling Other Accounts to Fix Failed Forbidden Downloads

Google Drive can sometimes experience a glitch that prevents the download if more than one user is logged in to the browser at the same time. Before downloading the file from Google Drive, log out of any other accounts. This is how to do it:

PRO TIP: Restoro Repair can be used to repair your computer, laptop, or notebook. It scans the repositories for corrupt files and will replace them. It works well in most cases where the problem is due to system corruption. Download Restoro by clicking here.

  • Launch the browser, then choose the “Account” button on the right.
  • Choose a different account than the one connected to Google Drive.
  • Return to the “Account” icon and choose “Sign Out.”
  • selecting the “Sign Out” link
  • Repeat these steps for every account aside from the one connected to Google Drive.
  • After logging out of every account, open Google Drive and try to download the file.
  • See whether the problem is still present.

6. Log-out Other Google Accounts from the Browser

You have more than one Google account, which is one of the main reasons why Google Drive has been having trouble. Multiple Google Accounts can cause cookie issues because browsers store different cookie data for each Google Account.

Logging out of all Google accounts is the best option. Once you log in, try downloading the file. You will notice that it is working and not blocked.

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This is everything you need to know to fix the Failed Forbidden error in Google Drive. These may seem like the most basic of methods, but not everyone sees the point. You must continue with these steps before contacting the customer forum.

You can also log out of any other Google Drive account and download any file. Sometimes multiple accounts may interfere with these processes, although the reason is unknown. Let us know if you have any questions.


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