find my device location unavailable

Why would find my device location unavailable on Google find my device?

When your Android phone’s battery is dead or turned off, it will also display “Location Unavailable” on stolen or lost Android devices. A previous version of Google Play Service might be the cause of this issue. You must upgrade this application for it to function properly.

What does it mean by location unavailable? 

iPhone No Location Found Defined: This issue will arise if there is a difficulty with the user’s Internet connection. The issue arises while sharing your location on Find My Phone if you or your friends have Location Services disabled.

Why can’t I find my phone’s location? 

Your phone is probably not linked to Wi-Fi or an accessible network if you discover that the “find my device location unavailable and it isn’t working. The most crucial thing is to never give up. It will appear on the map as soon as the phone connects to a network.

Why is location not available on Android? 

Turning on Google Location Accuracy can be helpful in this situation when your location on Android isn’t working. Just pull the quick-setting panel down. To quickly access the location settings, tap and hold the shortcut labeled “Location.” The feature may then be activated by tapping “Google Location Accuracy.”

Does location not available mean they stopped sharing?

You may disable sharing from the app on your iOS device or on if you don’t want your friends to be able to see your location in Find My Friends. Your friends can still see where you are, but when they try to locate you, they get the message “Location Not Available.”

Does find my device work when location is off?

Even if GPS and location services are off on your smartphone, it may still be traced.

Why find my device location unavailable?

This is taking place either because your phone’s mobile network or WiFi is out of range (or they have been deactivated) or because your gadget has no battery life or is switched off. Whenever a device manager service

Can you see if someone is checking your location?

In most cases, it’s impossible to determine when someone uses an iPhone or Android smartphone to check its position. When location services employ GPS, a short symbol is shown in the notification bar. A location check can be initiated by several apps or system operations.

find my device location unavailable


Why is someone’s location not updating?

Bad Cellular Data Connection: An unstable or poor internet connection will not help you because the location is frequently not updated due to this issue. Any location app that wants to keep you informed of your position and where you’re going needs a reliable cellular data connection.

Why is someone’s location not available on iPhone?

It’s likely that your friend’s phone is the problem if their location cannot be seen on your iPhone. Check that your friend’s phone is on Wi-Fi or cellular service, that they are actively sharing their location, and that location services are turned on.


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