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dqa android

DQA Android refers to the Device Quality Agents Android app. Samsung created this app for its devices to serve as a bridge across different networks. If you read the article below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this app that came with your phone.

What is DQA Android?

DQA’s main function is to determine how good your Wi-Fi really is. This is done so that you can be certain that gaining access to a previously unrecognized internet connection will not cause you any problems. There have been instances of “Samsung DQA Keeps Stopping” error messages showing for certain users whenever they try to connect to a wireless network. Getting one of these people might be nerve-wracking, particularly for those who just got a new message.

If you turn off your Wi-Fi, you won’t get any more of those notifications. Some users have reported success by going into their currently running apps and stopping the DQA Android manually. Even though Samsung hit a snag, they patched the issue with an over-the-air update. It kept giving some users the message that the service was terminated, which was frustrating.

How To Fix DQA Android Has Stopped Working?

Depending on the wireless network, strength, and Samsung device, the fix may vary. Despite that, you may use these techniques to permanently fix the DQA Has Stopped Working error.

Fix 1: Perform a hard reset on the device

  • The first step is as simple as restarting your mobile device.
  • During recovery, delete the cached data partition.
  • Close up your phone, press and hold the volume-up button.
  • When you see “No Command” on an Android screen, hold the facility button and press the volume up button to get to the recovery process.
  • Use the phone’s quantity buttons to scroll to “Wipe Cache Partition,”
  • Then, to verify, press the facility button.
  • Following that, a restart of your device occurs.
  • If you do this well, the issue should resolve

Fix 2: Clear the cache

To fix the error and prevent the device from showing the error message, try clearing the app’s cache data and erasing the storage data from the app.

  • Navigate to the Android device’s settings menu.
  • Select “Apps” from the menu.
  • From the Eclipse menu (three vertical dots at the top right corner), choose “Show system app”.
  • Find the DQA App and launch it.
  • Select Cache and Storage, then tap Clear.

Try to remove the error by restarting the device.

Fix 3: Disable wireless network connectivity

Again, turning off your Wi-Fi is a simple solution if you need to use your mobile device and have access to another internet source. This is just a temporary problem, but it will do for now.

dqa android
DQA Android


Fix 4: Disable High-Performance Mode

  • Access the Settings Menu
  • Attend Apps.
  • Next, tap on the menu.
  • Look for “Show System Apps” menu item until you find the DQA app.
  • Enter there and force stop.

Fix 5: Use a DQA Disabler’s services

  • There are many available apps that can do this function.
  • You’re interested in installing the app and giving it extensive permissions.
  • Then, find the DQA under the Systems tab to make sure the app can override the phone’s attempts to do anything.
  • This step will cost you money, so prepare yourself (don’t use a free download).
  • Again, this is usually only a bandage option, so make sure the other options have been exhausted first.

Fix 6: Restore the Device to Factory Settings

It’s possible that this is the last step you’ll need to do. This is the last resort, however, if the step still continues after doing everything else, this should do the job.

  • Visit Settings Menu.
  • General management.
  • Then, choose the Reset option
  • Next, click Reset to factory settings.
  • To finish, press the button and enter your password (if applicable).

Before doing a factory reset on your device, it is recommended that you create a backup of all of your data.

People Also Ask

Is DQA Safe?

DQA is 100% safe to use and has no harmful components. Second, there is no access setup for the app. DQA (Samsung Quality Assurance) is an in-built app designed specifically for Samsung smartphones.

Can I uninstall DQA?

Due to its status as a system app, DQA cannot be removed from a Samsung device. However, if you root your device, you may remove the DQA app.

What permission is DQA using?

You may see for yourself below that the DQA is not authorized to ensure the integrity of your device. Internal app settings may also allow you to check this.

There is no need for permission.


After installing the first day one update, a number of Samsung midrange phones, including the Galaxy S8 and its plus counterpart, have begun receiving the “DQA Keeps Stopping” error message while connecting to Wi-Fi services.

Finally, after reading this page, you will know all there is to know about the history of the DQA Android App. Aspects of the app you may not have tried, as well as the many options you may fix any problems that may have arisen.


DQA, short for “device quality agent,” is a device of Samsung devices that is responsible for checking the stability of the wireless network. There is no malware, spyware, or other malicious code in this app.

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